The Corruptible

The Corruptible

by Mark Mynheir


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How much money would it take for you to betray the truth?
Ex-homicide detective Ray Quinn never had glamorous thoughts of the life of a private investigator—but being cornered in a bathroom stall by the enraged philandering husband of a client? That’s something he could live without. Retired from homicide and living with a painful disability, Ray’s options are limited. Stick to the job, keep impetuous sidekick Crevis alive, and spend quiet evenings with trusted pal Jim Beam, that’s about the best he can hope for.
As a new client emerges, Ray finds himself in an impossibly large boardroom holding a check with enough zeros to finally lift him from his financial pit. The job seems easy enough: find Logan Ramsey, an ex-cop turned security officer who’s taken off with sensitive corporate information. But few things are easy in Ray’s world, regardless of the amount of zeros in the check.
In what should be an open-and-shut case, Ray stumbles across Logan Ramsey in a seedy motel room. Only Ray wasn’t the first to find him. Now Logan’s dead, the client’s information is nowhere to be found, and Ray’s employer is less than forthcoming with the details. Suddenly the line between the good guys and bad guys isn’t so clear. With a foot in both worlds and an illuminating look at an unhappy ending that could well be his own, which will Ray choose?

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ISBN-13: 9781601420749
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/05/2011
Series: A Ray Quinn Mystery Series
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Mark Mynheir is the author of the Christy Award nominated The Night Watchman, the first Ray Quinn mystery. He has worked undercover as a narcotics agent, as a SWAT team member, and now investigates violent crimes as a detective with the Criminal Investigations Unit in central Florida, where he lives with his wife and three children.

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The Corruptible

A Novel
By Mark Mynheir

Multnomah Books

Copyright © 2011 Mark Mynheir
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781601420749

DYING ON THE TOILET was not how I envisioned leaving this world.

“Ray Quinn, you’re a dead man!” The behemoth’s rumblings reverberated off the bathroom walls like a fully throttled Harley-Davidson.

I locked the stall door and shuffled back against the wall, my good leg using the toilet to keepme upright.My balance was still suspect after the shooting that destroyed my hip and pelvis eighteen months before. I pulled out my phone and typed a hurried text message to my partner, Crevis.

Trapped in bathroom w/maniac. Get here now!

“Where are you, you gumshoe rat?”The goon kicked in the stall door three down from me. Keith Wagner, my large and socially challenged pursuer, didn’t possess much of a sense of humor. His wife suspected he was being unfaithful and hired me to follow him. It wasn’t a difficult job, as he possessed a predilection for young ladies and excessive amounts of booze. Easy money, I thought. Now it seemed Keith was going to extract from my body every dollar his wife paid me.

The lovely and gracious Mrs.Wagner hadn’t thought it important to inform me that she confronted Keith and blamed everything on me until after she went to the gym and met some friends for a brunch date.

I got her flippant warning call as Keith followed me into the restaurant where I was meeting Crevis for lunch, so he was now on a quest to separate my head from the rest of my body. I ducked into the bathroom to avoid him. Not the smartest move I’d made in a while, because now I was cornered. And in my hobbled condition, I couldn’t outrun anyone anywhere. I hoped Crevis got my message, or he would be looking for another employer soon.

“So you wanna ruin other people’s marriages, do ya?” Another stall door fell victim to Keith’s raging foot.

Pointing out that it was his serial adultery and boorish behavior that led to his personal problems probably wouldn’t help the situation, so I remained quiet.

“You wanna stick your face into other people’s business?” The walls rocked again as the stall next to mine endured his assault. I aimed the weighty brass handle of my cane toward the door. Whatever he wanted to do to me would come at great cost.

The door handle jiggled. “Thought you could hide, did you—Ray Quinn, private eye?”

The door exploded open, and I was face to face with Keith, who stood a solid six foot three with a thick lumberjack build that made me wonder if this whole private-investigator gig was worth it. He worked his hands in and out like he was warming up his forearms to throttle me. He smirked, and I hammered the handle of my cane into his bearded face.

