Corvette Nightfire

Corvette Nightfire

by Robert Selfe, Daniel Wetta


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Can Just One Dance Change Destiny? As Corvette Nightfire approaches the casino in Las Vegas, the doors burst open to the sound of gunfire. A beautiful woman rushes to him and thrusts a heavy bag into his arms. Instructing him in Spanish, which he doesn't understand, she runs past him to a waiting car. A professional poker player in town to play in the Final Nine in the World Series of Poker, Corvette soon discovers that he is inexorably connected to Valentina, this exotic woman who has just put his life into a tailspin. He disappears into an international vortex of intrigues, a complex world or ordinary heroes and heinous cartel thugs, in a desperate race to find and save her.
They cannot speak each other's languages, but on the romantic evening on which they meet, They can't speak each other's languages, but on the romantic evening on which they meet, Valentina shows Corvette her life through dance imagery. He sees her as an animal spirit, an amber-eyed black jaguar that comes to symbolize the woman he inexplicably loves. His heart reveals that the millions of dollars in prize money in the tournament mean nothing compared to Valentina's life. When she disappears, Corvette becomes both the hunter and the hunted as he desperately tries to find her while she is still alive. His journey takes him to an unexpected destiny, one that reconciles generations of family sins.
Corvette Nightfire, the second book in the mystery suspense series, The Z Redemption Trilogy, takes up where The Z Redemption leaves off and straps the reader into another bumpy, exhilarating ride! Some of the main characters of the first novel (David James, Ana Valdez, Enrique Santos, and President Donald Austin Blair, for example) continue in the second and work with new characters from the DEA and the drug cartels. Among novels set in Las Vegas and Mexico, Corvette Nightfire is certain to be a crime fiction best seller as well as to rank among the top fiction books for Kindle!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692028926
Publisher: Daniel Wetta Publishing
Publication date: 04/13/2014
Series: Z Redemption Trilogy , #1
Pages: 436
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

About the Author

While living in Mexico in 2009 and 2010, my young friend, Israel, was kidnapped, tortured, shot, and left in a vacant field in his home city of Monterrey by a drug cartel. The crime was inexplicable. Israel was a bright and handsome college student. The mistake that cost him his life was to meet the wrong person at a party: She was the estranged wife of a drug cartel leader in Monterrey, but she didn't tell Israel. Their flirtation put an end to his life and the dreams for him of all who loved him. Aware of the violence in Mexico, I tried to stay alert. After I came to make friends and saw that they courageously lived their lives in a world abundant with daily horrors and impunity, I realized how safely we lead lives in the United States. I learned that we know so little about how we contribute to problems in the country to the south of us.

Israel's murder began to haunt me a little more each day. I couldn't forget him. I spent two years researching and understanding the violence of organized crime, especially that of the drug cartels throughout Latin America and the United States. I found out that on the demand side, the people in the United States purchase the majority of drugs coming from the Mexican cartels. On the supply side, our country is the biggest supplier of illegal weapons used by these cartels. These weapons have been responsible for at least 100,000 deaths in Mexico in the past seven years. Even the casual marijuana enjoyed in social gatherings in our country arrives to us with a lot of blood on its leaves. We don't think about that at all.

The result of my time in Mexico is The Z Redemption and its sequel, Corvette Nightfire. I like to think that writing these novels has helped with my personal redemption.

As for my bio, I am a retired CPA who spent most of my career in the health care field. For twenty years I was the CFO and CEO of a Virginia hospital and nursing home in a large healthcare company. I wrote short stories as a young man, and at the College of William and Mary I really learned to write. I received my undergraduate degree in History there. Later in graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University I got a post-baccalaureate certificate in accounting and then my Masters in Business Administration from the University of Dallas. I am a life-long lover of Corvettes, Las Vegas, and living on the edge. I am in love with my family, passionate about United States and Mexican history, the Spanish language, and using social media.

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Corvette Nightfire 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well it took me a while to read as it was much bigger and longer than I had originally thought (that was my bad for not completely reading the description) however I am now to the point I am able to review this awesome book by Author Daniel Wetta. 'Corvette Nightfire' was not like I had thought it would be like, especially from such a new author. When a beautiful woman thrusts a heavy bag into the arms of Corvette Nightfire - the key star in this story - commanding him in Spanish (which he doesn't understand) and then flee's the book focuses on how Corvette's destiny has changed as he becomes the hunted and he tracks down the mysterious girl. In my reviews I attempt not to describe too much of what happens in the book as I don't wish to take anything away from the reader, or the author's hard work by spoiling the book and the happenings of the book. This book had me hooked on it from the opening page to the last... as a reader we embarked on a journey alongside Corvette Nightfire as with each twist to the saga left you wondering if this was going to be the end of our 'hero'. While this is the second book of the authors stories I did not feel as though I had come into it halfway through and it was very easy to know and understand where our main character had been before hand. Overall I'd recommend this book to anyone and everyone who wants a good solid read that leaves you on the edge of your seat.
EDL85 More than 1 year ago
“Corvette Nightfire” is an action-packed thriller that weaves together a wide cast of characters to create an exciting and suspenseful read. Corvette Nightfire, the protagonist, is a poker player of considerable skill, and he is in Las Vegas for a tournament—his other passion is dancing, and when he spends a night dancing with the beautiful Valentina he can’t get her out of his mind. His fate turns out to be more intertwined with hers than he ever could have imagined—after a shoot-out in a casino, she flees and presses a duffle bag of money into his hands. Corvette then finds himself dragged into a cat-and-mouse game with the Mexican cartel, which is led by the dangerous and clever Raul. Raul also covets Valentina, who turns out to be an undercover DEA agent—and Corvette is about to discover just how closely his past is connected to the Mexican mafia, and how he might be expected to pay for the sins of his father. “Corvette Nightfire” is the second novel in the Z Redemption trilogy, but I did not feel lost or like I came into the middle; it can easily stand on its own. The book sets up suspense right from the start—as Rogelio, Corvette’s father, runs from a dangerous pursuer, you know Corvette will eventually face danger as well. My favorite character was Valentina—I liked that she was a strong, intelligent woman who was completely devoted to her job, rather than just someone who needed to be rescued or who served as a pawn to be used. All of the primary characters are well-developed, though, and the relationships between them are convincing and detailed—the tension and grudging partnership between Corvette and Enrique was also enjoyable. I also liked the presence of the Zs in the novel—the idea of an underground group fighting for good against the cartel is an exciting premise and, as a fan of Zorro-style justice, it kept me turning the pages. Raul is a merciless villain made even more threatening by his intelligence—even when he begins to catch on that Valentina may not be exactly as she appears, he keeps her around to see what happens. It’s refreshing to have antagonists who are wily and clever, in addition to being chillingly ruthless. I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy action-packed suspense novels, especially those dealing with underworld crime and the forces of good that oppose it.