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Coral & Bone


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ISBN-13: 9780993653704
Publisher: Jester Ink Press
Publication date: 07/03/2014
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Tiffany Daune writes stories about magick, love and dark creatures lurking in the shadows. She is the author of Surface and the Coral & Bone series. When not lost in Editland, you can find her reading a book from her towering tbr pile or kicking back and watching movies with her family. She lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by mermaids that are much nicer than the ones found in her books.

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Coral & Bone 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
APratt0414 More than 1 year ago
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.* The synopsis of this book sounded really intriguing. I did not know what to expect with this story. The synopsis is a bit vague, which I like. This leads to surprises and suspense. There are many twists and turns in this book and things that I never saw coming. The title of the book is also explained within the book and I will not go into it as it would give away an important part of the book. Let's just say that it's not what you think it is. This is a good book for tweens, teens, and adults. I can't say too much about this book because I don't want to give anything away. I did like the story a lot and I thought it was really well written. The descriptions were vivid without being too wordy. I give Coral & Bone 4 books. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lprather66 More than 1 year ago
I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I enjoy a good mermaid story, and Coral & Bone was no exception. Don't expect Ariel from the Little Mermaid. The mermaids and sirens are more like Ursula with some serious dark powers.  Halen doesn't understand what is happening to her. What is this power that is coursing through her? How can she extinguish the fire inside that wants to destroy things? After watching her father drown, she has struggled to maintain control. Halen comes face to face with mermaids. How can they be real? What do they want from her? She discovers a whole new world and her place in it. Halen's life has been a lie. Can she come to terms with who she is and learn how to harness her powers? Halen is a determined teenager, who has tried to rise above her tragic past. Who do you trust and what do you believe when everything changes? Halen will have to answer those questions when her life as she knew it is completely altered. Halen's tenacity and loving spirit is what helps to see her through. What an amazing adventure Tiffany Daune takes the reader on! If you enjoy an action packed mermaid fantasy that will keep you guessing until the end, then this is the book for you.
BookAngelBlog More than 1 year ago
The cover is what first caught my attention. The title was also interesting and well done now that I have finished the book. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I love any kind of paranormal.  I haven't read a YA book recently that had a character as young as Halen was. She is 14 in the beginning of the book and turns 15 in the course of the novel. I felt that may be a little young for some of the things said towards the end. One thing that i appreciated was that the names in this book were very unique. That is something necessary, in my opinion, for a good paranormal novel.  There were a large amount of surprises in the novel, which really kept the story interesting. I wasn't sure where the novel was going to go at first. You get an idea as the reader that its some kind of underwater creature, but I like where the story went instead I thought it was going to go in my head.  I liked the secondary characters. Especially her friend, T.  Our love interest of Dax was also fun. The whole book I wasn't sure if it was going to be a standalone or part of a new trilogy. Of course its part of a trilogy so I know from some of the interactions with secondary characters that there will be tension and happenings in later books.  The story was paced pretty well. The ending was a little bit more anticlimactic for me. However, that may just be more of a personal thing than anything that was actually wrong with it.  Sometimes the dialogue and interactions were a little boring to me, but overall I enjoyed it. I felt that it was a really original story. There was a lot of creativity I thought into the story. I will be sure to watch out for the sequel!!!! ****I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***** 
Ashley_Nichole More than 1 year ago
I thank the author for providing me with a free copy of "Coral & Bone" in exchange for my honest opinion. The views are of my own and has not affect on my review whatsoever. To be honest, while reading this book. I was going to give this book 2 stars. Then as reading had progressed, 3 stars, now I have arrived at 5 stars. Here is the reason why. Tiffany Daune has a really good thing here.  She really does. She had captured my emotions and made me feel our main character. I was happy for Halen, I was angry with Halen, I thought sometimes Halen was being immature and needed to grow up, and I was even concerned for Halen. Daune had successfully manipulated my emotions and kept me on my seat, begging for more! If a author can keep me on my seat, make me feel a character's emotions, and if an author can achieve this out of a reader; then a 5 star rating is well deserved!  Daune did what authors are suppose to do, make their audience feel their characters. One reason why I prefer young adult fiction compare to adult fiction. YA does this. I am not putting down any other genre in any way. I firmly believe this! Halen Windspeare is a high school-aged girl who believes she is going insane. She can not seem to keep herself together. Halen's father disappeared in Rockaway years prior. After moving from big city to big city; Halen's mother moves them back to the site of his disappearance. Soon after, she meets a man by the name of Daspar and his adoptive daughter, Tage Summerfield and then Halen starts to learn the truth about herself, her father, and her true destiny.  But be warn, you will get suck into this book. You will crave this book and most of all. Mermaids are not what Disney has told you, so be warned.