A meaty thump filled the air as one of Keith’s teeth smacked the mirror behind him and swirled around in the sink. Keith staggered back, blood pouring down his chin. He snarled—minus a front tooth—and charged back into the stall and snatched me by the neck, smacking the back of my head against the wall. He growled as his beefy hands wrapped around my throat; his crazed eyes widened as he squeezed down hard.

While trying to break his stranglehold, I reached back to my waistband holster for my Glock 9mm. Magilla Gorilla thumped my head against the wall twice more, trapping my pistol between my back and the wall. An uppercut to his man-spot elicited only a groan from him. A follow-up shot caused him to release his grip and stumble backward, hunched over and clutching his groin.

I stabbed the brass tip of my cane down on his foot with both hands, coaxing another yelp from him. He hopped backward on one leg, then fired a cranium-rattling punch intomy cheek, knocking me down onto the toilet. He grabbed me by the shirt and jerked me out of the stall, launching me through the air and dropping me on the sink counter. My cane slid across the floor toward the bathroom door. One of the faucets snapped as we wrestled on the sink top, spraying water like a fountain.

As Keith raised his fist to pound me, the bathroom door smacked against the wall, and Crevis Creighton stepped in.

Crevis, in his gray suit and fedora, streaked toward us and nailed Keith with his shoulder, driving him into the wall and off me. He locked Keith in a bear hug, pressing him against the wall. Keith pushed Crevis’s face back and took a wild swing. Crevis broke away and bobbed under the punch, his much-loved fedora falling to the floor. He fired two deep uppercuts to Keith’s floating ribs, just like I had coached him. Keith gasped and looped another much slower, feeble swing at Crevis, who stepped back out of range as the punch sailed past.Crevis snapped a round kick to Keith’s jaw, knocking him back against the wall. He slid down to the damp floor, unconscious.

The water from the broken faucet drenched us as I lay on the counter like a slab of so much pounded beef, my hip throbbing in pain.

“You all right, Ray?” Crevis said as he snatched his hat from the floor and affixed it back onto his head. Oblivious to the torrents of water jetting around us, he was quick to my side, as usual. The kid was consistent if nothing else. The look of concern on his face was genuine, but he’d seen me battered and beaten before. I’d get up.

I always did—one of my many faults.

“I’ll make it.” I started to scoot myself off of the counter and swing my legs to the floor. A searing bolt of pain rocketed down my spine and hip. “Maybe I’ll wait here for a minute.”

The romantic notion of being a private investigator—righting wrongs, searching for justice, and all the other drivel that zipped through my brain on occasion—seemed a bit foolish as I rested on a bathroom counter, nearly drowning in cold sink water.

Crevis’s gray suit was now a sooty black as the sink continued to spit water at us. Drops poured off the lip of his fedora like a rain gutter in a hurricane. My already broken body cried out again, even more than usual. I hoped Keith hadn’t destroyed any of the doctor’s work on my damaged hip and pelvis. When I caught my breath, I’d try to stand and test it out. But for a moment, I was quite comfortable lying there, taking an unplanned shower. “You might want to call OPD before this goon wakes up,” I said. “I don’t think he’ll be happy.”

Sliding his arm underneath mine, Crevis tipped me up into a sitting position. He eased me off the counter, then stepped over Keith, who was still taking a tile nap, to retrieve my cane for me.

Crevis had packed on about twenty pounds since we’d started working together. The kid had been in the gym every day, lifting weights and doing heavy bag workouts. I’d been coaching him on his boxing and kick-boxing skills, which I recognized now as an investment in my own health. A 9mm bullet to my side had ensured I would never hit the ring again. “Whose idea was this PI thing again?” I asked.

“Yours,” he said.

“Remind me to never listen to myself again.”


