Could You Please Please Stop Singing?

Could You Please Please Stop Singing?

by Sabyasachi Nag


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In Could You Please, Please Stop Singing, Sabyasachi (Sachi) Nag takes a step away from skepticism, blending humour with shock and surprise, seeking a return to childhood in “Mamuda’s Fries,” innocence in “Conversations with the Country Activist” and fractals for the future in the yet to be invented “Seedless Avocado.” In attempting what Tomas Transromer calls “walking through walls,” Nag hurts and sickens himself with awe and rage. The title poem “Could You Please, Please Stop Singing?” purposely evokes the famous Hemingway line from Men Without Women and is central to the overall tonality of this collection, that straddles a path alternately mocking and dead serious, and that occasionally yields to contrary pulls between the banal and the sublime.

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ISBN-13: 9781771611718
Publisher: Mosaic Press NY
Publication date: 12/11/2015
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Sabyasachi (Sachi) Nag’s first collection of poems, Bloodlines, was published in 2006. He lives in Mississauga with his wife and son. Nag immigrated to Canada from Calcutta, where he was born, and many of the poems in this collection are about this city. The city’s voices offer a wide cast of characters, ranging from the cotton fluffer, the graffitist, the house help, the processionist, the busker and the bomb maker. These voices all earnestly seek to explain and answer, discovering what they feared was lost. In that respect, Nag’s poems are about voyaging into emptiness and returning with a piece of cloud mistook for cotton candy.

Table of Contents

Part I

Mamuda's Fries 2

The Terrace Garden 3

Sweat 4

The Recess 5

Grandma Said 6

Lessons from a Break-in 7

The Run 8

Part II

The Castle of Covers 10

Conversations with a Country Activist 12

From this Teacup 14

A City House Help Returns Home 15

Train Traveling East 16

Through Uneven Slats - a Riot 17

Things We Say At Twenty 19

Peristalsis 4Ching and Chung 20

At the Doctor's Clinic 21

Sometimes Dream 23

Cremating Letters 25

Poem for Z 27

Part III

Being the New Bride 30

The Grammar of Violence 31

Fine Art of Chapattis 32

How We Solved a Refugee Problem 33

The Spill 34

Reasoning 35

Tea Rituals 36

The Rebuttal 37

About a Rocking Horse 39

Fillings 40

Anecdote of a Well 41

Rice Pudding 42

Two Photographs 43

Part IV

The New Enemy 46

Even in Venice 47

Interpreting a Flag 48

A Meaningless Poem 49

Browning 50

Counter-intuition 51

Mughals à Volontaires 52

Fever 54

History Lessons in London 56

Lost City from Books That Might Have Existed 58

Manual of the Masseuse 63

Part V

Of Sharks 66

Confession at a Calcutta Bakery 67

Wheels 68

Brother, In Memoriam 69

Rivers from Childhood 70

August 4, Midnight 71

Absent 72

Dying Rules 73

This Third 74

Supper in Time of Flu 75

Brief History of a Hand 76

What Happens After Death - 77

What the Photographer Can't Get 78

The Thread 80

Could You Please Stop Singing? 81

Part VI

The New Immigrant Walks to Work 84

Dogs Know 85

Who Dies from Touching? 86

One Way to Keep the Soul 87

Autism 88

Another Apple Tree 89

The Ants 90

What We don't Have Right Now 91

Beyond Seasons 92

The Nature of Anxiety 94

Philology of Fear 95

Thirteen Tonight 96

Seedless Avocado 97

Talking Terror 98

One Tune Juke 99

Poem for Ms. Banerjee 100

Over a Barbecue on the 11th of July 102

Alien Crossing 103

I Saw the White Moon Melt 104

The Cherry Tree 105

Train to Trenton 106

Wellness, Waterloo 107

Buying Apples 109

Acknowledgments 111

Notes 113

A Note About The Author 119

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