Counseling for Multiculturalism and Social Justice: Integration, Theory, and Application

Counseling for Multiculturalism and Social Justice: Integration, Theory, and Application

by Manivong J. Ratts, Paul B. Pedersen

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In this book, Drs. Ratts and Pedersen combine the very best from the multicultural and social justice traditions into a new paradigm, which will guide counselors toward a deeper understanding of the connections between these two counseling forces. Significantly updated and expanded from the previous edition, this fourth edition focuses on applying multiculturalism and social justice in various clinical settings with diverse client populations.

A completely new applications section contains nine chapters on working with oppressed client groups, including African Americans; Asian and Pacific Islanders; Latin@s; multiracial individuals; Native Americans; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning clients; transgender individuals; women; and socioeconomically disadvantaged clients. Clients experiencing religious and spiritual concerns are discussed as well. Each of the chapters in this section provides an illustrative case study and numerous counseling examples.

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ISBN-13: 9781119026174
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/08/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
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About the Author

Manivong J. Ratts, PhD, NCC, is associate professor in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology at Seattle University.

Paul B. Pedersen, PhD, is professor emeritus in the Department of Counseling and Human Services in the School of Education at Syracuse University.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xv

About the Authors xvii

About the Contributors xix

Section I. An Overview of Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling

Chapter 1 Multiculturalism and Social Justice: A Revolutionary Force in Counseling and Psychology 3

Chapter 2 Five Forces in Counseling and Psychology 17

Chapter 3 The Complexities of Identity 35

Chapter 4 Counselor - Advocate - Scholar Model: Merging Multiculturalism and Social Justice 51

Chapter 5 Worldview and Identity Development 59
Manivong J. Ratts, Paul B. Pedersen, and Alexa Wayman

Section II. Developing Multicultural and Social Justice Competence

Chapter 6 Using Appropriate Terminology 85

Chapter 7 Developing Multicultural Competence 89

Chapter 8 Developing Advocacy Competence 105

Chapter 9 Addressing Resistance and Gaining Buy-In for Multiculturalism and Social Justice 117

Section III. Addressing Individual and Systemic Oppression

Addressing Racism in Counseling and Psychology

Chapter 10 Counseling Clients From Asian and Pacific Island Heritages 127
Catherine Y. Chang, C. Peeper McDonald, and Caroline O'Hara

Chapter 11 Counseling African Americans 143
S. Kent Butler and M. Ann Shillingford-Butler

Chapter 12 Counseling Native Americans and Social Justice 157
Timothy C. Thomason

Chapter 13 Counseling Latin@s From a Social Justice Perspective 179
Edil Torres-Rivera and Manivong J. Ratts

Chapter 14 Counseling Multiracial Individuals and Families 193
Kelley R. Kenney and Mark E. Kenney

Addressing Heterosexism in Counseling and Psychology

Chapter 15 Social Justice Counseling Practices: Affi rming Queer Pluralism With LGBQ Clients 211
Julian Rafferty McCullough and Alexander C. Winninghoff

Addressing Transgender Oppression in Counseling and Psychology

Chapter 16 Counseling Transgender Clients 229
Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich

Addressing Sexism in Counseling and Psychology

Chapter 17 Counseling Women 245
Jennifer L. Pepperell, Jennifer Londgren, and Laura A. Maki

Addressing Classism in Counseling and Psychology

Chapter 18 A Social Justice Perspective on Counseling and Poverty 259
Rebecca Reed and Laura Smith

Addressing Religion and Spirituality in Counseling and Psychology

Chapter 19 Engaged Spirituality: A Heart for Social Justice 275
Craig S. Cashwell and Jodi L. Bartley

Index 289

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