Counseling Strategies and Interventions

Counseling Strategies and Interventions

by Harold L. Hackney, Sherilyn N. Cormier

Paperback(3rd ed)

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ISBN-13: 9780131833289
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 10/01/1987
Edition description: 3rd ed
Pages: 192

Table of Contents

Preface    xvii


Chapter One: The Helping Profession    

What Is Helping?    

Settings in Which Counselors Work    

Counselor Qualities and Skills    

Training and Credentialing of Professional Counselors    


Chapter Two: The Helping Relationship 

The Importance of the Relationship to Clients                                                                                                                                                 

Accurate Empathy   

Positive Regard    



Positive Feedback Statements : Encouragement and Strengths Perspective 

A Climate of Safety   


Chapter Three: Attending to Clients    

Communication of Attentiveness    

Facial Expressions    

Eye Contact    

Body Positions and Use of Space    

Verbal Behavior and Selective Attention    

Listening for Context    


Chapter Four: Recognizing Communication Patterns    

Ritualized Patterns of Communication   

Interactive Communication Patterns: Culture and Gender    



Chapter Five:Managing the Counseling Session    

The First Interview     

Cultural Variables and the First Interview    

Structuring of Initial Moments    

Client Reactions to Initial Interviews    

Intake-Interview Content    

Using Intake-Interview Information    

Opening Subsequent Interviews    

Terminating the Interview    

Terminating the Counseling Relationship    


Chapter Six: Responding to Cognitive Content    

Recognizing Alternatives    

Responding to Alternatives    

Verbal Responses to Cognitive Content    

Differentiation and Selective Responding   

The Differentiation Process in Cross-Cultural Counseling    

Effects of Responding to Cognitive Content    


Chapter Seven: Responding to Affective Content    

The Importance of Responding to Affective Content    

Verbal and Nonverbal Cues Associated with Emotions    

Types of Affective Messages    

Affective Competence    

Verbal Responses to Affective Messages    

Effects of Responding to Affective Content    


Chapter Eight: Conceptualizing Issues and Setting Goals    

The Client’s World    

The Role of the Counselor in Assessing Client Concerns    

Process and Outcome Goals    

Culturally Appropriate Counseling Goals    

Three Elements of Good Outcome Goals    

Translating Vague Concerns into Specific Goals    

Client Resistance to Goal Setting and the Stages of Change Model    

Client Participation in Goal Setting    


Chapter Nine: Using Integrative Counseling Strategies and Interventions    

Working with Client Feelings    

Working with Client Behaviors    

Working with Client Beliefs and Attitudes    

Working with client language, symbolic meaning, and stories

Working with Client Interactional Patterns and Relationships    

Working with Client Cultural and Social Systems    


Chapter Ten: Common Challenges for Beginning Counselors    

by T. Anne Hawkins, Sherry Cormier, and Janine Bernard

Common Concerns of Beginning Counselors    

Preparing for Ethical Challenges    

Preparing for Supervision Challenges 


Appendix A: Websites for Ethical Codes and Related Standards of Professional Organizations    

Appendix B: Counseling Strategies Checklist    



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