Count on Me

Count on Me

by Kathryn Shay
4.6 5

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Count on Me 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Setting: Bayview Heights, New York Today is Zoe's forty birthday, she feels like Cinderella about to meet her prince. She had been seeing Dr. Kurt Lansing for months now and the last time they had been together he had something he wanted to ask her on this special day. Instead of going straight to the hotel as planned she stopped by his office. While waiting for him to get out of a meeting, Zoe thought how much she was in love, but when the door opened, she saw Kurt in the arms of his ex-wife she knew her life was about to change and never be the same. Kurt made the biggest mistake of his life one year ago, when he agreed with his ex-wife Elizabeth to try a reconciliation. Everyone had warned him she was a shrew and hadn't changed, even his older brother. He had given up the love of his live, Zoe and for what? Because he hated to fail at anything including a marriage with his childhood sweetheart and to help his daughter through a difficult senior year. Now he was going to be living in Zoe's hometown, Bayview Heights, opening a teen clinic. He knew there would be no second chance at happiness with Zoe, she had moved on with her life and he couldn't bear to hurt her again. Kurt was going to have to face a lot of hostility not only from Zoe but his family, their friends and her students. Zoe wasn't prepared for Kurt to reenter her life, she had just began to feel good about herself again. She had a wonderful summer in Paris and now it was time for her to get back to teaching science to At Risk kids at Bayview Heights High School. But Kurt had no choice, he was committed to opening his clinic with the help of Zoe's volunteer students and she wouldn't be able to avoid him because she would have to supervise them, then have weekly meetings with Kurt. COUNT ON ME is a story about people that make wrong choices in life and how it effect not only one person but sometimes can have a rippling effect on the people around you. Ms. Shay has written a character driven book of people in the town of Bayview Heights from the doctor, teachers, principal, parents, students, school board and so many more that make a town. The daily pressure and struggles of Zoe's students, how the parents, school and community help them deal is real and refreshing to read. Zoe is a great heroine that even when life handed her a raw deal she didn't remain emotional stagna but moved on with her life. Kurt was not a loved hero at the beginning but with patients on both the part of Zoe and the reader Kurt was a worthy hero we could count on. Ms. Shay is a new author to me and one I will be watching for in the future, while waiting for her next book I will be catching up on her backlist.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nice Series -
harstan More than 1 year ago
Dr. Kurt Lansing thinks he is doing the right thing by reconciling with his wife Elizabeth though he knows he badly hurt Zoe Caufield. Still, he always loved Elizabeth and feels their return, as a couple is good for their college age daughter. Zoe feels betrayed. Three months later Kurt knows he made the biggest mistake of his life ignoring his love for Zoe for a dirt bag like Elizabeth.

Zoe has regained her equilibrium, but the townsfolk of Bayview Heights including Kurt¿s older brother have never forgiven him for hurting one of the town¿s most popular residents. Kurt returns home from his horrendous hiatus in Southampton to run the clinic where many of Zoe¿s students will work. Kurt knows Zoe hates him, but will do everything to insure he never hurts her again. Zoe is willing to work with him for the sake of her high school students even though she is not sure how she will cope. Still her loyal ¿chicks¿ feel a need to enact vengeance not aware of the danger they cause.

COUNT ON ME is an entertaining second chance at love tale that readers will enjoy because of the richness of the cast, especially the lead couple. Kurt goes out of his way not to torment his beloved Zoe, who is wiser and stronger than he realizes. The secondary characters not only propel the story line forward, but also add tremendous depth to Kathryn Shay¿s return to Bayview High.

Harriet Klausner