Costumes of the Greeks and Romans

Costumes of the Greeks and Romans

by Thomas Hope


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From headdresses to sandals, from warrior's armor to priestess's robes, the authentic costumes of people from all walks of life in the Roman and Greek civilizations are here pictured comprehensively and clearly. Three hundred finely drawn, detailed engravings (containing over 700 illustrations) show just what was worn by the poets, philosophers, priests and priestesses, peasants, Bacchanalians, emperors, generals, Amazons, and virgins of a bygone age.
Carefully copied from ancient vases and statuary by Thomas Hope (1770–1831), a British collector and designer, these engravings combine an unusual clarity of style with unquestioned authenticity. Their range, too, is unusually great, for besides the many plates on the costumes of the Greeks and Romans, there are representative illustrations of the typical dress of such other civilizations as the Phrygian, Egyptian, Parthian, Etruscan, and Persian.
In addition, scores of engravings are devoted to such now-forgotten objects as ancient musical instruments (the lyre, double flute, pipes of Pan, etc.), Bacchanalian implements, articles of furniture, women's trinkets and jewelry, sarcophagi, altars, and other adjuncts to ancient life.
Such comprehensiveness makes this book indispensable to costume designers, stage fitters, and producers of classic plays, students of fashion design, and others interested in ancient costumes. The material included here is covered in no ordinary history, and only here can the interested reader discover just how the draping of the Greek robe was achieved, or what was worn at festivals and funerals by the various classes.
Art directors, advertising managers, and others on the lookout for unusual and eye-catching illustrations will also treasure this collection. All of the engravings are royalty free and may be used in any way, whether as striking contrasts to modern styles in dress, jewelry, or furniture; for historical perspective; for mood pieces; or simply as unusual attention-getters.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780486200217
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 06/01/1962
Series: Dover Fashion and Costumes Series
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

