Count Down to Love

Count Down to Love

by Julie N. Ford

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Count Down to Love by Julie N. Ford

Kelly Grace Pickens is an excited bride - until she's abandoned at the altar. Desperate, she accepts an offer to appear on a reality TV show, Count Down to Love. Her country ways are a stark contrast to the mysterious bachelor from New York. Wading through hurt and betrayal both on and off screen, Kelly discovers that being true to yourself is essential to finding happiness and love.

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ISBN-13: 9781462100910
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated/CFI Distribution
Publication date: 07/09/2011
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Count Down to Love 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
YuBugnMe More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed Count Down to Love. The story follows Kelly Grace Pickens from the heartache of being left at the altar, to an appearance on a reality TV program, to eventually finding herself and the woman she was mean't to be. The reality TV program was an interesting backdrop to this story of self discovery. Kelly Grace reluctantly agrees to be a contestant on the show, at the request of her cousin. It was this experience, getting to know and connect with the bachelor on the show, that enables her to figure out what it is she wants out of life and what she has to do to discover her true self. Great read. I'd recommend to all readers, male and female alike.
dancin-debbie More than 1 year ago
Ohh I can't tell you enough how much I loved Count Down to Love by Julie N Ford. I have read and completely enjoyed other stories by Julie. She knows how to bring sizzle and fun to her stories that keep the pages turning and the laughter going. I really couldn't read it fast enough. I was totally caught up in the plot and characters and didn't want it to end. This was so much fun to lose myself in the events of the story line. Count Down to Love is a contemporary romance that leaves you wishing for more. Julie N Ford did a brilliant job of plotting and weaving the build up of the climax through out Count Down to Love as you wonder what new surprise is waiting in the wings. She knows how to keep the reader turning pages in anticipation of what is coming. I loved Kelly Grace's character as she is dumped at her wedding and hopefully waiting for her fiance' to arrive to save the day. She holds out for him and trusts that the unfortunate turn of events are all just a big misunderstanding. But when it becomes achingly clear that he isn't coming for her, she wonders how she is going to move forward with her home repossessed by the bank, no job and a floundering singing career, her life is a mess. But her cousin Sissy has the perfect solution to help Kelly forget her woes. As a producer of a reality dating TV show similar to the Bachelor called "Count Down to Love" she needs a step in replacement for a contestant fast, and Kelly is the perfect one to step in at a moments notice. After some quick talking, Sissy convinces Kelly it would be like a mini paid vacation that would give her time to get things in her life figured out and it would only be for a few days. Kelly takes her up on the offer, only she unexpectedly ends up staying a bit longer than anticipated. Being on the show gives her time to heal her broken heart and hide away while she tries to figure out her next move. But the show brings in unexpected surprises for Kelly, the biggest of all is her unexpected reaction to the bachelor of the show, New York Millionaire Dillion Black. And the spark that starts between them or the adventures along the way. I know you will love Count Down to Love as much as I did! Don't miss out!~
CleanTeenFiction More than 1 year ago
Wow. The beginning of this book was just tragic. Getting left at the altar?! That would be awful! So right from the start I wanted to see things turn out for Kelly. I wanted her to have a happy ending. I normally love the love interest in stories, but I wasn't so sure about this guy. I liked him then I hated him. I guess I just don't like the setup of The Bachelor TV series which this book was similar to. I don't like watching or reading about a guy who kisses and checks out a bunch of women at the same time. It's just weird and makes the guy a player. Even with that strike against Dillon I still found myself liking him at times. I mainly just wanted Kelly happy. This book took me on a fun roller coaster ride of emotions. I really enjoyed traveling to the different places the contestants got to travel to. That was fun. If you love The Bachelor/The Bachelorette TV shows, I know many of you do, then you'll love this book. I couldn't put this book down! It was an entertaining read. Content Ratings: sexual: mild/moderate language: none violence: none
BeautyBriteReviews More than 1 year ago
One of the few reality shows that I love watching is The Bachelor/The Bachelorette and Countdown to Love is very similar to the show. Countdown to Love follows Kelly Grace Pickens. She is left at the altar, heartbroken, broke, and homeless. Her fiancée, Trevor left her with no indication and she is left to find her own way. Her cousin, Sissy suggests that Kelly Grace be a contestant on the reality show Countdown to Love. Sissy convinces her that she needs to start over, since she is broke and homeless. The show would provide her a short vacation from her old life, hotel room, clothes, and pay her for being on the show. Kelly Grace is faced with finding herself while in the middle of all things - a reality show! On the first night of the taping of the show, she is still missing Trevor. She is heartbroken and trying to heal from the breakup and she seems to be in denial about Trevor. She feels like he misses her and is coming for her. She even conceals a cell phone in hopes he will call. What Kelly Grace meets Dillon Black, the bachelor on the show, she takes it all in stride and doesn't pretend to be someone she's not. She's herself. Dillon Black seems to notice and is intrigued. Meanwhile, Kelly Grace is focused on Trevor and waiting for him. As the show goes on, Kelly is asked to stay at each rose ceremony, even though she wanted to leave. The longer she stays, the more she starts comparing Dillon to Trevor. In other words, Dillon really does care for her. In