Corrected Convicted Accepted: The Journey Which Began Is the Journey Which Remains

Corrected Convicted Accepted: The Journey Which Began Is the Journey Which Remains

by Apostle Joseph Paul Brown


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Have you lost hope in life? Have you tried everything possible to get on track? Have you experienced the blessed favor of abundance in your life, and somehow ended up losing it all? Have you recovered from your greatest mistakes in life? Only you that have took a look at the back of this book can answer these questions… No one else can answer for you. Maybe you are on the prosperous side of living and perhaps may know of an individual who may be struggling with the battle of grabbing life by the horns, while trying to come back to Jesus from a backsliding state or condition.
This book is a living testimony of the Apostle Joseph Paul Brown, who brings to the front the many obstacles and challenges he’s had to face during an early age. Alongside the testimony renders many scriptures, shared to empower others who have suffered loss, made mistakes, and turned from Christ.
The Job experience is not the only character ever to exist that has suffered hardship and adversity. But many others have experienced all sorts of pain and suffering around the world. The interesting part about pain and suffering is that no one can minimize the level of pain a person feels by measuring the capacity of the problem, than judging rather the individual should have been strong enough to handle it or not. But it is our job as children of God, and those who are strong, to bear the infirmities of the weak. We are to do what we can in a wise manner to win as many souls for Christ as possible, and to be a light to those in darkness, even if that means sharing your life testimony and how you have overcome.
Be blessed by the reading of this book, and let others who are in trying times in their lives know about this book, that many may be strengthen and empowered to move on with their lives, and go forward in Christ our Lord.

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ISBN-13: 9781496926357
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/28/2014
Pages: 74
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