Cosmology and Elementary Particle Physics: Coral Gables Conference on Cosmology and Elementary Particle Physics, Fort Lauderdale Florida 12-16 December 2001

Cosmology and Elementary Particle Physics: Coral Gables Conference on Cosmology and Elementary Particle Physics, Fort Lauderdale Florida 12-16 December 2001


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ISBN-13: 9780735400733
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 07/25/2002
Series: AIP Conference Proceedings / High Energy Physics Series , #624
Edition description: 2002
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 9.21(w) x 6.14(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents

About the Global Foundation, Inc.xiii
After Dinner Speaker Lady Blanka Rosenstielxvii
I.Progress in Gravitational Theory
New Facts on the Nature of Gravitational Force and Nonlinear Oscillations of Space3
A Conjecture on the Existence of Attractive and Repulsive Gravitational Forces in the Generalized Theory of Gravitation15
Localization Issues for Robertson-Walker Branes19
Metric-Field Approach to Gravitation and the Problem of the Universe Acceleration32
The Cosmological Constant Problem, the Spontaneously Broken Symmetry, and the Generalized Rest Energy42
Einstein's Elevator51
II.Cosmological Theories and Their Experimental Implications
Dark Energy from Strings59
The Big Flow69
Theoretical Rates for Direct Detection of SUSY Dark Matter76
High-Redshift Radio Galaxies as a Cosmological Tool: Exploration of a Key Assumption and Comparison with Supernova Results87
Gravitational Microlensing and Blazar Variability: The Case of AO 0235+16495
Cosmic Rays with 50 Joules of Energy: What, How, and from Where?103
How X-ray Experiments See Black Holes: Past, Present, and Future112
Evidence for the Black Hole Event Horizon122
Microscopic Black Holes as a Source of Ultrahigh Energy [gamma]-rays132
After Acoustic Peaks: What's Next in CMB?141
Is Cosmic Acceleration Really Recent?151
III.Elementary Particle Processes
Lorentz-Violating Scattering Amplitudes163
Extra Compact Dimensions and Fermion Mass Hierarchy171
Searching for Exceptional Physics181
Acceleration and Use for Physics of Polarized Proton Beams at RHIC191
Spin Effects in High Energy Scattering in a Simple Constituent Model201
Precision Measurement of the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment210
Fermion Generations Birth Effect in the Two Measures Theory220
Theoretical Status of Muon (g-2)230
Simulation of Models with Adjoint Bosons in 1+1 Dimensions239
Progress in M-Theory245
Areal Theory255
IV.Neutrinos and CP Violation
High Energy Tau Neutrinos271
Neutrino Reactions in Nuclei and a Connection to the Neutron Number280
K-M Matrix Elements and Decays of the B Meson to J/PSI287
CP Violation in Hyperon and Charged Kaon Decays298
Results from SNO306
A Detector for Neutrino Oscillations and Other Neutrino Interactions316
V.Student Papers
Rare K Decays in a Model of Quark and Lepton Masses329
The Reaction [mu superscript -]+p[right arrow Lambda]+[nu superscript [mu] and the Contributions of the Pseudoscalar Form Factor336
Quantum Discontinuity for Massive Gravity with a Cosmological Term344
Possible Conformal N=0 d=4 Gauge Theories from AdS/CFT Superstring Duality?348
Author Index363

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