order to bring ratings to the show, the producers reunite Trevor and Kelly Grace. At first, Kelly Grace is so happy to see him but soon realizes he doesn't seem the same. He's acting different and as their reunion proceeds, she soon sees that he was using her the entire time they were together. After their reunion, Kelly Grace quickly forgets about Trevor and pushes him from her mind and is able to focus on Dillon. Meanwhile, Dillon has fallen for Kelly Grace but her feelings are a few steps behind his. She cares for him more and more each day. I really felt every emotion Kelly Grace went through. I was rooting for Dillon and Kelly Grace the entire time. Just when they get close and make a connection, they encounter a speed bump. While on this journey of self discovery, she finds that she is strong enough to move on, she can open her heart after being left at the altar, and she can learn to trust again. If you enjoy romance, drama, and a little bit of secrets intertwined, you will enjoy Countdown to Love!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. The main character, Kelly Grace Pickens, is devastated when her fiance doesn't show up for their wedding. The way she handles this personal tragedy starts Kelly down the road to self discovery. She is a lovely person to begin with, and the way she handles the disapointments in her life reveal a person with real integrity. Grace is a fitting name for this character, for that is what she shows to the world. Count Down to Love is more than just a love story. It is the story of doubt and insecurity transformed into discovery and strength. It was inspiring to be there when Kelly learned to love herself.
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: This was a completely entertaining and fun read. After being left at the alter and with a huge pile of bills and an eviction notice, Kelly finds herself suddenly on the Bachelor-like show, Countdown to Love, that her cousin helps to produce. Planning to be tossed off the show the 1st episode, Kelly is just looking for a paycheck. What she doesn't take into account is Dillon and after a 5 minute intense chat on the terrace, he is not willing to let her leave the show yet. Dillon tried out for the show on a challenge from his employees, never expecting that he'd actually be the guy chosen as the bachelor. He's realistic about the fact that he's not going to find a love match, but he's at the point in his life plan where he is definitely open to the idea. He likes Kelly. She's upfront and honest and totally unlike the other girls on the show. She is also completely up-front with him about the fact that she's still in love with Trevor and not interested in winning the game (i.e. his love.) But as their friendship grows, so do the feelings between Kelly & Dillon, but the game and Kelly's unresolved feelings for her ex-fiance are in the way. The one thing that did bug me was Kelly's unfounded faith in her ex-fiance Trevor. She just would not believe that he was an opportunistic bastard, regardless of how he left her in such a lurch. That naivety bugged me esp when on the other hand, she had this great guy Dillon who was showing signs of loving her and she wouldn't trust him an inch. Overall, this was a good premise for a romance novel and a completely fun to read. I have never really watched the Bachelor, but I may have to start after reading this novel. Really entertaining!
900 More than 1 year ago
Julie Ford's Count Down to Love could easily be billed as a fresh new approach to romantic or women's fiction. Without the baseness found in most contemporary romance, she gives her reader a behind-the-scenes look at her version of the reality TV dating scene and leaves the reader vested in the character of Kelly Grace as she learns who she is and eventually becomes satisfied in her own skin. What makes this piece of fiction unique is that it sidesteps the standard pattern of romance where woman meets man, falls in love, and jumps in bed (not necessarily in that order). Instead, Ford provides an emerging character in Kelly Grace whose standards aren't typically found in a romance novel-a welcome change for the reader who would rather avoid graphic language and gratuitous bedroom scenes. At first, Kelly Grace is dependent on her male counterpart Trevor (who has literally left her standing at the altar). Then, during a spontaneous stint as a television contestant, she begins to find her way and determine what she really needs from life-to develop her talents, work at something she loves, and be happy with the woman God made. That she finds hope in a blossoming romance with Dillon Black ultimately becomes secondary as she discovers who she really is. Kelly Grace's creation of a song laced throughout the novel was fresh and clever. Though I waited for Dillon to hear the song, the course of events leading up to the end just confirms that it truly was appropriately Kelly Grace's anthem more than anyone else's. Overall, a really fun summer read. I'm looking forward to more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read Count Down to Love in two days. It was a very quick, easy read and I really wanted to know what was going to happen in the end. Would the main character find herself and find love? I really enjoyed the setting of the book. In this book based on a reality show similar to "The Bachelor" the girls were taken to different places around the United States. I especially enjoyed reading about the places where I lived or have visited. I felt like this really helped me connect to the story line. I also love the southern culture that is a part of this story too. I am a fan of "The Bachelor" and I feel like I enjoyed "Count Down to Love" more because of it. I really liked the perspective of being on a reality show and all the behind the scenes action. A good, clean romance, with a Christian flavor, great for Bachelor lovers and romantics anywhere.
MegJG More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading Count Down to Love. I loved the ups and downs the main character Kelly Grace went through as she was left at the alter and finding herself on a reality TV show to try to hide from the fact she was single, broke, and homeless. The author really makes you feel the emotions Kelly is feeling as she starts to discover who she really is and finally sees what it feels like to really live her own life. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good clean love story. It was a really fun and easy read!
