Country Commercial Guide: China

Country Commercial Guide: China

by United States Embassy Beijing



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ISBN-13: 9780894990335
Publisher: Books for Business
Publication date: 08/28/2001
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 8.28(w) x 11.06(h) x 0.32(d)

Table of Contents

I.Executive Summary
II.Economic Trends and Outlook
A.Major Trends and Outlook
B.Principal Growth Sectors
C.Government Role in the Economy
D.Infrastructure Investment
III.Political Environment
A.Brief Synopsis of Political System
B.Political Issues Affecting Business Climate
C.The Nature of Political Relations
IV.Marketing U.S. Products and Services
A.Distribution and Sales
B.Selling Factors/Techniques
C.Advertising and Trade Promotion
D.Product Pricing and Customer Support
E.Sales to the Government
F.Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection
G.Local Professional Services
H.Due diligence
V.Leading Sectors for U.S. Exports and Investment
A.Best Prospects for Non-Agricultural Goods and Services
Medical Devises
Telecommunications Equipment
Computers and Peripherals
Computer Software
Cable Television Equipment
Airport and Ground Support Equipment
Pollution Control Equipment
Machine Tools
Plastic Materials & Resins
Building Materials
Power Generation
Fine and Specialty Chemicals
Agricultural Chemicals
B.Best Prospects for Agricultural Goods and Services
Grass Seeds
Poultry Meat
Hides and Skins
Snack Foods
Fresh Fruits
Beef and Pork Variety Meats
Dairy Ingredients
Forest Products
VI.Trade Regulations and Standards
A.Import Tariffs and Custom Regulations
B.Trade Barriers
C.Import Documentation
D.U.S. Export Controls
E.Chinese Export Controls
F.Inspection Standards
G.Labeling and Marking Requirements
H.Special Import Provisions
I.Prohibited Imports
J.Customs Contact Information
VII.Investment Climate
A.Openness to Foreign Investment
B.Conversion and Transfer Policies
C.Expropriation and Compensation
D.Dispute Settlement
E.Performance Requirements/Incentives
F.Right to Private Ownership and Establishment
G.Protection of Property Rights
H.Transparency of the Regulatory System
I.Capital Markets and Portfolio Investment
J.Political Violence
L.Bilateral Investment Agreements
M.OPIC and other Investment Insurance Programs
O.Foreign Trade Zones/Free Ports
P.Foreign Direct Investment in China and Major Investors
Q.U.S. Embassy Survey of U.S. Investors
VIII.Trade and Project Financing
A.Banking System
B.Foreign-Exchange Controls
C.General Financing Availability
D.Terms of Payment
F.Project Financing
IX.Business Travel
AppendicesEconomic and Trade Statistics
A.Country Data and Domestic Economy
B.Trade Data
C.Investment Statistics
D.U.S. and Country Contacts
E.Market Research
F.Trade Event Schedule

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