Cosmic Agents 2: The Continued Adventures & Top Secret Missions of Max Pointer & Other Cosmic Agents

Cosmic Agents 2: The Continued Adventures & Top Secret Missions of Max Pointer & Other Cosmic Agents

by Darell D Thorpe


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(Text only, look also for the illustrated edition, 1st edition, 2014). In this 2nd volume of the series Cosmic Agents: Universal Mission Command = UMC, on a massive planet, hidden somewhere in the universe, is targeted by Global Killers, in possession of global killer weapons! Will all the Recruits from around the universe that are sent to train there, its resources, Teachers & Mission Commanders, finally end suddenly & forever? Or can Max Pointer, & his team of Cosmic Agents, counter the plot of the Dark Lords, fallen angels & evil creatures, running wild out in an endless universe? Book 2: Max Pointer, born on earth in 2222, begins his adventures in a physical body. While book 1 was about how he found out who he was, as a mighty spirit-warrior, before his birth. Now born into a physical body, he has a fresh start at a new life, not remembering, as a child, his pre-mortal existence. Thus, book 2 tells how he is sent to UMC to train & become a Cosmic Agent, even at an early age. Sent back in time to earth, during the 2030s, when SPIRIT CAMERAS, that can film spirits, were invented. Max's adventures continue, as he teams up with others to try to solve the mystery behind who really seeks to stop the new invention, Spirit Cameras, from being invented. If invented, Spirit Cameras, like TV, radio, phones, computers & other inventions, will revolutionize the whole world, as Spirit Court systems, and Spirit Detectives start up and solve many cold cases, centuries old. The team of Cosmic Agents also seeks to find out who really set off the global killer weapons, held in the secret security vaults at UMC. Stories within stories play out, as different team members tell their own stories. If you like to study historical events, & check out historical sources, blended in with fictional stories, this volume, like the first, can be a fun way to learn new things. It could become for the readers, an interesting historical journey, as also a fictional journey through sections of earth's history, time, space & the universe. As the characters interact with each other, they have historical, religious, polemical & political discussions that contain sources about the topics discussed in the footnotes & end notes. This can be for many, a fun way to learn some aspects of history, as well as learn about different topics that might be of interest to the readers. Thus, an extensive bibliography is also included to point out the sources researched into, as part of this novel. Published by MMM = 3rd Millennium Music/Movie Makers & R.H.& P.S. = Religious, Historical & Polemical Studies, and authored by Darell Thorpe. This first text edition was released on 9-17-2014. Look for the illustrated edition too. Enjoy the journey through time, space, history and universe.

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ISBN-13: 9781502439833
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/17/2014
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.00(d)

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