The Cortisol Connection: Why Stress Makes You Fat and Ruins Your Health ? And What You Can Do About It

The Cortisol Connection: Why Stress Makes You Fat and Ruins Your Health ? And What You Can Do About It

Paperback(Second Edition)

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The hormone cortisol, activated by the fight-or-flight (stress) response, is emerging as a major culprit in a variety of health problems. The Cortisol Connection explores the documented relationship between elevated levels of this hormone, chronic stress, and such health conditions as obesity, depression, suppressed immune system, osteoporosis, and hypertension. This new edition describes the results of the latest research about the connection between cortisol and HSD, and cortisol and testosterone.

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ISBN-13: 9780897934923
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 06/14/2007
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 265
Sales rank: 431,851
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The Cortisol Connection: Why Stress Makes You Fat and Ruins Your Health -- and What You Can Do About It 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the most helpful books I have ever read. The author has the ability to explain cortisol and the risks of a chronically elevated cortisol level in layman¿s terms. Anyone who is struggling with stress, fatigue, or a problematic appetite must read this book. If you follow the book¿s advice, you will experience an amazing improvement in your quality of life. The book is an informative resource on dozens of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. I also liked the helpful daily food plans in the appendix. But, I think the most important aspects of the book is the author¿s overall message: (1) chronically elevated cortisol levels result in numerous health and ¿enjoyment of life¿ problems, and could ultimately set the stage for disease; (2) chronically elevated cortisol levels and associated problems are completely avoidable with awareness and behavioral changes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is an essential tool in helping people understand how stress can adversely effect their health. The author gives you a simple understanding of the negative effects of stress and cortisol. Most importantly he then gives you a practical and simple way to combat those negative effects. The thing I like most about the book is its ability to explain the very complex cortisol problems stress creates with simple terms and examples. I personally didn't think stress was a big factor in my life. However, I found myself saying, "that's why that happens!" or, "Wow, I better change that bad habit!" over and over again while reading the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The authors have done a wonderful job of telling a very complex tale in an easy to read format. Not only does the book explain the physiological problems associated with stress, it gives simple and effective methods to combat stressful lifestyles. A must read for anyone interested in health and fitness.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was great. The suggestions are practical enough that anyone can put them to use, yet powerful enough that they work. Talbott uses metaphors which help accentuate the importance of Cortisol control in an easy to understand and sometimes humorous way. I've been practicing Talbott's suggestions for two months and can definitely notice a difference. In today's high stress society this book will help just about anybody from the corporate businessman to the elite athlete.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am the author of The Cortisol Connection - so you could say that I have a somewhat "biased" view of the book (I like it)...but I also feel that the book can do a great deal to help you understand WHY cortisol-control is a "good thing" for your long-term health, but also HOW to approach cortisol-control using diet and lifestyle. If you suffer from chronic stress such as bills, work, family demands, deadlines, sleep deprivation (less than 8 hours/night), or are dieting, you are likely experiencing unhealthy cortisol levels. Cortisol is the key hormone in the ¿Fight-or-Flight¿ stress response and it regulates certain metabolic functions. Your body needs cortisol to survive, but too much cortisol for too long can lead to a variety of health problems. Recent research has shown a close connection between chronic stress, elevated cortisol levels and serious health problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression and osteoporosis. The Cortisol Connection gives details on supplements that have been proven to control cortisol levels and their metabolic effects. It also explains how other popular supplements (such as ephedra) actually increase cortisol levels and have a negative effect on long-term weight control. Through the "SENSE" Program (Stress management; Exercise, Nutrition; Supplements; Evaluation) you will learn how to create practical programs for reducing stress, lowering cortisol, avoiding weight gain and improving your long-term health.
seph on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Anxiety and depression run in my family. I also have the added bonus of coping with allergies and asthma, so I'm always on the lookout for books that might help me with any of these issues, which is why I picked up The Cortisol Connection.This book far surpassed my expectations. I was able to apply some of the nutritional advice before I'd even finished reading the book and immediately felt an improvement in my outlook and mood. This was over the holiday season too, which is normally a very tough time for me.If you know you are already stressed, you may want to skip the first six chapters and dive right into the advice that starts in chapter seven. Reading those first six chapters that explain what bad cortisol levels can do to you caused me quite a bit of worry, and it took a while to get through all that information. It was good information to have, I just wish I would've read the "what you can do about it" part first.This book gives the most concise and easy to remember nutritional advice I've ever read. The supplementation information corroborated with things I've read when researching inflammation. In changing my diet and adding some supplementation according to Talbott's recommendations I've been able to reduce my anxiety levels significantly, cut back on how often I need my rescue inhaler and clear up most of my congestion.My only complaint is the lack of notation. Talbott sites many scientific studies, but never includes notation with those passages to tie them to the appropriate study listed in the appendix. The few times I had the patience to flip to the appendix and try to pin-point the study he was referring to seemed to indicate he'd included all the necessary references, but more specific notation would've given me a little more initial confidence in the information.From the perspective of a lay person with no medical schooling, but who's spent years reading and researching in an attempt to improve my own health, I find this book invaluable. Several family members have asked to borrow it, but I'll be buying copies for them so I don't have to part with mine.
mckait on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Cortisol. Who knew! Too little, or none.. and you have Addison's Disease and cannot handle stress without medication. Too much? Weight gain, IBS, joint pain, hair loss, and more. This book not only outlines the problems caused by stress, which causes too much cortisol to be created by the body, but how to cope with it. Not only will you be informed about what and how much damage can be done to the body by too much stress/cortisol, but there are recommendations on how to change it.Nutrition, supplements to take or not to take? And of course a healthy diet and exercise are the among the answers.This is not a gloom and doom book by any means. This is a book that explains a problem, and gives simple and often enjoyable approaches to controlling stress and the overproduction of this hormone. Read a trashy novel, soak in a hot tub, give yourself days off each week..hey, I can do that!Often books that you think you should read to learn something you feel that you should know about are dry and dull and agonizing to get through. This one has bits of humor ( humans are not zebras!) and it presents information in such a clear and simple way that I was able to zip right through the pages, and make my way through it in 2 sittings. Even though I have read it cover to cover, you can be sure that this is one that will spend a long time on my nightstand. I want it to be available for quick reference and reminders of what I should be doing and looking for. Not just a good and informative read, but by all means, a keeper!