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Corruptible 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 61 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I heard Mark Mynheir on a radio interview and decided The Corruptible would be my first introduction to his books. I am pleased to say I have a new author on my Must Buy list. The book stood on its own and the story was both compelling and action filled with nice touches of humor. How refreshing to read a good mystery with enough graphic detail to hold ones interest without being subjected to foul language that adds nothing to the progress of the plot.
raebethmcgee More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible begins with Ray Quinn, an ex-cop, private investigator working on a case with his sidekick, Crevis. They team up and work on cases along side the police, which Ray has very good connections with. Ray deals with an internal battle everyday due to being shot while on the job and is masked by his friend, Jim (alcohol). While struggling to do his job with the pain, Ray lands a case that sets him in a tornado of events throughout the book. The events were well thought out and keeps the reader guessing. The plot ran smoothly and pulled the reader in from the very beginning. Ray finds himself dealing with a murder, secrets, and arrogance of a wealthy man who hired Ray to find important information that was stolen from him. The twists and turns throughout the book, never gives a hint on how the book will end. For those who are into reading detective/mystery type books, I would definitely recommend reading, The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir. The journey throughout the book leaves the reader feeling the need to find out what happens. This is definitely a page turner and I have added it to my favorites list. I have given this book a 5 (five) star rating.
Lilibet_King More than 1 year ago
Ray Quinn, ex-cop, is a private investigator with a new, extremely wealthy client who wants him to retrieve data stolen by a former security employee. Trouble is, that former security employee is an ex-cop who briefly worked with Ray before being fired for improprieties in an investigation. Now that former employee/ex-cop is dead, and Ray suspects that his new client isn¿t telling him everything about the situation. Any good PI needs a team, and Ray¿s includes his policeman-wanna-be muscle man Crevis and his secretary/jack of all trades Pam. Because Ray left the department on good terms, he also has consultant status with the local police and has several friends still on the force. This is the second novel in Mark Mynheir¿s Night Watchman series, but the first book by Mynheir that I¿ve read. It reads like an old-fashioned Raymond Chandleresque pulp fiction mystery; nothing flashy or fancy (other than partner Crevis¿ suits), just good old gumshoe whodunit at its best. Mynheir uses his background in law enforcement to bring a realistic feel to the story, and his characters are flawed and interesting. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
H-A-Titus More than 1 year ago
Back cover: How much money would it take for you to betray the truth? Ex-homicide detective Ray Quinn never had glamorous thoughts of the life of a private investigator-but being cornered in a bathroom stall by the enraged philandering husband of a client? That's something he could live without. Retired from homicide and living with a painful disability, Ray's options are limited. Stick to the job, keep impetuous sidekick Crevis alive, and spend quiet evenings with trusted pal Jim Beam, that's about the best he can hope for. As a new client emerges, Ray finds himself in an impossibly large boardroom holding a check with enough zeros to finally lift him from his financial pit. The job seems easy enough: find Logan Ramsey, an ex-cop turned security officer who's taken off with sensitive corporate information. But few things are easy in Ray's world, regardless of the amount of zeros in the check. In what should be an open-and-shut case, Ray stumbles across Logan Ramsey in a seedy motel room. Only Ray wasn't the first to find him. Now Logan's dead, the client's information is nowhere to be found, and Ray's employer is less than forthcoming with the details. Suddenly the line between the good guys and bad guys isn't so clear. With a foot in both worlds and an illuminating look at an unhappy ending that could well be his own, which will Ray choose? My Thoughts: Let's look at the cons first: Ray Quinn drinks. A LOT. But it's not shown in nearly as much of a glamorous light as in The Maltese Falcon, nor is it even shown to be funny like it often is in the Thin Man series. Ray pays the prices for drinking and he knows he has a problem. I think there was one or two mild cuss words in the book. And, this is a detective story. It's full of nasty people doing nasty things like cheating and taking drugs, and there are suggestions of boyfriends/girlfriends living together/sleeping together. However, it doesn't show any of these things nor dwell on them, unless a detective is speculating about how someone had the opportunity to kill someone else. Nothing in it made me squirm. Now the pros: This book reminds me of an old detective movie