Count Leopold's Badtime, Bedtime, Children's Rhymes Vol II: A Collection of Children's Rhymes With Anti-Bullying Themes

Count Leopold's Badtime, Bedtime, Children's Rhymes Vol II: A Collection of Children's Rhymes With Anti-Bullying Themes

by Graf Leopold Conradt von und zu Miller


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Count Leopold's Badtime, Bedtime, Children's Rhymes Vol II: A Collection of Children's Rhymes With Anti-Bullying Themes by Graf Leopold Conradt von und zu Miller

The 21st Century is full of make-believe Superheroes...centuries ago there were also imaginary heroes: Gulliver, Tom Swift, Jean Valjean, King Arthur, Aladdin, Sinbad, Deborah, Scheherazade, and many others. Superheroes...ancient and modern struggle with their values, morals, and the will to defend justice against people or monsters that want to take things from average people. It sounds like they were dealing with bullies and Were-Creatures of their own! We may have magical inventions and technology in the 21st Century...but humanity is the same today as it was in Sumerian or Roman times. Your great grandparents struggled against the same issues and you DO today. So never believe the hype of the media that today is somehow "different." Many inventions today are simply smaller versions of similar things that did similar jobs for hundreds or thousands of years...before we shrank them or rediscovered them. "There is nothing new under the Sun." Don't let people tell you that you are inferior or just a copy - or that your story and your problems are "old" news. You are an original, one of a kind, and the world will be diminished without YOU. If you can summon the courage to LIVE and THRIVE despite Were-Creatures and bullies and can tell your great-grandchildren that in your day you had to walk uphill both ways to school while fighting Were-Sloths and Were-Coyotes in waist deep snow! And then you can tell them how you overcame fear. WHY? Because...if you have saved your must help others to save theirs. Life is precious.

Good things happen to bad people,
Bad things happen to people...
...under a Crescent, Star, or Steeple.
But you always have a choice...
Make plans to hoist...
...a victory flag and raise a toast.
Winning rarely happens without trying,
And living in fear... actually worse than dying.
So tell fear to take a hike and say goodbye,
Instead...give living fearlessly...a try!
You may discover you can run...
Because you were made to be AWESOME!

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ISBN-13: 9781502585134
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/18/2014
Pages: 66
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

I was born within the family's centuries old castle, deep in the Bavarian Alps in 1426 (MCDXXVI), May 26th to be exact. Shortly after the Count's birth the Hussite Wars began, but otherwise the 1400's were relatively quiet.

One day when the Count was barely 6-years old, he was playing near the edge of a parapet walk, above a 60-foot drop to strewn boulders defending the base of the outer curtain wall. He tripped and fell...most certainly to his death - had fate had its way. As the young Count lay bleeding to death, over 95% of his blood staining the rocks around him, a Were-Squirrel chose that moment to bite the young child and infect him with its Were-venom and virus.

Because the Count's blood supply was nearly depleted the venom was weakened and diluted in its strength. Rather than fully transforming the young nobleman into a human Were-Creature...the venom was only able to improve and enhance the boy's natural abilities to heal and to sustain the life of his cells and organs.

Over the next several years the Count noticed that he could run faster and farther than his contemporary's, he had more stamina in battle, he could see finer details day or night, and could smell a deer hundreds of feet from him while on a hunt...or when Arrowine, the young cook, was cooking her famous bratwurst and butter noodles! And when he encountered Were-Creatures in the forest or having breached the castle walls...he was easily a physical match for any Were-Creature.

As the Count reached his 50th year of life he noticed another effect of the Were-venom...he had stopped aging in his mid-40's! Early on his friends, relatives, and castle staff thought he was merely aging well. But by the time he was in his late 60's and he still looked 45...people began to talk. Though quiet...the 1400's were still a superstitious time...not aging could get even a Count...burned at the stake! The Count currently ages perhaps 10 years for every day he lives. So, in 1491 on his 65th birthday, the Count arranged for a boating "accident" and he was presumed lost in the waters of Lake Constance.

For the next 30 years he wandered Western Europe and even visited the New World, mostly traveling with Vampire, Werewolf, and Were-Creature hunters from the Vatican and the fabled lost city of Sri Lanka. Living among these professional hunters he learned the craft that would occupy the rest of his life...however long that would be.

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