Sue32 More than 1 year ago
Ford has done it again with another great book! I loved how the story relates to today with trying to find love in a hectic and crazy world. I enjoyed that the main character, Kelly, was still trying to "find herself" throughout the story and until she really loved herself, and who she was, she wasn't able to truly trust and love someone else. I loved that this was a clean romance without all of the bedroom scenes and swearing that seem to be so prevalent in romance novels today. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to read an engaging, clean romance novel!
DillyBar More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the character & plot development. Ms. Ford's development of Kelly Grace Pickens was well thought out, and was very relatable, as i experienced something similar in my life, which affected me so much i didn't know which way was up! This book is more about Kelly Grace trying to find herself and the woman she was mean't to be, than (as several reviewers seem stuck on) the Reality TV show, which takes it's name from the books title. I thought the context of a Bachelor type show fit well with the 'rush' for Reality TV that we as viewers seem to flock towards these days. It didn't seem overdone, and I enjoyed the insight from Kelly Grace and the other contestants on the show. I see from other reviews that some thought there was not enough insight into the show, or too much - but as stated, the book is not about the show, but the show provides a backdrop for the storyline (as mentioned below). I will surely read Ms. Ford's other novel, The Woman He Married, and anxiously await future novels as they are published. Refreshing work from a new author.
OtotheD More than 1 year ago
Kelly Grace Pickens has everything going for her. She's a rising Country Music star, she's going to have one of her songs featured in a blockbuster summer movie, and she's about to marry the man of her dreams. There's nothing that could ruin her perfect wedding day, not even her overbearing and extremely judgmental mother. Nothing, that is, until her groom doesn't show up, leaving Kelly to pay for everything. Now Kelly is broke and homeless. Her career is bust and the producers of the film have decided to not use her song. The only things Kelly has left are her wedding dress, her wedding cake and a heart full of hope that Trevor will call her to apologize and beg for her forgiveness. Kelly's luck changes when her cousin, Sissy, a producer for a reality T.V. show titled "Count Down to Love" shows up. One of her contestants happens to be anorexic and hospitalized, leaving Sissy in a lurch. She doesn't have time to find a replacement before shooting starts. Sissy has a brilliant idea: Kelly needs money and Sissy needs a single girl to fill the empty spot. Before you know it, Sissy has whisked Kelly off to L.A. to appear on the show. Sissy promises her that she will arrange it so that Kelly will be voted off the first round. Kelly will be paid a nice amount, Sissy's career will be saved and everyone wins. That is, until things don't work out the way Sissy promised. Dillon (the eligible, handsome, very wealthy bachelor) doesn't let Kelly go. In fact, he keeps her around for much longer than she'd planned. Now Kelly is stuck on national TV competing for the heart of a man she barely knows. As the contest progresses, Kelly finds herself starting to fall for Dillon. Now she is faced with the possibility of being left by another man, and this time she could be jilted in front of the entire nation. This one was just okay for me. On the plus side of things, it's a very easy read, and anyone who is a fan of "The Bachelor" will probably eat it up. The competition is very similar: Guy dates multiple girls, girls score private dates, guy hands out roses in a ceremony at the end of each show, last girl standing wins. I've only seen a few episodes of "The Bachelor", and this book is pretty much like watching the show. I think that was one of my biggest problems with this book; it just wasn't original enough. To top it off, I wasn't a fan of Kelly. As a main character she felt weak to me, and her "I'm still a virgin and I shouldn't be kissing this man I hardly know," attitude got old. I understand the point the author was trying to make, and I have no problem with Kelly having strong morals. I just felt like that was brought up a lot. In a nutshell, the story is cute and pretty predictable. Fans of formulaic romantic comedies and "The Bachelor" should enjoy this one. (Review based on an Advanced copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley)
Greisn1 More than 1 year ago
"Count Down to Love" by Julie N. Ford is a romance novel that follows the adventures of Kelly Grace Pickens. At the beginning of the story, Kelly Grace is left poor, homeless, and alone when her fiancee quite literally leaves her at the altar. In order to earn some money, she agrees to be a last-minute replacement for a contestant on a reality dating show called "Count Down to Love". This is a great example of a clean romance novel. I admire Ford for her ability to write a love story while leaving out the curses and bedroom scenes. It was a refreshing change from most other romance novels. That being said, I had a few problems with this story. First, it was hard to follow the timeline of the story. There were a few places where I couldn't tell if we had moved forward a day, a week, or a month. Also, contestants seemed to be removed from the show out of nowhere. Though Ford chose to use a rose ceremony similar to what you would see on ABC's The Bachelor, she omitted a few and left me wondering who was still in the mansion and who was gone. The other major problem I had with the story was that it seemed that the climax was in the middle of the novel, rather than at the end. As a reader, I was very engaged in seeing how things would turn out from the beginning. However, it seemed like the major problems of the story were resolved in the middle, making the rest of the novel look more like filler material. Though there were some problems, I admit that I liked the story. I would recommend "Count Down to Love" if you are looking to read a clean, almost family-friendly love story. But if you are looking for a truly engaging read, look elsewhere,