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Countdown in Cairo (Russian Trilogy Series #3)

Countdown in Cairo (Russian Trilogy Series #3)

4.8 4
by Noel Hynd

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Why won’t the dead stay dead?

Federal agent Alexandra LaDuca travels to Egypt to investigate the possible sighting of a former mentor, a CIA agent who everyone thought was dead. She is thrown into the deadliest game of double cross of her career as the events that began in Kiev and continued in Madrid find their culmination in the volatile Middle East.



Why won’t the dead stay dead?

Federal agent Alexandra LaDuca travels to Egypt to investigate the possible sighting of a former mentor, a CIA agent who everyone thought was dead. She is thrown into the deadliest game of double cross of her career as the events that began in Kiev and continued in Madrid find their culmination in the volatile Middle East.

Her assignment is to locate a man she once knew. But to find the answers, Alex needs to move quickly into the underworld of the Egyptian capital, a nether society of crooks, killers, spies, and Islamic fundamentalists. And she must work alone, surviving on her wits, her training, and a compact new Beretta.

Her search immerses Alex deeply into the explosive international politics of the day, touching on Arab-American relations and the new balance of terror between Russia and the United States. And it doesn’t help that she’s forced into a partnership with a quirky double agent known only as Voltaire, one of the most shadowy and powerful members of the Cairo underworld.

If you’ve been waiting for Alex LaDuca’s next adventure, this fast-paced thriller is it. If you’ve never met Alex, Countdown in Cairo offers a first-rate introduction. You will be holding your breath from its explosive beginning to the very last twist.

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Publication date:
Russian Trilogy Series , #3
Product dimensions:
5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

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From the Publisher
Hynd (The Enemy Within ) completes the Russian trilogy that features U.S. Treasury agent Alexandra LaDuca. A stark opening chapter concludes with LaDuca zipped in a body bag in a morgue outside Cairo, and the action then goes back two months to introduce the central puzzle---the sighting of Michael Cerny, a CIA agent believed to be dead, then the bang of a car-bomb explosion. After that breathtaking beginning, the action gets leisurely---too leisurely. It takes half the book for LaDuca to get to Cairo to solve the puzzle of Cerny, for whom she worked, following complications in New York and in Rome that weave into the action two major supporting characters, the Russian Yuri Federov and the Italian Gian Antonio Rizzo, who are in some respects more intriguing and complex than protagonist LaDuca. LaDuca's main partner in Cairo, Voltaire, provides more dramatic tension in his moral ambiguity than the offstage character, Cerny. Despite some plotting softness, this espionage thriller is stylish and provides an especially satisfying close without being in the least preachy. (Jan.) -- Publisher’s Weekly

Meet the Author

Noel Hynd has sold more than four million copies of his books throughout the world, including The Enemy Within and Flowers From Berlin. His most recent novel, Hostage in Havana, is the first book in the Cuban Trilogy starring Alexandria LaDuca. Hynd lives in Culver City, California.

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Countdown in Cairo 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
timetravel More than 1 year ago
Countdown in Cairo starts out with a dramatic beginning with the morgue as the backdrop and then drops back to the beginning of the story. The set up to the main story was slow at times, but that is because the story is rich in detail of locations and background. It is certainly worth the wait! There are a number of background facts about the Russian events mixed in with the fiction creating an interesting blend. All three of the books feature Alexandra LaDuca, a strong female character that is smart, formidable, and a woman of faith. There were more spiritual elements to this story than the other books as Alex has struggles with moral consequences in her employment and with forgiveness. This is another GREAT book by this author.
crochetwriter More than 1 year ago
Countdown in Cairo will knock your socks off! It is filled with shocking twists and surprising turns. It's like a roller coster ride that is scary and exciting, you never want it to end. You don't need to read Conspiracy in Kiev or Midnight in Madrid first, but it will help you to understand the relationships of the characters. Alex is great. She is brave, strong, caring, loyal and a forgiving woman. Her faith sees her through the toughest situations and makes her stronger. This is Noel Hynd at his very best and not to be missed.
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
As I have stated before, this has got to be one of my favorite suspense series of all time. The writing is just top notch, the lead character is wonderful and I love the jet setting travel that takes place. The research is done extremely well and I really appreciate the fact that modern political figures are actually used as opposed to fake figureheads. As a history major, these books are also wonderful in examining the political history of countries that aren't knowledgeable to the average reader. In this story, we are taken to many destinations with the highlight being Egypt. I would love to one day visit the pyramids and see all the ancient sites but after reading this book, I think I might wait. I really felt like I was a part of the story. Alex is a wonderful character. Yes she's female but she can totally kick butt like any other male spy. One thing I really like is that the author does not try to push a romantic relationship with her just because she is female. She can handle things totally on her own and is brave and resourceful when in a tough situation. There are several intense situations in the book, and things can bet a bit squeamish at times so be prepared for a thrill ride while you read. I don't find these books to be preachy at all. I mean the main character is a Christian yes, but she smokes and she drinks. She's not a chain smoker nor is she an alcoholic. She just enjoys doing both and neither are a detriment to her faith. Are they evil? No, obviously this book shows that one can handle both, still be a Christian and won't be called a hypocrite. In fact, as I have stated before with the previous books in the series, I wouldn't call this book a Christian fiction novel, just a fiction novel under a Christian publisher. I absolutely adored this book and I was REALLY sad to see it end. I love Hynd's style of writing and am looking forward to finding his backlist in my library so I can read his other books. This has got to be one of the best suspense series I have ever read and I honestly cannot stop praising it. VERY HIGHLY recommended. One small quibble though that I needed to point out was the mention of the basketball team the Washington Bullets. As someone that lives in the DC Metro area and watches the sports news every night, I wanted to point out that the Bullets don't exist anymore. The team changed their name to the Washington Wizards back in 1997. I only point this out because this seemed to be the only factual error I found in the book, and because I live in the area it just really stood out to me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago