Cosmic Secrets Decoded Part 1: Proving the Titius Bode law Wrking

Cosmic Secrets Decoded Part 1: Proving the Titius Bode law Wrking

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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Einstein's Critical Density lacks the accepted matching facts we need in proving the critical mass factor. But our inability in securing such required evidence defies the most basic logic. It seems all new evidence we receive from outer space is disputing all Newton laws findings that disprove Einstein's Critical Density as the answer. The universe will not reach a point of contracting, not withstanding whatever dark matter astronomers try to locate in the vast space. A grate rush is on finding the black matter to force the cosmos too retract back to where it came from. But what if our view of the cosmos was as incorrect as our views at present is about the sun? I prove that contraction is at present as much part of the cosmos as is the expanding we focus our attention on and it is our culture we carry from generation to the next generation that leaves the human view obscured in admitting the truth.
Why would the expansion turnaround and do a reverse by going back to where it came from. Consider the momentum alternation such a change will bring about.
The sun is not a gas-filled sphere holding hydrogen in its "natural gas" form, but it is all fluid and is in a liquid form where singularity is liquid- freezing hydrogen at 65000 C while outer space is boiling over at - 2760 C. This book explains the Roche limit in the practical sense... when applying cosmic laws instead of improvising cosmic laws uncovers that reality then becomes awesome. It becomes clear the universe is as much expanding as it is contracting and contracting by expanding. As there is no hot or cold, no big or small, no grand opposing but relevancies in ratio to one another.
If you do not believe me, then believe your eyes when looking at the picture. What ever the sun is it is fluid falling into fluid.
It may sound incorrect and unscientific MADNESS but with my applying of Kepler's formula in alignment with the position I located and valuated singularity it clarifies the possibility of the above statement... but please do not take my word for it, use your eyes and make sure you look past the culture bias of past incorrectness.
See the fluid push out of a bowl of liquid, spilling both sides as it falls into liquid. The inside of the sun is not gas but it is fluid.
In all of nature in all elements found through out science there is no NATURAL GAS as much as there is no NATURAL SOLID.
Hydrogen is as much a liquid as iron is a gas and neon is a solid. It depends on the element relating to the space/heat in the circumstances surrounding the substance at that very precise instant in time.
We have to stop telling the cosmos to show us what we wish to find and start accepting what the cosmos is telling us is out there that we should look for and find.
Read this book and find out that the Universe is already contracting as much as it is expanding and it is contracting by expanding because it is through the contracting that it is expanding; the answer comes about from Kepler's tables that shows space is equal to time or a3=T2k

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