Costs and Effects of Managing Chronic Psychotic Patients

Costs and Effects of Managing Chronic Psychotic Patients


This volume deals with theoretical, methodical and empirical aspects of the management of chronic psychotic patients. The possibilities for assessing this specific task of mental health care in terms of cost and effectiveness are examined. For this purpose the authors refer to social and economic implications of de-institutionalization, procedures for estimating the costs of treatment, public and private costs of selected treatment strategies and time-budget analyses of chronic psychotic patients. The contributions are interdisciplinary as well as international and will be of value to public health organisations, politicians and researchers alike.

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ISBN-13: 9783642833670
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Publication date: 12/28/2011
Pages: 272
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Background Reports.- Studies on the Cost-Effectiveness of Managing Chronic Psychotic Patients. Report on a WHO Planning Meeting at Mannheim, 2–4 May, 1983.- Summary Report of the WHO Meeting ‘Cost-Effectiveness of Managing Chronic Psychotic Patients’, Munich, 16–18 December, 1985.- National Approaches.- Management of the Cost-Effectiveness of Managing Chronic Psychotic Persons in Ireland.- Social and Economic Policies in the Mental Health Sector in Greece.- Financing of Care for the Chronically Mentally Ill in the USA: A Patchwork of Policies.- Managing Chronic Psychotic Patients: A Clinical and a Political Point of View.- Regional Approaches.- Economic Analysis of Different Patterns of Psychiatric Treatment and Management of Chronic Psychotic Patients in the Basque Country.- Cost-Effectiveness of Health-Care Delivery to Chronic Psychotic Patients in Southern Alberta, Canada.- Schizophrenia: Results of a Cohort Study with Respect to Cost-Accounting Problems of Patterns of Mental Health Care in Relation to Course of Illness.- Cost-Effectiveness of Managing Chronic Psychotic Patients: Italian Experience Under the New Psychiatric Law.- Institutional Approaches.- The Application of Modified Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Evaluation of a Hostel Ward for Chronic Psychotic Patients.- The Cost of Long-Term Psychoses in a Scottish Psychiatric Hospital.- Management of Schizophrenia: Cost-Benefits, Time-Budget, Better Treatment? Which Time Frame Are We in?.- Methodological Approaches.- Methodological Problems of Comparing the Cost-Effectiveness of Different Mental Health Institutions.- Time-Budget Analysis for Chronic Patients. Towards a Cost-Effectiveness — Oriented Indicator System for Comparing Inpatient and Outpatient Psychiatric Care.

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