Core Assessment and Training

Core Assessment and Training

by Human Kinetics
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Human Kinetics Publishers

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Core Assessment and Training

Our understanding of the importance of core health for injury prevention, athletic performance, and rehabilitation grows each day. Make sure you can offer your clients safe and effective programs with Core Assessment and Training. In this book, you will learn to assess each client’s baseline core function and develop an individualized program to meet his or her needs.

In Core Assessment and Training, expert Jason Brumitt covers all aspects of core training—from basic to advanced core exercises, stretches, and plyometrics. Whether you are a personal trainer, strength coach, or rehabilitation professional, this reference will help you learn these essentials:

• Functional anatomy of the core musculature

• Core assessment and functional testing techniques

• Fundamentals of program design for core training

• Special considerations for core training for various sports and core-specific injuries and conditions

This book covers not only core strength but also flexibility and plyometrics. It includes photos, illustrations, and instructions for more than 120 exercises. Sample exercise routines and a table that lists the exercises by the muscles used offer a basis for program design and provide on-the-spot reference. The accompanying DVD features video demonstrations that help you review proper techniques and protocols for many of the exercises and assessments discussed in the book. All of the information in the book and on the DVD is presented in a logical format with the busy fitness professional in mind.

An online course, also titled Core Assessment and Training, can be purchased to complement and enhance the material presented in the book. The course features interactive case studies with virtual clients that guide you through developing comprehensive core training programs that encompass strengthening, flexibility, endurance and power. You’ll gain insight into selecting exercises that are specific to each client’s needs and into properly progressing exercises from basic to advanced. You’ll also practice identifying indicated and contraindicated exercises for various injuries and health conditions, and in selecting core exercises for different athletes and clients.

Understanding the concepts of core training and analyzing functioning of the core are key components of safe core exercise programs. With Core Assessment and Training, you can master the techniques for assessing each client’s needs and design customized training programs for maximum results.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780736073844
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
Publication date: 02/02/2010
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Core Training

The Challenge of Designing Optimal Training Programs

Training the Core Is the Missing Link

Defining Core Training


Chapter 2 Functional Anatomy of the Core

Core Anatomy

Structure and Function Integration


Chapter 3 The Client Interview: The First Step in Assessing Your Client

Obtaining a History and Medical Clearance

Interviewing Your Client


Chapter 4 Physical Assessment and Functional Testing

Descriptions of Core Physical Assessment

Standing Evaluation

Table or Mat Evaluations

Scoring the Core Endurance Tests


Chapter 5 Fundamentals of Program Design

Needs Analysis

Exercise Selection

Principles of Periodization

Balance Training and Stability Training


Chapter 6 Core Exercises

Enhancing Core Stability

Increasing Core Strength


Chapter 7 Core Flexibility

What Is Flexibility?

Classifications of Stretching

Use of Foam Rolls in Stretching



Chapter 8 Plyometric Training

History of Plyometrics

The Science Behind Plyometrics

Principles of Plyometric Program Design

Prerequisites to Plyometric Training

Other Training Considerations

Plyometric Exercises


Chapter 9 Special Considerations for Core Training

Injuries to the Core and Training Considerations

The Core and Pregnancy

The Core and Athletic Performance


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