Counterfeit "gods"!: Don't Trust Blindly Like I Did

by Mr. Stanley Ole Lotegeluaki


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This is probably a cancer that can affect the whole of Christian faith. Is the God who has arrived the real Jesus Christ & is He the God of Israel? When I first met God, He didn't reveal Himself to me, but He let Satan put frog demons in me as a counterfeit god. It took me years to figure out that the gods inside me wasn't the Holy Spirit but demons. I went through a lot of troubles having these demons inside me. Now why did God allow Satan to put frogs inside me when I really trusted it was the God of Israel? Well in the days of Isaiah God said that this would happen to me in the yr 2000AD+/-. It's written in Isaiah 14:31. God tells the Church or Palestina that she's dissolved due to a religious counterfeit or smoke from the "north" which means religious for religion comes from the North in God's terminology. So a religious "smoke" from Satan was unleashed on the Messenger of Isaiah- this author- but I was able to discover it was Satan due to my marriage date- or appointed time. A Viking girl's Love got in the way of Satan & I was able to discover that I was being duped by frog demons & Satan. So the church or Palestina was saved. Isaiah 14:31" Howl, O gate, cry, O city: thou whole Palestina, art dissolved: for there shall come from the north a smoke, & none shall be alone in his appointed times." Marriage date. Why did God do this, dupe me into believing in counterfeit gods? It is because He does not want the Church just to believe blindly that the God who has arrived is really the true God. Satan has spent a lot of time confusing the Church saying that the antichrist shall come first, then a seven year tribulation, then Jesus will return riding on a white horse & destroying the antichrist army in Megiddo. Satan knew that Jesus would come first & in peace & that WWIII is billions of years after the S. Coming. So when Jesus arrived in peace we would think He is the antichrist & we would not worship Him. & how do you know it is the real Jesus Christ? So God let me the Messenger of Isaiah who is the Herald of Jesus confront the onslaught of Satan head on. This is why He let me get duped, so I could discover Satan's plan & when the Church saw what happened to me they would know the truth. I discovered Satans plan or the briers & thorns that Satan put up to stop the Lord- books like - the Left behind series - & rapture doctrine. To prove that I am correct, has the rapture happened? No, & it wont happen & that should signal to the Church that their whole endtime doctrine & vision is wrong .The Lord says Isaiah 28:18" & your covenant with death "rapture doctrine" shall be disannulled, & your agreement with hell " rapture, tribulation, WWIII etc doctrine" shall not stand: when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it" meaning when the purge of the 1/3 of the human race is killed, your doctrine that you are raptured out of here & wont feel the pain will fall apart. The Church is not raptured out of here. My ordeal of facing demons & Satan's deception head on with counterfeit gods proves that the real God of Israel has arrived, Just look what happened to me. Just like St. Job, my life is a lesson for the Church not to jump in blindly, like they did in 40 billion AD after the 1000 years when the antichrist will bring fire from heaven to earth. Did I bring fire from heaven to earth? Did the Rapture happen? I was able to convince the Church about Satan's attempt to smear the real Jesus Christ & the Church saw what my life was all about & its lesson, so the Lord said. Isaiah 14:32" What shall one then answer the messengers of the nation'? That the Lord hath founded Zion, & the poor of His people shall trust in it." God also said, Isaiah 18:3" All ye inhabitants of the world, & dwellers on the earth, see ye when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains, & when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye." So God says listen to my gospel when it goes over the nations as Rev 8:10. Rev 12:14, Isaiah 25:6, J

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