Correctional Health Care Patient Safety Handbook - Practical Application: Medication Management

Correctional Health Care Patient Safety Handbook - Practical Application: Medication Management

by Lorry Schoenly


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Are Your Medication Management Systems Safe?

Medication management is one of the largest and most resource-intensive clinical processes in correctional health care delivery in the United States. This book is a companion to The Correctional Health Care Patient Safety Handbook and is intended to practically apply the Correctional Health Care Patient Safety Model to a particular health care process: Medication management. This volume will address many safety issues inherent in managing the pharmacologic treatment of health conditions and diseases in correctional settings.

Correctional health staff must take primary responsibility for managing every phase of the medication delivery process: Prescribing/Ordering, Transcribing/Verifying, Dispensing/Delivery, Administering, and Monitoring/Reporting. This is often done with little in the way of resources, equipment, or additional pharmacy expertise. Thus, those managing medications in correctional settings must be hyper-alert to the possibility of error and make every effort to improve patient safety by applying safety principles to this primary health care process.

This book applies the four-part Correctional Health Care Patient Safety Model to assess common weaknesses in each part of the medication management process and suggest best practices based on the evidence. A final section of the book analyzes an actual correctional medication error through the various phases using the Patient Safety Model to identify root causes for intervention.

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ISBN-13: 9781946041029
Publisher: Enchanted Mountain Press
Publication date: 03/15/2018
Pages: 118
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About the Author

Lorry Schoenly is a nurse author and educator specializing in correctional health care. She provides consulting services to jails and prisons across the US, helping to improve professional nursing practice and patient safety. Dr. Schoenly actively promotes correctional health care through social media outlets and increases the visibility of the specialty through her popular blog - and her podcast, Correctional Nursing Today. She is the author of six other correctional health care books and is recipient of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care 2013 B. Jaye Anno Award of Excellence in Communication.

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