Cotorreo Grupero

Cotorreo Grupero


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Cotorreo Grupero

Cotorreo Grupero features a cast of Latin dance acts performing some of their better-known songs. Much like stateside club music, slamming beats drive these songs -- it's very overt dance music, very accessible and easy to dance to. The vocals, however, set it aside from your traditional stateside club/dance music. They're in Spanish and will be foreign to anyone who's not familiar with the language. Overall, lots of energy here, definitely enough to keep a party jumping. Good for those late-night, out-of-control pool-side parties in Southern California -- or for parties like that. Nothing the more seasoned dance crowd will appreciate, though. This isn't by-the-books house or techno -- or anything like that -- this is straight-up generic dance beats. Casual dance listeners probably won't mind, though. This gets the job done, and that's all that will probably matter to the casual dance listener.

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Release Date: 09/04/2001
Label: Warner Music Latina
UPC: 0685738954025
catalogNumber: 89540

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