Cornerstones for Community College Success Plus NEW MyStudentSuccessLab 2012 Update / Edition 1

Cornerstones for Community College Success Plus NEW MyStudentSuccessLab 2012 Update / Edition 1

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Prentice Hall

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Cornerstones for Community College Success Plus NEW MyStudentSuccessLab 2012 Update / Edition 1

This book is written especially for community college students. While it follows in the tradition of the Cornerstone franchise, the content, examples, and exercises are specifically dedicated to the interests, challenges and needs of the community college student. It includes all the traditional subjects found in student success courses, but goes above and beyond the average book. A wide variety of academic and life skills is presented including extensive coverage of Information Literacy and Emotional Intelligence. Exercises that promote critical thinking, problem solving and decision making are interwoven throughout.

Features include:

  • How My Community College Changed My Life" - learn first-hand from former students who have lived through similar experiences. (Beginning of each chapter).
  • Unique Chapters - devoted to having the college student shape his or her own destiny, understand the community college culture and navigate through it, and how to transition to the next stage, whether it be a university or the workplace. (Chapters 1, 3, 12).
  • "Successful Decisions" - feature that involves the students in critical thinking and reflection based on the kinds of challenges they will be facing. (In each chapter).
  • "From Ordinary to Extraordinary" - feature that showcases inspirational stories of Real People. Real Lives. Real Change. (In each chapter).
  • "Creating Your New Reality" - helps students stay motivated while improving their self-esteem - and stay on track when times are difficult. (End of each chapter).
  • Transfer Guide - helps students understand what courses to take at the community college level to make the transfer process easier transitioning to a four-year institution. (Chapter 3).
  • The Four Year Plan - helps students begin planning for the completion of his/her four-year degree from the very first week of the first semester. (Chapter 12).

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ISBN-13: 9780321871053
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 08/10/2012
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 10.70(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

BEGIN: The Goal of Cornerstones for Community College Success and Our Commitment to You

CHAPTER ONE CREATE: Building Your Own Successful Future

CHAPTER TWO ENGAGE: Developing Your Personal and Academic Motivation

CHAPTER THREE EXPLORE: Understanding Your Institution and the Culture of College

CHAPTER FOUR COMMUNICATE: Improving Personal Communication, Cultivating Relationships, and Managing Conflict

CHAPTER FIVE THINK: Expanding Your Aptitude for Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Information Literacy Skills

CHAPTER SIX PRIORITIZE: Planning Your Time and Reducing Stress

CHAPTER SEVEN LEARN: Using Your Dominant Intelligence, Preferred Learning Style, and Unique Personality Type to Become an Active Learner

CHAPTER EIGHT READ: Building Your Reading and Comprehension Skills

CHAPTER NINE RECORD: Cultivating Your Listening Skills and Developing a Note Taking System that Works for You

CHAPTER TEN UNDERSTAND: Empowering Your Memory, Studying Effectively, and Taking Tests with Confidence

CHAPTER ELEVEN PROSPER: Managing Your Money and Your Debts Wisely




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