BookLoversLife1 More than 1 year ago
The blurb pretty much sums up the book so here it is from Goodreads : Halen knows the sparks igniting under her fingertips are dangerous. She has spent her entire life trying to quell the tingly feelings that make her destroy things, but now that she is back in Rockaway Beach, where she watched her father drown, the flames have become impossible to tame.  Halen is trying to hold on, but when she is thrust into a mysterious new world, the underwater realm of Elosia, she unravels the secrets of her past and can't help but ignite. As she explores Elosia, she realizes her life has been a lie. And when those who have deceived her come to her for help, Halen must choose—walk away or unleash the magick that could destroy them all.  The first thing to draw me to Coral & Bone was the cover, just look how eye-catching it is!!! Stunning :) Then I was hooked when I read the blurb, it has mermaids, magic and an underwater realm. It sounded awesome. Well from the very first page I was drawn into a fantastic realm that I didn't want to leave!! Its my first mermaid book and it definitely wont be my last.  I  loved Halen. Her whole life she has spent thinking she is weird because of the things she can do until one day her life changes completely! She finds out what she is and what she can do and despite being lied to, she tries to do her best always! I loved her strength.  Dax was very much a mystery but I really liked his character. I wasn't sure what to make of him starting out but he grew on me! I loved seeing his relationship with Halen develop from hatred to being friends.  Plot wise I found a lot of it fascinating though I wanted to see more of the mermaids. I loved finding out about the different creators and realms of Coral & Bone and how they all fit together. I also loved the idea of the blue moon siren and her guardian balancing her. It was a refreshing story line.  All in all Tiffany Daune has created a unique and fantastical world. The start of the book deals with Halen learning who she is and in the second half we have all the action and twists happening that it was hard to put down. A truly magical and mesmerizing read!  
TrinityJo More than 1 year ago
I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Coral & Bone is beautifully descriptive. I had no trouble whatsoever imagining the world that Tiffany Daune created. There were elements in this story that I truly loved, some little snippets of wisdom. Such as: "Every day is filled with impossibility, until you have chosen to see the possible. Once you make the shift to see, life is a less frightening journey." The lore/background of the mermaids/sirens was intriguing. I loved the characters. Tasar and Tage were probably my favorites. My only problem was there was a time or two when something happened/was said that kind of jarred me out of the story and made me go "huh?" That being said, I still devoured this book within a day. The ending does provide some closure (no real cliffhanger) although it is opened for another. Content-wise, this one is perfectly suitable for the younger YA readers and I believe those who like YA paranormal will enjoy having this one on their shelf. I look forward to reading more by this author and, hopefully, more of my friends from Coral & Bone.
S211n3 More than 1 year ago
Okay! This story is AWESOME!!!! aAAHHAHAH!!! This is have been on my phone for few weeks and have wanted to read it but somethings came here and there and I was just able to read first chapter and at that time to the story sucked me in. I started it again to finish and I devoured the whole story in eight hours, yeah I tend to count :P The story was from Halen's and Tage's POV. From the beginning as told earlier the story hooked me. The details were vivid, and I was feeling it was me in place of Haelen and watching from outside too.The scene in 1st chap, where she could hear every single thing with super hearing. I felt every emotions, I was connected to Haelen and bound to her; her anger, the feeling of betrayal. I so wanted to hurl Huron against a wall, lol. I lived the whole story. I loved all characters, they all were different and can't resist them. Dax(Water boy), Tage, Ezra, Catch (found him cute :D), Pepper, Nelia, Taeser (The big Teddy Bear) and Lina. They all were awesome! From Tage's POV we got to know more secrets but not much was revealed. I shed some tear when she went into Trance. This story was a whole roller coaster ride which I'm far from being off yet, I so want to read what happens next. It had suspense, mystery, thriller and curve balls that got me. And the last scene was spooky and I'm scared for Haelen, which you gotta find out. It's a definitely a must read!!! and I'm craving to read second book in the series and the whole series!!!