List of Plates
1 Egyptian dresses
2 Egyptian priest and priestesses
3 Egyptian priest and priestesses
4 Egyptian headdresses
5 Egyptian priests and harp
6 Egyptian capitals and bases of columns
7 Egyptian capitals
8 Egyptian temple
9 Egyptian priest
10 Egyptian female
11 Isis with her sistrum
12 Fronts of sepulchral monuments near Persepolis
13 Parthian with his bow and javelin
14 Persians
15 Armenian and Parthian monarchs
16 "Heads of Parthian, Persian, and Armenian kings"
17 "Dacian and Phrygian helmets, standard, shoes"
18 Phrygian helmet and vases
19 Amazon-Dacian king-and Paris
20 "Phrygian shields, quivers, and bipennes"
21 "Heads of Amazon, Paris, Trojan, Phrygian, and Roma"
22 Theseus-Hippolyta-and Deinomache
23 Phrygian attired for religious rites
24 Sarmatian-Vesta-Paris
25 Syrian lady
26 Dacian warrior on horseback
27 Amazon carrying her battle-axe
28 Amazon carrying her javelin
29 Phrygian lady
30 Phrygian armour
31 Atys
32 Phrygian
33 Asiatic monarch
34 Dacian King
35 Dacian King
36 Amazon
37 Etruscan attire
38 Etruscan warriors
39 Etruscan warriors and archer
40 Etruscan attire
41 Etruscan warriors
42 Etruscan male and female attire
43 Etruscan helmets and headdresses
44 Etruscan attire and warriors
45 Etruscan elder and youth
46 Etruscan warriors
47 "Minerva-Juno-and Jupiter, in the old Greek style"
48 "Mars-Diana-and Venus, in the old Greek style"
49 Mercury-Hebe-and allegorical figure
50 Minerva-Indian Bacchus-and Juno
51 "Grecian ladies, in the old style, and tympanum"
52 Procession of priestess and her attendants
53 Grecian females
54 Grecian priestesses performing libations
55 "Bacchus-Priestess-and priest, in the old Greek attire"
56 Various bust of the Indian Bacchus
57 Priest of Bacchus
58 "Nymph, in the old style of attire"
59 Grecian female
60 Grecian female
61 Diana
62 Grecian female
63 Grecian female
64 Grecian female
65 Grecian lady
66 Greek warrior
67 Greek warrior
68 Greek warrior
69 Greek herald
70 Greek warrior
71 Greek warrior
72 Priestess
73 Greek warrior
74 Minerva
75 Various helmets
76 Theban shield and bow-cases
77 Grecian female
78 Grecian victor in the chariot race
79 Greek car or chariot
80 Grecian warrior in his travelling dress
81 Squire or attendant on a Greek warrior
82 Female with lyre and plectrum
83 Erato
84 Greek warrior
85 Greek warrior
86 Grecian helmets
87 Musical instruments of the Greeks
88 Female flute player
89 Bacchanalian implements
90 Bacchanalian reclined on a couch
91 Bacchante with the rod of sesamum
92 Bacchante carrying the thyrsus
93 Bacchante sounding the crotals
94 Priestess of Ceres
95 Bacchante carrying the sacred fillet
96 Bacchante carrying torches
97 Female dancer
98 Grecian headdresses
99 Grecian youth crowned at the games
100 Muse
101 Priestess of Ceres
102 Greek warrior
103 Greek warrior
104 Eneas
105 Ceres
106 Greek female
107 Greek philosopher
108 Ceres with the mitra and Grecian headdresses
109 Clio
110 Greek philosopher
111 Victorious warrior descended from his car
112 Apollo-Minerva-Jupiter
113 Lyres
114 Amazon-Minerva Pacifera-Venus Pacifera-Spartan virgin
115 Jupiter
116 Grecian females
117 Greek poet
118 Grecian female with a casket
119 Grecian female going to perform funeral rites
120 Electra in mourning for Orestes
121 Grecian female
122 Diana
123 Jupiter
124 Diana
125 Grecian lady
126 Theban shield and quivers
127 Bacchanalian group
128 Greek youth-Philosopher-and damsel
129 Greek females
130 Various Grecian helmets
131 Grecian headdresses
132 Females dancing
133 Females dancing
134 Grecian ladies
135 Greek shield and other armour
136 Greek combatants separated by a herald
137 "Lady seated with her umbrella, etc."
138 Female utensils and trinkets
139 Warrior-Diana-Minerva
140 "Grecian headdresses of the species worn by Ulysses, and Grecian helmets"
141 Minerva in the diplax
142 Danaïd
143 Grecian female
144 Euterpe
145 Greek female
146 Cybele
147 Ceres
148 Diana
149 Diomedes
150 Ceres
151 Neptune
152 Grecian and Syrian helmets
153 Ceres
154 Jupiter
155 Erato
156 Grecian trumpeter
157 Aesculapius
158 Minerva
159 "Helmets of Minerva, of Roma, and of Grecian hero"
160 "Telesphorus, Hygeia"
161 Grecian female
162 Grecian headdresses
163 From a painting at Herculaneum
164 Juno Lanuvina
165 Different Ptolemies and their Queens
166 Grecian headdresses
167 Bacchus
168 Grecian scrolls
169 Greek fictile vases
170 Greek females
171 Bacchanalian personages
172 Muse-Greek terra-cotta jug-Ceres
173 Bacchanalian personages
174 Grecian headdresses
175 Bacchanalian-Mercury-Bacchante
176 Greek shields and other armour
177 Grecian helmets
178 Grecian female
179 Grecian female
180 Bacchante dancing
181 Juno wearing the diplax
182 Greek poet
183 Diana
184 Grecian female
185 Grecian female
186 Grecian female
187 Jupiter Ammon-Neptune-Cybele-Minerva-Apollo-and Mercury
188 Grecian female
189 Grecian female
190 Grecian female
191 Jupiter-Juno-Apollo-Minerva-Hercules-and Bacchus
192 Musical instruments
193 Grecian female
194 Grecian female
195 Females dancing and playing on the lyre
196 Jupiter
197 Juno
198 Diana-Ceres-Venus
199 Scenic masks
200 Musical instruments
201 Grecian females
202 "Grecian lamps, candelabra, and other utensils"
203 "Torches, tripods, cista, pyxis, etc."
204 Grecian peasants
205 Grecian biga and candelabra
206 Grecian females
207 Muses-Diana
208 Marble chair of Potamon
209 Dancing girls
210 Venus-Muse-Diana
211 Apollo Musagetes-Diana Succincta-Ceres
212 Minerva
213 Comedian
214 Grecian female
215 Canephora
216 Grecian female
217 Grecian lady
218 "Tripod, candelabrum, chair, etc."
219 Grecian female
220 Diana Succincta
221 Greek vases
222 Itinerant sanctuary
223 Grecian heads
224 Reception of Bacchus
225 Gorgons
226 "Vases, pateras, lamp"
227 "Chair of state, etc."
228 Greek lady
229 Apollo Musagetes
230 Vase with bacchanalian
231 Architectural orders
232 Faustina
233 Roman cisterns
234 Flora
235 Fortune
236 Car of bronze
237 Romans in his toga
238 Roman youth with the bulla
239 Roman orator
240 Roman matron
241 Roman ladies
242 Marcus Aurelius
243 Roman empress
244 Faustina
245 Roman empress in the character of Ceres
246 Roman headdresses
247 Roman emperor assisting at a sacrifice
248 Camillus
249 Roman emperor in his military tunic
250 Roman standard bearer
251 Roman general
252 Roman cuirass
253 Roman soldier
254 Roman emperor
255 Roman general
256 Roman general
257 The goddess Roma
258 Nemesis
259 Roman empress with the attributes of plenty
260 Roman empress
261 Roman empress
262 Victorious auriga
263 Biga
264 Roman charioteer driving in the circus
265 Bull adorned for sacrifice
266 Pontifical insignia and instruments of sacrifice
267 Sacrificial instruments
268 "Candelabrum, altar, and tripod"
269 Lectisternium
270 Fasces and curule chair
271 Triumphal car
272 Milestone-Cage of sacred pullets-Naval column
273 Altar and sarcophagi
274 Altars and sarcophagus
275 Chair and tripod
276 Roman study
277 Lavacrum or bath
278 Roman sarcophagus and altars
279 Inferia and Etruscan altars
280 Poops and prows of Roman galleys
281 "Poop, prow, anchor, and rudder, of Roman gallery"
282 Sacrificator-Priest-Camillus
283 Tribunes
284 Senators and knight
285 Roman dresses
286 Roman empresses
287 Flamen-Emperor crowned with laurel-Emperor in the character of Frater arvalis-Empress Helena-Emperor Constans
288 Gloves worn by pancratiasts and military buskins
289 Different buskins and sandals
290 Roman buskins and sandals
291 Roman cuirasses and jacket worn by the night watches of the Capitol
292 "Dacian, Imperial, and Roman cuirasses"
293 Roman soldiers
294 Roman soldiers
295 Roman officer
296 Roman armour and standards
297 "Roman standards, shields, and battering ram"
298 Sarcophagi
299 Roman columbaria
300 Roman columbaria

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