like The Maltese Falcon or one of the Thin Man movies. And honestly, I love love love the old detective genre. So I really enjoyed this book and I bet anyone who likes Agatha Christe, Dashiell Hammett, or even a more modern book like Randy Alcorn's Deception, would love this book. The characters are well-drawn. We have the stereotypes of the story (of course) like the grouchy old codger detective, the bumbling, over-eager assistant, and two beautiful women. But since you can't really have a hard-boiled detective story without some some variation of these stereotypes, it didn't bother me at all. The story is well-written and had quite a few twists and turns. I guessed the culprit correctly, but not too much before the end of the book. Conclusion: I'd definitely recommend this book to people 16 and up, not because there's necessarily anything bad in it (besides the mild cuss words), but because of the intensity of the book. If you like detective stories, buy The Corruptible and look for other Ray Quinn novels.
purplerose75 More than 1 year ago
I liked this book, but not as much as the first one in the series, The Night Watchman. Apparently, there is some deficiency in my character because the main reason I prefer the first one is that Ray has mellowed a little and he doesn't take quite as many verbal shots at Crevis in The Corruptible. This book is still funny and the crime/mystery aspect is very well done. I'm enjoying watching the relationships build between Ray, who would prefer to be on his own if everyone would just leave him alone, and Pam and Crevis. Ray is also creeping a little closer to God. Oh, and there is the ongoing email exchange with a South African spammer. My favorite passage in the book is a conversation between Oscar, Ray's former police chief, and Ray. **"I'll be on my best behavior." I raised my right hand. "I don't want your 'best' behavior," he said. "I want better behavior. Much better. No tasering witnesses, impromptu wiretaps, hacking computers, or transporting prisoners in your trunk. You need to do everything right." I had forgotten about the prisoner in the trunk.** I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
MontanaMomma More than 1 year ago
This was a great book! It sucked me in and honestly kept me guessing as to who did what and why. I wasn't lost either (because this isn't the first Ray Quinn mystery) which was good because not all books with the same main character can be read out of order. Great detail, well written, even funny at times. Highly recommended! Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.
JamieLittle More than 1 year ago
Ray Quinn, a former cop turned PI, has a tough new case on his hands; a high powered business man wants him to find the person who stole some sensitive information. What seems like an easy job quickly turns into a huge mess as Ray and his trusty sidekick, Crevis, make some new discoveries. What follows is a story full of twists and turns that keeps the reader turning pages so they can hurry up and figure out "whodunnit". I recently received a complimentary copy of this book for review and couldn't put it down. I didn't realize that it was a sequel to another book until after I'd finished reading it, but that didn't prove to be a problem. I was able to get a feel for the characters and their relationships without feeling like I missed out by not reading the first book. I really enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to reading more of the Ray Quinn series.
cash8907 More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir is the second in the Night Watchman series of books about private investigator Ray Quinn, and is definitely a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I have not read the first book in this series, but didn't find myself floundering or lost due to missing details. The author does a commendable job in relaying important facts from the first book to the second without taking too much space away from the plot of this book. Ray Quinn is a former cop who suffered tragic loss of while on duty. Not only was he shot and injured, but he also watched the woman he loved killed on the same day. His experiences have left him an alcoholic and without his former career. As a private investigator, he is hired on by a business tycoon to search out an employee who has absconded with important company files. Ray manages to find the employee (Logan Ramsey) but he gets there too late. Someone else has beat him to the punch and murdered the man and taken the files. From that point forward, the book takes many twists and turns as we watch Ray work alongside his former police department and his current partner Crevis. They find themselves in unlikely situations but never too discouraged to keep going on. Mr. Mynheir is certainly an excellent story teller and weaves his plot with twists and turns that keep you guessing as to what will happen next. His characters are well thought out and incorporated nicely into the plot. And, although published and distributed as a Christian novel, the underlying Christian message is not too preachy to dissuade those who typically don't like "Christian fiction". I plan on going back and getting the first in this series and am excited to see more in the future. Mr. Mynheir is a great author whose attention to small details and excellent dialogue kept me on the edge of my seat and barely wanting to put the book down until I finished.
