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by Don VanLandingham


by Don VanLandingham


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A forensic accountant discovers during a routine bankruptcy fraud investigation, an evil plot by two high-ranking government officials with ties to a terrorist organization. Come travel with Jeffrey Allan and his FBI friend, "Fast Eddie Cruise" as they embattle embezzlement, corruption, kidnapping, murder, and an assassination attempt on their journey to restore law and order to our economic system.

More than a mystery, CORRUPTACY is a lesson on how bankruptcy does, and doesn't work in the United States. What happens to the money collected during bankruptcy? Who are the Trustees? Who are the Judges? How do these people get their jobs? Are there safeguards against abuse? Who is in charge?

With an emphasis on family and community values with a thought-provoking religious thread that runs within the story, CORRUPTACY is a historic novel with a silver lining that can inspire anyone who believes that good will overcome evil.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781098361549
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 05/18/2021
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

The author is a retired accountant with over 40 years experience as a CPA, specializing in forensic accounting. Before he retired in 2001, he was a member of the American Institute of CPA's, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and an active member of the Georgia Society of CPA's. His engagements to uncover fraud and abuse included national, state, and local governments, in addition to private businesses and nonprofit organizations.
Early in my career, he was appointed by the bankruptcy judge as a Chapter 13 Trustee, a position he held for sixteen years. Following the consolidation of his case load into a larger system, he was recruited and selected by the Justice Department to examine selected bankruptcy trustees.
His wife, Linda, and he have six children, five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. He and his wife live in the North Georgia Mountains where Don enjoyed fishing and rafting down the many rivers located there.

Table of Contents

Foreword 1

About the Author 3

Author's Note 5

Chapter 1 First Real Assignment 7

Chapter 2 Her Candle Burned Out 14

Chapter 3 Politics, Prejudices, and Conflicting Personalities 23

Chapter 4 Whistle Blower 35

Chapter 5 Texas Tragedy 42

Chapter 6 The Doghouse 51

Chapter 7 Special Assignment #37 - San Francisco 57

Chapter 8 The Embezzler 64

Chapter 9 Crooks in Cahoots 72

Chapter 10 Dragon Rules 80

Chapter 11 A Trustee Very Close To Quirk(y) 87

Chapter 12 From My House to Animal House to the Out House 98

Chapter 13 Texas Two-Step 109

Chapter 14 The Pandora Box 122

Chapter 15 Vanished! 132

Chapter 16 Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman 143

Chapter 17 A Bridge Too Far 152

Chapter 18 Final Jeopardy: Class Reunion In Hell 164

Chapter 19 Unexpected Consequences 175

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