Corporeality and Culture: Bodies in Movement

Corporeality and Culture: Bodies in Movement

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The ‘material turn’ in critical theory - and particularly the turn towards the body coupled with scientific insights from biomedicine, biology and physics - is becoming an important path in fields of humanities-based scholarly inquiry. Material and technological philosophies play an increasingly central role in disciplines such as literary studies, cultural studies, history, performance and aesthetics, to name only a few.

This edited collection of essays investigates how the material turn finds applications within humanities-based frameworks - focusing on practical reflections and disciplinary responses. It takes as its critical premise the understanding that importation of theoretical viewpoints is never straightforward; rather, a complex, sometimes even fraught, communication takes place between these disciplines at the imperceptible lines where praxis and theory meet, transforming both the landscape of practical engagement and the models of material theory.

Presenting a multi- and interdisciplinary consideration of current research on the cultural relationship to living (and non-living) bodies, Corporeality and Culture: Bodies in Movement puts the body in focus. From performance and body modification to film, literature and other cultural technologies, this volume undertakes a significant speculative mapping of the current possibilities for engagement, transformation and variance of embodied movement in relation to scientifically-situated corporealities and materialities in cultural and artistic practices. Time and time again, it finds these ever-shifting modes of being to be inextricably interdependent and coextensive: movement requires embodiment; and embodiment is a form of movement.

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ISBN-13: 9781472421296
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 09/28/2015
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About the Author

Karin Sellberg, University of Queensland, Australia, Lena Wånggren, University of Edinburgh, UK and Kamillea Aghtan, Independent Scholar.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Section I Movements of Violence and Corollaries of Sight: Conversing ‘trina chéile’, Fiona Hanley, Tami Gadir and Irene Noy; Moved to tears: performance, affect, becoming, emergency, Charlotte Farrell; Mobilising affect: somatic empathy and the cinematic body in distress, Xavier Aldana Reyes. Section II Monsters, Margins and Corporealising Choreographies: Making monsters: bio-engineering and visual arts practice, Elizabeth Stephens; The animated aesthetics of cultured steak, Rosemary Deller; The animation of the cyborg trope: Oshii Mamoru’s Ghost in the Shell, Sebastian Schmidt-Tomczak; Embodied Platonisms: the erotic choreographies of Angela Carter and John Cameron Mitchell, Karin Sellberg. Section III Political Technologies of Embodiment: Fragments of a great confusion: abjection, subjectivity, and the body in Mary Borden’s The Forbidden Zone, Jasie Stokes; Sex in stasis, bodies in becoming: the monstrous body and the eroticisation of the scientific gaze, Ally Crockford; Bodies in movement: on humanimality in narratives about the Third Reich, Peter Arnds; Existence - in itself: Emily Dickinson and the movement to absence in the poetic body, Douglas Clark. Works cited; Index.

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