KarissaAngel More than 1 year ago
Mark Mynheir, author of The Corruptible is an excellent writer. This is the second book of the Ray Quinn mystery and it is captivating. I generally feel if I can read a book in three days of less, it has to be good. Private investigator, Ray Quinn finds himself in cases to keep him financially afloat but there are times when this retired cop and living with a painful disbility has limited options. In the meantime, his sidekick, Crevis is learning the ins and outs to become a cop himself witht he guidance of Ray Quinn in the detective agency. Ray finds himself a new client that is rich and could possibly help him out financially. As the case progresses along, of which Ray thought would be a open and shut case, it turns out to be more mysterious than expected. Without the client telling exactly what is going on except to find a computer disk that Logan Reed downloaded company information on to. Logan Reed is dead, but no disk is found. Ray works with the force to help find the killer of Logan, as well as helping his client find the disk. Ray finds that Logan had many enemies and people of interest are holding back the truth since they are afraid of landing back in jail. In the end, Ray solves the complete mystery of the murder of Logan Reed and recovers the disk. This is really a great read; if you read the first book, The Night Watchman, you will enjoy this one also. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah as part of their Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir is the second book in the Night Watchman series about private investigator Ray Quinn. Ray is a former police officer who was shot in the hip while on duty, leaving him in constant pain and forced to use a cane. That day he also watched the woman he loved shot to death. The emotional and physical pain has left him dependent on alcohol to get through each day. Ray has been hired by enigmatic tycoon Armon Mayer to track down missing employee, Logan Ramsey, who disappeared from work after stealing some important files that Mayer is desperate to get back. Ramsey was a cop, so Ray is familiar with the man and his undercover work with a motorcycle gang that led to his firing from the force. Working with his partner, Crevis, who keeps failing his police academy exam, and friend Pam, whose brother's murder Ray solved in the first book, Ray quickly finds Logan's dead body, but no sign of the missing files. The investigation turns from a theft to murder, and Ray works with his old buddies at the police department to solve Logan's murder. From high-priced boardrooms to a motorcycle gang's drug infested lair, Ray rarely loses his cynical sense of humor and quick wits. Mynheir's writing is reminiscent of Dashiell Hammet and Mike Hammer with Ray's running commentary and the where did that come from twists. The writing is impeccable. Ray says he needs Jim (Jim Beam) to get to sleep, and Joe (coffee) to get up each day. He describes his crippled leg as being good for filling his jeans and keep him from throwing his shoes away. Despite Ray's bitter humor, he has a soft heart and an unerring determination to make things right. I can't wait to read the next book in this amazing series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible pulled me in within the first few flips of the page. Mark Mynheir was an unknown author to me, person of a thousand mystery/criminal suspense type novels stuffed in every nook, cranny, and drawer. Mystery snob that I am, Mr. Mynheir dragged me knee deep into the fun with Private Investigator Ray Quinn who is like a dog with a ham bone when it comes to investigation. This detective also has his human weakness, a sense of humor, and a sidekick who is a little bit educationally challenged as well as being as handy and devoted as a pitbull keeping your back. It has been a long time since I enjoyed a mystery this much, and now I'm itching to read *The Night Watchman*, the first Ray Quinn mystery.
hoosiers80 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir is the second book in the Ray Quinn Mystery Series. It is the story of Ray Quinn, former detective turned private investigator, as he tries to solve the case of his current client. The man he is searching for turns up dead, but the stolen property he possessed is nowhere to be found. In an attempt to find the stolen property, Quinn comes in contact with a list of unsavory characters. But which ones, if any, are involved in the death and removal of the stolen property?This book, while not a can¿t put down type of read, was still enjoyable. The story was engaging using power, money, a slew of criminal characters and an interesting sidekick named Crevis to hold the attention of the reader. There were never any dull spots in the book, at the same time there never seemed to be to many really gripping the moments that had me eagerly waiting to turn the page. Character development was lacking on some of the minor characters who played major roles in the book. The ending had me guessing until the very end, but lacked the satisfying climax I had hoped for. As far as being in the christian market, this book contains only passing references to anything christian. It seemed to be setting up the possibility of bigger presence of a christian character further into the series. I hope this is the case. While I would not rate this book as great, I would say that is was good.
