Corporation, Ethics, And The Environment

Corporation, Ethics, And The Environment

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ABC-CLIO, Incorporated

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Corporation, Ethics, And The Environment

For the past few years, a growing chorus of concern has been raised over the way humanity is mistreating the earth and its environment. Animosity has traditionally existed between environmental advocates and those they perceive as the enemy—the business community—as evidenced by a recent survey that showed that 75 percent of Americans believe business has a definite responsibility to reduce pollution. But business has also not always been recognized for what it has done for the environment. This volume seeks to address those issues, as well as the extent of the corporate world's ethical responsibility for cleaning up the environment.

The book focuses on the role of corporations and businesses in protecting the environment, utilizing studies of previous cases and crises as well as strategies and methods for future corporate conduct. The work begins with a foreword by Gregory H. Adamian, an introduction by Robert Frederick, and collected essays in four main subject groups. The first section provides an overview of the topic of business, ethics, and the environment, treating such issues as the ethical dilemmas of hazardous waste, the corporate commitment to the environment, and the corporation's environmental conscience. Section two presents a series of cases and analyses, including the Exxon Valdez crisis and the Union Carbide Bhopal gas incident, while section three probes corporate strategies such as the development and implementation of industry-wide codes of practice. Finally, section four looks to the future of and new approaches to business and environmental problems, considering the need to move environmental issues into the business school and to retool cultures for an ecologically sound future. As a companion to Business, Ethics, and the Environment this volume is an important resource for courses in business, public policy, and environmental issues, as well as a useful addition to business, academic, and public libraries.

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ISBN-13: 9780899306032
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/30/1990
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.94(d)
Lexile: 1440L (what's this?)

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gregory H. Adamian

Introduction by Robert Frederick

Business, Ethics, and the Environment: An Overview

Terre Gaste by Peter A. French

Animism Redivivus: Are New Visions of Nature a Threat to Homo Sapiens? by Walter W. Benjamin

Can a Corporation Have an Environmental Conscience? by Kenneth E. Goodpaster

Hazardous Waste: Ethical Dilemmas of Ends and Means, Heroes and Villains by Paul Steidlmeier

Straws in the Wind: The Nature of Corporate Commitment to Environmental Issues by D. Kirk Davidson

Corporations and the Environment: Cases and Analyses

Du Pont and Corporate Environmentalism by B. W. Karrh

Total Quality: Ethics and the Environment by Van C. Campbell

Martin Marietta's Commitment to Environmental Protection by George Sammett, Jr.

The Chainsaws of Greed: The Case of Pacific Lumber by Lisa H. Newton

The Exxon Valdez Crisis by Joan Whitman Hoff

Rational Risk and Moral Outrage: Arthur D. Little, Inc., and the Toxic Alert by John A. Seeger

Union Carbide Limited and the Bhopal Gas Incident: Issues and Commentary by Arthur Sharplin

Business Ethics When a Crisis Occurs by Ronald S. Wishart

Union Carbide Corporation's Liability for the Bhopal Disaster: Multinational Enterprise Liability by Bruce A. Finzen and Roberta B. Walburn

The Proposal of Multinational Enterprise Liability in the Bhopal Litigation by Robert A. Butler

New Corporate Strategies for Controlling Environmental Risks

Environment and Business in the 1990s: Threats, Opportunities, and Prospects for Cooperation by Richard Seibert

The Development and Implementation of Industry-Wide Environmental Codes of Practice by David Powell

Dilemmas of Disclosure: Ethical Issues in Environmental Auditing by Karen Blumenfeld

Anthropocentric Ethics in Organizations: How Different Strategic Management Schools View the Environment by Thierry C. Pauchant and Isabelle Fortier

Explaining Corporate Responses to Environmental Crises: A Game Theoretical Approach by Joao S. Neves and Rajib N. Sanyal

Looking to the Future: New Approaches to the Problems of Business, Ethics, and the Environment

Economics, Ethics, and the Environment by Willard F. Enteman

The Principle of Integrity and The Economy of the Earth by Laura S. Westra

From Environment to Biosphere: The Necessary Reanimation of Ethical Discourse by Brian Edward Brown

Ecological Sabotage and the Ethics of Radical Environmentalism by Edwin C. Hettinger

Getting the Environment into the Business School by James E. Post

Environmental Attitudes, Behaviors, and Decision Making: Implications for Management Education and Development by Gordon P. Rands

From Environmentalism to Ecophilosophy: Retooling Cultures for the Twenty-First Century by Hazel Henderson


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