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Coronal Seismology: Waves and Oscillations in Stellar Coronae / Edition 1

Coronal Seismology: Waves and Oscillations in Stellar Coronae / Edition 1

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ISBN-13: 9783527409945
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 06/05/2012
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.70(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Alexander V. Stepanov is director of the Pulkovo Observatory, Russia, and elected member of the European Astronomical Society Council. 150 papers on various processes related to flares and the solar corona and how to measure and interpret their emissions prove his standing with the community.

Valery V. Zaitsev is head of the Laboratory of Plasma Physics of the Atmospheres of the Sun and Planets at the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Founding Member of the European Astronomical Society.Various assignments have taken him to the European Southern Observatory and the Astrophys. Institute Potsdam, Germany, among others.
His research centers on solar and stellar flares, winds and radio emission, coronal structures and plasma kinetics. It is documented in over 200 publications.

Valery M. Nakariakov is Professor at the University of Warwick, UK, Councilor of the Royal Astronomical Society and Vice President of the European Solar Physics Division of the European Physical Society. His research focuses on astrophysical and laboratory plasmas, on solar coronal physics and magnetohydrodynamic coronal seismology.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction and overview
2. Coronal magnetic loop as an equivalent electric circuit
2.1. Physical model of an isolated loop
2.2. The formation of magnetic tubes by photosphere convection
2.3. The structure of the coronal part of a flux tube
2.4. Diagnostics of electric currents
2.5. Equivalent electric circuit
2.6. Inductive interaction of magnetic loops
2.7. Waves of electric current in arcades of coronal magnetic loops
2.8. Magnetic loops above spots

3. Resonators for MHD oscillations in stellar coronae
3.1. Eigen-modes of coronal loops: Plasma cylinder approach and the dispersion equation
3.2. MHD-resonator at ~ 1RO in the solar corona
3.3. Excitation mechanisms for loop oscillations

4. Propagating MHD waves in coronal plasma waveguides
4.1 MHD waves in vertical coronal magnetic flux tubes
4.2 Propagating waves in coronal loops
4.3 Waves in coronal jets
4.4 Evolution of short-wavelength fast magnetoacoustic waves
4.5 Alfvén wave phase mixing
5. Prominence seismology
5.1. Prominence models
5.2, Prominence oscillations
5.3. The heating effect
5.4. Non-linear oscillations. Dynamic modes
5.5. Flare processes in prominences.
5.6. Stellar and interstellar prominences

6. The coronal loop as a magnetic mirror trap
6.1. Particle distribution in a coronal loop
6.1.1. Gyrosynchrotron emission from a flaring loop
6.2. Kinetic instabilities in a loop
6.2.1. Loop as Electron Cyclotron Maser
6.2.2. Plasma mechanism of radio emission from coronal loops
6.2.3. Instabilities of whistlers and small-scale Alfvén waves
6.3. Fine structure of the solar and stellar radio emission

7. Flaring events in stellar coronal loops
7.1. Particle acceleration and explosive Joule heating in current-carrying loops conductivity
7.2. Kinematics of energetic particles in a loop and the consequent radiation

8. Stellar coronal seismology as a diagnostic tool for flare plasma

8.1. Modulation of flaring emission by MHD oscillations
8.2. Global sausage mode and diagnostics of the solar event of the 12th of January, 2000
8.3. Dissipative processes in coronal loop for MHD modes
8.4. Diagnostics of flaring plasma parameters in solar and stellar flares
8.5. Diagnostics of electric currents in stellar atmosphere

9. Heating mechanisms in stellar coronae
9.1. Wave heating
9.2. Ohmic dissipation of electric currents
9.3. Heating by microflares

10. Loops and QPO in neutron stars and accretion discs
10.1. Loops in accretion discs, heating of disc corona
10.2. The origin of fast QPOs from magnetars and diagnostics of magnetar corona

11. Conclusion

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