SandyLee on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Ray Quinn is a former homicide detective retired after a shooting left him disabled. He is now running his own P.I. firm, and with most literary P.I.s, he lives pay check to pay check. When multi-guzzionnaire Armon Mayer hires him to recover a hard drive stolen from his company¿s computers, Ray is shocked to learn the suspected thief is a former undercover cop and friend of Ray¿s. Logan Ramsey had always straddled the law, what Ray feels staying undercover for too long can do to a cop. When the police find Logan dead in a seedy motel, not only does Ray have a murder to solve but the missing hard drive isn¿t anywhere to be found. Ray reminds me of TV¿s House with a badge. Where House medicates the pain in his leg with pills, Ray looks to his friend, Jim Beam. He is aided by Crevis, a sidekick who wants to be a cop, and Pam, the sister of a man killed in a previous book. The action in the book is more like real P.I. work¿slow and a bit of a yawn. Ray has a wry sense of humor and is a likeable enough guy. The author¿s knowledge of the ins and outs of police work shows. There are a number of suspects to choose from¿a biker gang, drug addict ex-girlfriend, former collars of Logan¿s, but Ray feels there is more to the case than the guzzionnaire is letting on.
prosfilaes on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible was an interesting mystery novel staring PI Ray Quinn. Ultimately, however, the underlying religious content and continuing lectures from Mrs. Perfect provided a somewhat grating aspect to the book. Judged strictly as a mystery, I felt the overall story stepped a bit outside the bounds of coincidence that I could accept; there were too many players of independent games who just happened to be there at the right time for realism, even in a mystery novel.
dsoj84 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I have to say that i expected more from the book. I was really hopeful that this book would be better than it is. The story seems fine but the writing style leaves you wondering if something is wrong. it make it hard for me to understand and visualize the events taking place. After working my way through half the book i had to give it up, the writing style was just not for me. I would suggest that you pick it up and read a few pages in the bookstore before buying it or just look it over in your public library. If the writing style does not bother you, as it did me, then i am sure that you will at least be entertained by the book. Hope you all have better luck than i did with the book.
mikedraper on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Ray Quinn is a former homicide detective who had to retire due to injury. He uses a cane while walking and sometimes lets the cane become a weapon. He runs the Night Watchman Detective Agency.Ray is hired by Anton Mayer to find es-cop Logan Ramsey who has stolen some of Mayer's clinet's personal and investment information. Mayer wants it back without publicity.Ray works with his young assistant, Crevis, who Ray is training to become a cop. Ray's part time employee, Pam, is teaching Crevis enough grammar to pass the written test for the police academy, which he's failed twice.Ray is able to pull in some favors and is appointed as a consultant on the case. Not long after this, he's told that Ramsey's body has been found. Now Ray needs to know who killed Ramsey and what happened to the information he is supposed to have stolen.Ray is a somewhat interesting character. However, it's difficult to see him going into hazardous situations with his injury and cane. One example of this is when he and Crevis go to the club house of a gang of bikers without police backup.I enjoyed the story but found the writing style lacking and some of the plot too convenient.
CharlesBoyd on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Because Mark Mynheir is a former police detective I assume he knows police work and is a solid citizen. Reading his acknowledgements page, the large number of people he thanks and the apparent sincerity with which he thanks them, I¿d guess he¿s a nice guy. So I wanted to like The Corruptible. But my endorsement of this mystery novel will have to be lukewarm at best.It reads smoothly and is a quick read for 340 pages. And I did learn things about police work that I hadn¿t known, ways to track someone down by cell phone calls for example, and how much of police work is tedious rather than exciting.But, for this reader there are problems: The tedious part of police work, talking over and over to the same people for instance, shows through. Unfortunately this tediousness is shown so well that it is tedious itself. For a mystery novel there¿s surprisingly little action. In the open scene Ray Quinn is attacked in a public restroom. We learn his pelvis and hip were destroyed in a shooting eighteen