Cosmic Messengers: The Universal Secrets to Unlocking Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Life Guide

Cosmic Messengers: The Universal Secrets to Unlocking Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Life Guide

by Elizabeth Peru


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Are you someone who longs to know more about your life path and your reason for being on Earth? What if you were to become aware of your soul’s origins – where your home is, who you are and why you’re here? Spiritual teacher and cosmic guide Elizabeth Peru has written this book for enquiring souls: those who hunger for answers about their true nature and their role in this world as cosmic citizens.You will discover:• thirteen universal secrets that will help you reconnect with your soul, understand your callings and manifest your desires• how planetary retrogrades and lunar and solar eclipses can affect your energy• cosmic reasons for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues• common physical symptoms of energy shifts and acceleration of your life purposeCosmic Messengers is for those who feel their life has a bigger plan. It is a roadmap home that will help you understand your place in the universe and propel you to start living a life in alignment with your soul’s deepest yearnings.

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ISBN-13: 9781788170642
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 04/17/2018
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 438,663
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Peru is an Australian spiritual teacher, known widely for ‘The Tip-Off’, her online, 7-day-in-advance energy forecast for the globe. Her forecasts are read by people in more than 80 countries worldwide and are known for their uncanny accuracy and life guidance.

Table of Contents

List of Practices xiii

Introduction: You are Needed xv

Part I Your Being and Life Purpose

Chapter 1 Energy and You 3

What is energy? 3

Connecting with energy 4

Dimensions 7

Universal Secret 1: 'Reality is self-created.' 8

The invisible, or spiritual dimension 9

The visible, or physical, dimension 12

Closing your eyes and going within 14

Chapter 2 The Soul and the Personality 19

The soul and the heart 19

A spiritual and human being 24

The personality and the head 26

The personality wants and the soul needs 28

Universal Secret 2: 'The heart and the head work as a team.' 29

Heart talk 30

Chapter 3 Your Life Purpose 33

Soul is a recorder 34

Do we all have a life purpose? 34

Universal Secret 3: 'Your natural skills are those you've practised over lifetimes,' 35

Reconnecting with childhood 36

Reaching your breaking point 39

Waking up 40

The Acceleration 42

Chapter 4 Using Your Imagination and Intuition 45

The reality of imagination 45

Becoming a visionary 47

Feeling what you can imagine 49

Universal Secret 4: 'Your tutor within (your intuition) is the voice of soul.' 51

Following your intuition 52

Chapter 5 Accelerating Your Life Purpose 55

Actioning your desires 56

Universal Secret 5: 'You must give yourself permission to start along your path.' 56

Knowing the right path to take 60

Focusing on your life purpose 61

Reference Guide 1: Common Physical Symptoms of Cosmic Energy Shifts and Accelerating Your Life Purpose 67

Buzzing in the palm of the hand 70

Ear downloads 70

Headaches 72

Internal heat 73

Third-eye clearing 74

Sore eyes 75

Sore feet 76

Sore knees 77

Sinus problems 78

Sleeplessness 79

Spiritual flu 80

Stiff neck/shoulders 81

Crying 82

Thymus fluttering 82

Tight muscles, torn muscles and broken bones 84

Part II Becoming a Cosmic Messenger

Chapter 6 Planetary Bodies and You 89

What is a planetary body? 89

Universal Secret 6: 'Each of us is a planetary body.' 90

How does cosmic energy influence us? 91

Forming a relationship with the planets and stars 93

Chapter 7 Cosmic Awareness 97

You are a cosmic citizen 98

Universal Secret 7: 'Think and act cosmically.' 100

We are all messengers 101

Your spirit guide 103

The Angelic Realm 108

Your Angelic guide 110

Past and future lives 112

Expanding your cosmic awareness 115

Chapter 8 Momentum and Resistance 123

Momentum and moving ahead 123

Resistance is good for you 124

Universal Secret 8: 'Resistance is the other half of momentum.' 124

Complacency keeps you stuck 129

Being grateful 130

Working through self-doubt 131

Responsibility and Freedom 132

Chapter 9 Noticing the Signs 135

You are a natural manifestor 135

The process of manifestation 136

Universal Secret 9: 'The universe responds to your call once you start taking action towards what you desire.' 138

Reading energy, and your energy field 139

Working with synchronicity and signs 142

Double and triple digit and master number sequences 144

Chapter 10 The Power of Secrecy 147

Your desires are precious 147

Manifesting what you desire 148

Universal Secret 10: 'Secrecy builds incredible power.' 148

Keeping the energy tight 150

Chapter 11 Cultivating your Uniqueness 153

You are an original 153

Universal Secret 11: 'You're the one you're looking for.' 154

Pulling from your life experiences 155

Forging your own path 158

The power of being on your own 160

Chapter 12 Living Your Next Level 163

Forming a higher vision 163

Making firm decisions 166

Consistency is key 167

Universal Secret 12: 'Be consistently aware.' 168

Staying flexible 169

Realizing your dreams 171

Chapter 13 You are a Cosmic Messenger 173

World service 173

Universal Secret 13: 'Soul naturally loves to give of itself and be in service.' 174

Your role as a Cosmic Messenger 176

Loving your life purpose 178

Reference Guide 2: The Cosmic Reasons for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Issues 183

The Sun and its cycles 184

Symptoms associated with solar activity 187

Solar and lunar eclipses 189

Symptoms associated with the solar eclipse 192

Symptoms associated with the lunar eclipse 194

The Moon and its cycles 196

Equinox 201

Solstice 202

Planetary retrogrades 203

Meteor showers 210

Conclusion: And so you begin 213

About the Author 219

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