donniedarkogirl More than 1 year ago
I went through the full range of emotions while reading Coral & Bone, and instead of writing this review like I normally do with several paragraphs, I'd like to instead take you through those emotions and the thoughts I had while feeling different ways. First I'll give a little background so you can have some context for later on. And I'm sorrynotsorry for the many all caps you'll encounter. ;)  My favorite Disney movie growing up was The Little Mermaid. Had I ever imagined mermaids with razor sharp teeth and nails that can deliver a lethal dose of venom straight into your veins, I would have seriously rethought my wish to become one. In this book, mermaids are like demons straight from hell. Think Weeping Angels with fins, fellow Whovians. That's how I pictured them. Halen has been lied to for her entire life, and when she finds this out, everything comes crashing down around her. And then all hell breaks loose.  Adoration - Just look at that cover! I could lovingly gaze at it all day, and doesn't the cover model remind you of Milla Jovovich?  Surprise - Elosia is much more than I thought it was going to be. Much more than an underwater realm, more than just mermaids, and more secrets coming out than a teenager's diary.   Curiosity - How did Halen's mom and dad meet? And what's up with Daspar and Tage? How do they fit into the picture?  Frustration - I wish they'd answer her questions instead of either ignoring her or telling her they'll answer them soon. I think she's gone long enough without knowing the truth. Take five seconds and fill her in!! XD    Anger - How could people who are supposed to love her deceive her on such a deep level? And behave towards her in such a way? She doesn't deserve any of this.  Shock - Full-out, unbridled OH MY GOD NO THEY DIDN'T! Sadness - Is it really almost over???   Elation - Reading a book this fantastic is utterly blissful!  So there you have it - the complete picture of what Coral & Bone has done to me. I couldn't have asked for a more exciting experience, and this is EXACTLY why I love books.   I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Mishker More than 1 year ago
Fifteen year-old Halen knows that something is different about her; she has enough magic sparking in her fingers to burn down a building, her hearing is good enough that she wears earplugs throughout her day and she can still hear whispers, lately she has been drawing detailed pictures of a boy who she has never seen. Recently, Halen and her mom have moved back to Rockaway Beach, the place where Halen watched her father drown and Halen is having trouble keeping her powers at bay. When a mysterious boy shows up at Halen's door one night, Halen jumps into the ocean to escape him and is transported to the realm of Elosia, a land of sirens. In Elosia Halen finds out that she has been lied to all her life and that those closest to her have kept secrets from her about her destiny and the fate of Elosia. First of all, I have a huge case of cover love for this book! I wasn't quite sure what exactly I was getting into with Coral and Bone, but I was pleased to find out that it is a young adult paranormal with a darker side. I haven't read many YA books where mermaids and sirens are characters and I was happy to read about something a little different. The mermaids and sirens aren't what I would have thought, they are uniquely done in a thoughtful, creative and surprising way. I just wanted to give Halen's character a hug, for having been lied to her whole life she handles all of the situations that she has been thrown into pretty well. It was nice that there was a touch of a romance, but it was not overdone, was not the driving factor and actually fit well into the plot line. There was a really interesting twist with the villain, Astair, also. I'm still not quite sure how much of a villain he is. I do wish that Elosia was explored a little more, that realm seemed awesome! This book was received for free in return for an honest review.