months before. Later, he and the young man he¿s training and who is a sort of bodyguard to Ray, are shot at. If there¿s any other real action I don¿t remember it. There are many instances where the story tiptoes up to action, but backs away.Ray Quinn is hard to like, being way too self-absorbed. And he torments the rich, admittedly bad man who hires him. Armon Mayer is the head of a major corporation and very like Monk on the television series of the same name in that he¿s a germaphobic. Because Ray doesn¿t like Mayer, he makes a point of coughing a lot around him, of pretending to sneeze and wanting to shake hands right after. Juvenile stuff.The biggest problem, however, is the sometimes cartoonish dialogue and narrative. In the first scene, Keith Wagner, the thug wanting to beat the crap out of Ray, is described a ¿Magallia Gorilla.¿ (The novel is in first person, so it¿s Ray telling the tale.) While Wagner is kicking open stall doors searching for Ray, he says such things as ¿Where are you, you gumshoe, rat?¿ and ¿You wanna stick your face into other people¿s business?¿ and ¿Thought you could hide, did you--Ray Quinn, private eye?¿ People don¿t talk like that, especially in a violent situation, especially the last line of dialogue quoted. Fortunately after two or three chapters it isn¿t quite so bad. If you like such dialogue, such narrative, then you might like this novel. Otherwise, read a mystery by someone really good like James Lee Burke, Lawrence Block, or James Sallis.With apologies to Mark Mynheir.
bitsy08 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
He had me at Hello. The action started on the first line and kept going throughout. The dialogue was real and I had a few laughs. I'll be looking for his next one. Really enjoyed it.
Ronrose1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Ray Quinn, currently a Private Investigator, is an ex-homicide detective formerly with the Orlando Police Department. He retired from the OPD after being shot in the leg while tracking down a murderer. Now he has to rely on a cane and a bottle of Jim Beam to get him through the pain everyday. In addition to his friends on the force, his support staff consists of his partner-in-training, Crevis, who provides the muscle, while learning the ropes. Also, helping is Pam Winters, whose murdered brother's case was solved by Ray in his last investigation. Pam, the steadying factor in this rocking boat, is now helping Crevis study for the entrance exam to the police academy, which he has failed twice. Ray is hired by the wealthy head of an investment firm to recover a computer hard drive that contains sensitive information on the firms clients. Quinn was picked for the job because of his close connections with the OPD and the fact that the suspected thief was an ex-cop named Logan Ramsey. The client doesn't want the police involved, but thinks Ray's connections could be useful. Logan was an undercover cop,a bit of a loose cannon, who inadvertently leaked information that resulted in putting some of his fellow policeman in danger. Ramsey, an old acquaintance of Ray's from the OPD, turns up murdered and the case starts to develop a bad smell. It will take more than the client's fat paycheck to keep Ray from using every means at his disposal to find the killer and the truth behind the missing hard drive. This is a solidly written, good P. I. mystery with a touch of the police procedural, but it lacks the spark or quirkiness to make it a standout. This book was provided for review by the well read folks at Library Thing and Multnomah Books.
debavp on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Again, Mynheir is light handed with the religion, but now I can't help but feel he's saving up to do some "saving" and so hope that's not the case. While Quinn has moved on quite a bit in this second installment of the series, he still can be a bit whiney and the love affair with Jim Beam is getting old. I don't know of any alcoholics that romanticize their condition. Rationalize, even deny, but no one actually carries on the way Mynheir portrays Quinn as doing. Crevis is coming along nicely, but needs a bit more work and will hopefully have a much larger role in upcoming works. While the plot was a bit dull with this one, the character development has come a good distance and balances it out. I look forward to seeing whether Quinn evolves but still keeps some of his actually redeeming dark qualities or becomes too saintly in the future.
Bumpersmom on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible is a standard police procedural, although the main character is a private investigator, former police officer who acts like he is still working for the police department. It is an easy read and very predictable who dun it type story. This is the 2nd book in a new series by this author, and it has potential for several more stories with this character. I wasn't super impressed, nor was I disappointed, but this was just too much like so many other books with the names and locations changed as the only difference.
