Corneal Disorders: Clinical Diagnosis and Management

Corneal Disorders: Clinical Diagnosis and Management

by Howard M. Leibowitz




Here's the fully revised and updated 2nd Edition of one of the most popular resources in the field! This comprehensive, authoritative reference delivers detailed discussions of the most commonly encountered diseases, abnormalities, and trauma of the cornea. It synthesizes superb coverage of essential basic science and technical information with detailed guidelines on the diagnosis and clinical management of each entity. It also features a wealth of new topics and new features, as well as a superb art program.
• brand-new coverage of: the latest advances inrefractive corneal surgery, confocal microscopy, corneal topography, clinical evaluation of corneal abnormalities and their effects on vision, pathological responses of the cornea, differential diagnosis of localized deposits in the cornea, corneal pigmentation, immunological disorders of the cornea, parasitic keratitides, including Acanthamoeba, mechanical and radiational corneal trauma, mucocutaneous disorders, the cornea in systemic disease, corneal procedures, keratoprosthesis implantation, and more. Provides step-by-step, fully illustrated guidelines on using the slit lamp microscope to examine the cornea. This feature is not available in other current books.
• Describes the structural and functional components of the operating microscope—not available in other current references. Provides detailed, "how-to" coverage of the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Surpasses other resources on the subject in both depth and organization of coverage.
• Equips readers with a quick-reference guide to the findings in the most common forms of corneal drug toxicity. Delivers over 1075 illustrations—110 in full colour—that pilot readers through key disorders and procedures.

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ISBN-13: 9780721657271
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 05/28/1984
Pages: 550
Product dimensions: 7.48(w) x 9.84(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Part I: The Normal Cornea. Corneal Structure and Pathophysiology. Part II: Examination of the Cornea. Slit Lamp Examination of the Cornea. Specialized Biomicroscopy of the Cornea. Corneal Topography. Clinical Evaluation of Corneal Abnormalities and Their Effects on Vision. Part III: Corneal Pathology. Pathological Responses in the Cornea. Part IV: Developmental and Structural Abnormalities. Congenital and Neonatal Corneal Abnormalities. Differential Diagnosis of Localized Deposits (Spots and Dots) in the Cornea. Corneal Dystrophies. Corneal Degenerations. Pigmentation of the Cornea. Keratoconus and Noninflammatory Thinning Disorders. Part V: Corneal Swelling. Corneal Edema. Part VI: Disorders of the Limbus. Disorders of the Corneal Limbus. Part VII: Superficial Corneal Disorders. Superficial Punctate Keratopathy. Section VIII: Corneal Abnormalities Resulting from Lacrimal Insufficiency. Diagnosis and Management of Tear Film Dysfunction. Part IX: Inflammation of the Cornea. Inflammation of the Cornea and Its Management. Immunologic Disorders of the Cornea. Part X: Infections of the Cornea. A: Therapeutic Agents. Antibiotics. Antiviral Agents. Antifungal Agents. B: Clinical Entities. Bacterial Keratitis. Chlamydial Infections of the Eye. Herpes Simplex Keratitis. Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus. Fungal Keratitis. Parasitic Keratitides Including Acanthamoeba. Part XI: Abnormalities Resulting from Toxicity and Trauma. Adverse Effects of Therapeutic Agents on Cornea and Conjunctiva. Chemical Injuries of the Eye. Mechanical and Radiation Trauma to the Cornea. Part XII: Corneal Abnormalities Associated with Skin and Systemic Diseases. Mucocutaneous Diseases Affecting the Cornea. The Cornea in Systemic Disease. Part XIII: Corneal Surgery. Keratoplasty. Corneal Tissue Preservation. Practical Guide to Surgical Microscopes. Surgical Procedures in Penetrating Keratoplastyand Anterior Segment Reconstruction. Suture Adjustment Following Penetrating Keratoplasty. Corneal Procedures. Refractive Surgery. Keratoprosthesis: Progress in the Development of a Synthetic Cornea. Part XIV: Contact Lenses and the Abnormal Cornea. Therapeutic Uses of Contact Lenses.

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