WonderWmn More than 1 year ago
Before I get into the actual review, I have to take a moment to talk about the amazing cover.  How awesome is it?  Beautiful, creepy, stunning, mesmerizing and tantalizing all in one.  I just love looking at this cover and feeling the impact and impressions it gives me.  I wish every author could have such a fabulous cover as this.  Artist Nathalia Suellen never ceases to amaze me. For many authors, just being able to bring forth their characters world in one area and describe it and construct it to give it the depths needed for the readers imagination is hard enough.  Author Tiffany Daune takes that even further with creating not just one realm but two.  The world we walk on and the realm underwater that holds many secrets.  Many girls can relate to Halen, feeling a bit out of place and finding in ways that there is more to them than what you see. Whenever I read a book for review, no matter who the author is, I always worry that maybe I won't like it.  What if I can't get into it?  What if I'm just not drawn to the characters?  Thank the stars above, this book grabbed my interest from the start, the story line intrigued me, took me by the hand and guided me like a friend through lands of wonders.  I was thrilled, bewildered, chilled and so much more.  Growing up, I loved reading the tales of mermaids and sea creatures.  The author took those tales, modernized them and provided a personal twist on them and she owned it from start to finish. So many secrets, so many layers of stories, so many levels of lies, so very devilish in a most delicious way.  Anyone who has even considered reading a book that centers around paranormal sea creatures, should pick this book up.  They won't want to put it down.  Take a break from all the other paranormal out there, this book opens up a whole new world to you.  Bring on the adventures!
tammy_r More than 1 year ago
although i don't usually read this type of book i was grabbed and pulled into the story from the first page. i found myself intrigued and fasinated by the "historical facts" in the story and the characters were a joy to get to know and watch them grow into their own. i also found myself rooting for the heroine and booing the villian and then on the next page laughing out loud at something else. it was a truley wonderful book. sometimes when you read a lot of paranormal romance it can seem like there is nothing more out there that you have not already seen. i can honestly say that Tiffany Duane is that something new. this is the first book that i have read from this author and i adored it. the undercurrents that ran thru the "family" and the hilarious commentary between the "characters",had me laughing out loud, a lot! if you like: 1) paranormal books with the most amazing world building in them. 2)the against all odds romance. then grab this book and dig in for the duration. go ahead and hibernate with it for awhile, i can guarantee once you start reading you won't want to put it down any more than a chocoholic would give up his/her Godiva. LOL! this is also not one of those books that you can figure out who did what in the first few chapters but it kept me guessing right up to the last page. i find myself hoping to hear more about these characters in a future book as well as some of the secondary characters that need their story told. if this is the type of book that you enjoy you shouldn't miss this one and if you are not into this kind of book you should give this one a try and perhaps it will change your mind the same as it did mine.
Thisgirllovesbooks1 More than 1 year ago
I wasn't sure about this book when I first started it but the more I read the gripped I became. I loved all the characters - Halen, Tage, Ezra, Dax and even Catch. I loved the mystery and adventure this book gave. Halen finds out she's a siren but not just any old siren a blue siren. As Halen's the only blue siren left, she's the only one that can open the portal to defeat Asair. She needs to defeat Asair to save the realms. Is Halen up to the job or will the darkness consume her?
