Corporal Xasl: A Power Colors Short Tale

Corporal Xasl: A Power Colors Short Tale

by Talee


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Like his father before him, Xasl struggled to make a living doing odd labor jobs moving from city to city as the seasons changed. His wife left him years past when a man with a more stable income offered to take her in. Xasl could not really blame her for leaving him, it was hard when there were no credits for food, and even the shelters sometimes turned him away leaving him to sleep in alleys where one had to keep an eye open all the time. Today marked three weeks since he had last found work enough to eat a real meal. He could not even remember which city he was in now. When he saw a muscular woman opening the door to an office he did not recognize, he pushed himself to his feet and made his way over to ask her if she had anything he could do to earn enough credits for a meal. When he arrived, she greeted him warmly and gave him a hot caf and a sweetbread. Then she spoke to him about a long term job with the military which apparently had a shortage of people with his particular skills. Weak and confused as he was, Xasl barely remembered to ask where the job was before he pressed his palm to the enlistment document and became Private Xasl. Tomorrow he would be shipped off to training, and the recruiter called a service that took him to a low end bed and breakfast where he could get cleaned up and rested up for the trip. Xasl could barely believe his luck, she had also given him a credit voucher for three meals. No matter what the future held, he would eat and rest well today.

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ISBN-13: 9781523868629
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/06/2016
Pages: 42
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