Corps of Engineers: The War against Germany

Corps of Engineers: The War against Germany


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In this book the Army Corps of Engineers' support of the war in the European and North African theaters is recounted in detail.
This narrative makes clear the indispensable role of the military engineer at the fighting front and his part in maintaining Allied armies in the field against European Axis powers. American engineers carried the fight to enemy shores by their mastery of amphibious warfare. In building and repairing road and rail nets for the fighting forces, they wrote their own record of achievement. In supporting combat and logistical forces in distant lands, these technicians of war transferred to active theaters many of the construction and administrative functions of the peacetime Corps, so heavily committed to public works at home.
The authors of this volume have reduced a highly complex story to a comprehensive yet concise account of American military engineers in the two theaters of operations where the declared main enemy of war was brought to unconditional surrender.

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ISBN-13: 9781410201386
Publisher: Press Holdings International
Publication date: 08/28/2002
Pages: 632
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