watzbooksteasers More than 1 year ago
I want to start by saying I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this book once I started I couldn't stop reading it I needed to know what happens next. It's highly addictive with characters that draw you in and makes you feel like you're a fly on wall watching it all unfold in front of you.  What would you do when everything you knew and thought wasn't the truth and you kept hearing voices in your head that make you pass out. This is exactly what has happened to halena and now she has to figure out how to handle everything and can she really do.  Join Helena, Dax and Tage on their adventure. Can't wait to read book 2 and see what happens next :)
bookbriefs More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars  Coral and Bone is the first book in the young adult fantasy series. I don’t know the name of the series yet, but author Tiffany Daune has said that it will be a trilogy. I am excited that there is going to be more, because while I felt like it took me almost the whole novel to get my bearings in the rich multiple realm world that Tiffany has created, I now have a good understanding of the world and characters, and I am ready to see more Halen and Dax. And Tage. Halen is thrown into the whole world basically blind. I really felt for her. I felt like the readers were just as blind as her. We only knew what she knew and no one would give her more than just bits and pieces of the answers she so badly wanted. About her sister, about her guardian, and about just what was expected of her. Even about what she was. She is a blue moon siren. I admired Halen’s strength. I liked Dax but I don’t feel like we got to know him enough in this book. I wish we saw a few more things from his point of view, so I could get a better idea of what was going on in his head. I bet Halen wishes that too. Tiffany Daune created a really rich underwater world, filled with lots of interesting characters in a range of different creatures. I liked learning about the different creatures and how they made up this world. It was a little overwhelming at first shuffling between all the different species in the three different realms and how they all fit in with one another, but I eventually got the hang of it. I loved the two shifters that became Tage and Halen’s friends, and I really liked the inkling of romance that was hinted at for Tage. The whole storyline with the blue moon siren and Astair was fascinating as well. His little prison was pretty cool, and I was so interested in seeing the darkness and light exist within the blue moon sirens and the effects that their powers had on them. There were so many little twists and turns that I did not see coming at all, and that kept the reading fresh and interesting. By the second half of the story, Coral and Bone had completely drawn me in. I really enjoyed the story. I want more please! And I want more romance between Dax and Halen in the second book. I still have so many questions about Natalie that I want answered too. Please write the second book Tiffany! Please.
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
I love when I find new awesome books that are this exciting. I was completely captivated from the first moment. This is a beautiful new world created with mermaids and sirens, and no my friends, there are NOT the same thing. And Then you throw a little magic in the mix and you have a magnificent new story. Halen is our main character. She’s a teenage girl, who has a special ability, except she thinks it’s a curse, and is just looking to keep herself sane and in one piece while trying to finish high school. She has a fire inside her, literally, and some very interesting things happen when she is in trouble in some sort. And boy will she learn just how many lies everyone’s fed her all these years. She is accidentally caught by mermaids while being chased in the water, but saved by Sirens. Oh and then does things get way outa hand for Halen from here. She is a strong girl, but sometimes, when too many things are thrown at you, everyone has a breakig point. I am so impressed because I don’t think I’ve seen hers yet. She is a wonderful main character that has so many things to deal with and yet she is willing to risk herself to help everyone else. There are several characters I absolutely loved. Yes, there’s a hot guy. And a very different, but awesome best friend. And some interesting other supernatural beings that are miraculous. Instead of giving away a bunch of spoilers and talking about all their crazy decisions they’ve made, or lies they’ve told to protect Halen, just know that you’ll fall in love with them regardless of good and bad decisions they made. And now, for the plot, you will be completely thrown with the twists that continually come out of the woodworks. LOL I must say, this one is completely unpredictable, and it’s so unique and amazing and you’ll just love this one! The world building is spectacular. You really would be amazed with how well things are described and how beautiful it all seems. I cannot wait until book two, like I am dying to see what’s going happen with all of these new plot twists that got thrown into Halen’s life. Well, let me just say, you gotta read book one to make sure everyone makes it to get to book two. So now, all I can say is read this one. Be Prepared for all the awesomeness that’s going to be thrown your way. 5 PAWS!! Or maybe I should say 5 FINS 
bobbikinion More than 1 year ago