jennyrosewriter on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir is a cop driven mystery. Ray Quinn is a former cop turned Private Investigator/Detective. He is coming off a case investigating a cheating husband when Armon Mayer calls. Mayer owns Mayer Holdings¿a company with a lot of money, but no one really knows what it does, only that it has high profile clientele. Mayer hires Quinn to find a former security guard who has hacked into Mayer Holdings systems and downloaded sensitive information and then disappeared. Logan Ramsey, the former security guard, had many enemies and few friends. Quinn worked with him briefly in narcotics, but Ramsey was known to go undercover a little too deep. He seemed to go rogue, getting lost in the undercover world. Things get complicated when Ramsey turns up dead but the satchel containing the stolen information is nowhere to be found. Though I figured out who the killer was before the end of the book, there were several unexpected twists and turns that kept the story interesting. It was a fairly clean read with maybe a few questionable words. I think the style is similar to Parnell Hall. Though Ray Quinn is the main character, he is not a Christian in this storyline which made for an interesting angle for a Christian murder mystery. I am interested in reading more Ray Quinn mysteries by Mark Mynheir.I received this book free through the Blogging for Books program from WaterbrookMultnomah to read and give an honest review.
AnnieMod on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Second in the series about Ray Quinn, The Corruptible finds Ray into the private investigation business with his unlikely sidekick Crevis. If someone missed the first book, some of the jokes and explanations might sound weird but the book is very much readable even without the first one. The book is an improvement over the first one in a lot of ways - Ray and his surrounding are a bit more believable, the few different plots actually work together much better instead of forming their own islands in the book and the author finally got the hang of how to get the Christian content he wanted to into the book without it sounding as if somewhere in the middle of the paragraph he had remembered that he wanted to add this as well. Which does not mean that some parts don't have a preachy tone - it's just part of the story this time. The major failure of the book is on the technical side -- when a body is found and the weapon is there but something just do not match, you don't have everyone (police, private detectives, the lab people) just accept that this is something weird and then get them all surprised with the results of the autopsy. The while scene was screaming that something was off... Despite this though - the book is enjoyable - for a lazy afternoon with nothing else to do (although it might be a bit too brutal if someone is not used to the way the PI novels are written these days - I really want to read a few books where the PI does not get beaten on a regular basis).I am not sure where Mynheir is going with Ray... the end of the book sounded a bit too Christian-y for my tastes in the genre but... the future will show where all this leads.
lchav52 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Ray Quinn is a former Orlando PD cop, now a private investigator, having been wounded in the line of duty and partially crippled. In this, the second book of the series, Quinn and his fledgling agency are called on to recover some sensitive information allegedly stolen by a former OPD colleague. When he finds the suspect stabbed to death in a seamy motel, Quinn realizes the case goes far beyond its original commission, and proceeds to work with the police to solve it.I guess my problem with the book is that nothing really stands out. It is decent enough in its plotting but has little spark. I also had some questions about the relative ease with which the OPD homicide sergeant turned over aspects of the investigation to a private detective.Not a bad read, just not a great one.
reannon on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Corruptible is the second of Mark Mynheir's Ray Quinn series, following Night Watchman. Ray was a police detective until a gunman fire two shots at him, leaving him crippled, and another shot that killed his partner and fiance. Since then he has worked as a security guard and now has opened his own private investigation firm.One of Orlando's richest businessmen hires Ray to find an employee who has stolen valuable client data from him. The thief is a former cop, one Ray knew, who had worked undercover and been fired for unethical and illegal conduct. Can Ray find him and who is worse, the thief or the businessman who hired Ray?I've enjoyed both of the Ray Quinn books. Ray's character is believable. He struggles with the losses he has gone through, his constant pain, with alcoholism which is his way of dealing with the pain. He is a good investigator, thorough and rational in his approach, and still has good relationships with some of his former colleagues. The character of his assistant, Crevis, is more problematical. When first introduced he seems a comic character, a total goof. Now he is developing as more simply young, impulsive, and poorly educated, and that transition doesn't always feel real.Overall, though, this is a good solid series with good plots and characters one can like and want to read more about.