This book is filled with adventure and mystery right from the start. This story really took off and grabbed me and I really didn't want to put it down nor did I want it to end. The description of all the characters made it possible for me to picture them, the author did an excellent job. Halen's story is heartbreaking and frustrating all at the same time. I couldn't imagine finding out that my life was not what I thought it was. Finding out there really are such things as mermaids and other worlds would be quite interesting but scary at the same time. I think out of all the characters Tage and Ezra where my favorite. Dax was kind of frustrating with his half answers and Asair even with his heartbreaking story still set me on edge. This was a fun story and I truly can't wait for the next one. I was given this book for an honest review from Mia, the Publicity Director over at IndieSage.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Coral & Bone is a young adult fantasy written by Tiffany Daune. Halen is not terribly happy with her life when we first meet her. Her mother has moved them back to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, and Halen misses bookstores and the big cities they had lived in before the move. Rockaway Beach also holds too many bad memories for her, as she still can see her father drowning on their last swim together. Halen has become hypersensitive to sound and must wear earplugs to drown out others' voices, and strange things happen when she gets angry, like shattering glass and floods. She's already got a reputation at school for being weird, and Tage, the Goth girl who rolls her eyes every time Halen talks to her, and her guardian, Daspar, have become a not entirely welcome part of her and her mother's lives. Tiffany Daune's young adult paranormal fantasy, Coral & Bone, is a fast-paced and exciting story that had me hooked from the very first page. Halen knows nothing about whom or what she is, and the reader gets to discover Daune's world through Halen's eyes. We watch as she learns just how big a role she has to play in the world's future and can empathize with her anger at being lied to and her desire to reject her destiny. Coral & Bone is Halen's coming of age story, and it's grand to see her grow from a self-conscious, isolated girl into a young woman of power. She sets out upon her quest with a marvelous set of companions, including Tage, who is actually pretty cool, and Dax, whose face was strangely familiar to Halen before they even met. Author Tiffany Daune leaves a few tantalizing hints at the end of Coral & Bone, suggesting that a sequel is in the works. I certainly hope so.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Patricia Reding for Readers' Favorite Halen Windspeare cannot figure out why she continues to sketch, over and over again, the same boy, capturing his impish grin, wishing he could be real. So opens Coral & Bone, by Tiffany Daune. Halen and her mother just moved back to the place where Halen’s father had drowned earlier. Irritated by a schoolmate, Tage, and aware that her mother and her mother’s friend, Daspar, are keeping secrets from her, Halen experiences blackouts that send her to the nurse’s office. Before long, she learns that she is no ordinary girl. In truth, she is an incredibly powerful siren, and only she can save the three worlds, Earth, Elosia and Etlis from the evil doings of Asair, the last blue moon siren who came before her. To do so, she must learn to use her magic. Collecting a wide range of friends and assistants, including the boy with the impish grin, Dax, Halen must battle the mermaids and face her dark thoughts in order to gain access to the prison in which Asair is kept so as to destroy him. After all the falsehoods her mother, Daspar and Tage told her in the past, and given the secrets she learns about Dax and her father along the way, will she be able forgive and then learn to trust those she loves enough to see her mission through?    Tiffany Daune presents a story that young readers are sure to enjoy—particularly those who seek stories of magic, mermaids and different lands. In Coral & Bone, Daune offers some witty prose (“Three months in a new school and already she would qualify for a frequent visitor card” to the nurse’s office), some interesting word pictures (“Black birds from the mermaids’ vision swarmed her thoughts and she let them peck her broken heart.”), some poetic prose (“The bright light was like a spray of sour lemon.”) and some bits of wisdom (“Let your heart guide you, not your fears. And not revenge.”). I found the teen-centered conversations believable and at times, amusing (“’So what you’re saying is I’m Earth’s last hope,’ Halen said . . . ‘No pressure.’ Ezra smiled.”) Most of all, I genuinely appreciated that this read did not delve into behavior and language that some might find objectionable for the young crowd. Readers will also be delighted to know that Daune wisely set up the story—and its conclusion—for natural sequels.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Samantha Rivera for Readers' Favorite The world that Halen lives in is different from what she ever expected or believed. Unable to stand even being around normal people without earplugs, Halen is stunned to learn that there are secrets about her that she does not know or understand. The world is full of magick and mystery and it’s also filled with people determined to keep Halen alive, no matter what they may have to do or risk to accomplish that mission. Dax, Tage, Ezra and plenty more are going to have to do everything in their power to stop the evil that wants to destroy Halen before she can achieve her mission, but will that even be enough? Coral and Bone by Tiffany Duane will definitely leave you wanting more. I couldn’t stop reading this book from the moment I clicked on the first page. The characters seemed so real and when I thought maybe at the end of the page I could put the book down, something incredible would happen and I’d have to keep going. I absolutely loved Halen and of course who couldn’t love Dax? There was plenty of action and adventure and I loved all the magick as well. I hope there is more to come. Coral and Bone is a book that I would most definitely recommend to all of my friends and any magick lover out there. You won’t be disappointed with this amazing read.