Covenants: Inspiring the Soul of Healing

Covenants: Inspiring the Soul of Healing

by Glenna M. Crooks


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ISBN-13: 9780972349604
Publisher: Covenant Matters Press, Inc.
Publication date: 08/20/2003
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 5.88(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.95(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Revised Editionxiii
Foreword to the First Editionxvii
Preface to the Revised Editionxxi
Introduction: Breakdown of the Covenantxxxvii
Part 1Foundations of Healing
1.Healing as Divine Gift3
Stepping Into Healing Streams3
Historical Connections to the Sacred5
Mysteries of Health and Disease6
Justice, Retribution, Mischief, and Malevolence8
Wisdom of Divine Law10
Other Ancient Texts and Practices12
Hippocratic Mystery and Medicine14
Christian Mystery and Medicine15
Secular Healing Traditions17
Shamanic Mystery and Medicine21
Modern Mystery and Medicine23
The Sacred and the Secular: A New Partnership?27
2.Healing Within the Covenant Tradition31
Covenants: Origins and Meaning33
Covenants of Grant and Obligation35
Covenants of Hippocrates and Maimonides39
The Emergence of Contracts Within the Medical Covenant49
Engaging Covenants in Health Care Today52
The New Covenant Among Healers55
Crafting Covenants Between Healers and Patients62
Reaching Out Toward a Covenant with Communities65
The Interdependence of Covenants68
Part 2American Challenges and Opportunities
3.Interdependence: Covenant in Patients' Rights75
Early Roots of Rights and Responsibilities75
The Healer's Accountability for Quality76
The Healer's Accountability for Access and Cost77
Lack of Reciprocity in the Covenant Relationship80
Limitations of the Current Covenants of Grant82
Limitations of Covenants of Grant with Communities89
Rationale for Covenants of Obligation with Patients and Communities94
The Patients' Bill of Rights97
Harnessing the Voices of Patient Rights99
Creating Covenants of Obligation101
4.Curing Disease: Covenant in the Animal Research Conflict109
Recognizing Needs and Filling Gaps109
Debating Research112
Coming to Terms with Animals as Research Subjects113
Addressing the Tensions and Conflicts115
Ethical and Moral Views Differ116
Adaptations to a Changing Society117
Sophisticated Strategies Emerge119
Securing Public Support120
Defending Animal Research124
Engaging the Covenant126
5.Making Choices: Covenant in the Tradeoffs Between Privacy and Efficiency131
Making Tradeoffs131
Privacy and Confidentiality vs. Efficiency and Effectiveness131
Using Data to Create Efficiency and Effectiveness133
Privacy Goes Public137
Involving Patients in the Tradeoff140
Clarifying the Terms142
Framing the Covenant to Address the Tradeoff143
Tough Questions and Dealing with the Details145
Engaging the Covenant148
6.Pain and Suffering: Covenant in Conflict with the Law153
The Extent of Pain in Terminal Illness154
Addressing Pain: A Critical Test of the Covenant155
Beyond Pain: Suffering156
Relieving Pain and Easing Suffering157
Families Seek Better Relief from Pain158
Healers Respond to Patient Needs160
Suffering Continues163
Congress Muddles the Issues165
Communities in Conflict167
Confronting the Challenge of Compassion Within the Covenant169
Creating a Covenant to Relieve Pain at the End of Life170
Part 3Global Challenges and Opportunities
7.Global Clinical Trials: Covenant in the Global Search for New Knowledge177
Human Clinical Studies180
Clinical Care vs. Clinical Research184
Ethical Lapses in Clinical Research185
Setting Ethical Standards188
Informed Consent as the Keystone of Ethical Research188
Challenges to Informed Consent in Global Clinical Trials190
Informed Consent Not the Sole Ethical Touchstone193
Maturing Covenant in Global Research Ventures195
8.Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism: Covenant Within a Shrinking Globe201
Infectious Diseases Span Time and Cross Borders202
The "Big Six" Take Their Toll206
Causes Are as Old as Mankind208
Bigger Challenges Need Expansive Covenants213
Managing Bioterrorism: Disease as a Weapon of War217
The Global Village Needs an Expanded Covenant220
9.Healing Beyond Our Borders: Covenant and Medications for the Global Community227
Recognizing Need227
Reaching Out and Responding228
Healing in the Absence of Explicit Covenants231
Dealing with Public Relations Disasters233
Relief on a Massive Scale235
Seeking a Solution238
Developing Covenants239
Managing the Domestic Spin241
Obligations to the World's Needy Patients242
Sustaining the New Covenant248
10.Global Health Caring: Covenant in Innovation and Access to Medicines257
Shooting the Healer260
Aiming at the Wrong Target261
The Paradox of Value262
Shining Some Light in the Black Box264
Crafting an Innovation Covenant270
Resources for Research Ventures271
Protecting the Ideas275
Using the Discoveries278
Enabling Our Innovators to Become Global Healers281
Part 4Healing Health Care
11.Emerging Models: Healing and Living Within Covenants289
Healers and Their Emerging Covenants292
Cooperative Health Care Clinics: A Covenant Between Patients and Healers300
Covenants with the Uninsured302
Celebration Health: A Covenant Between Healers and Communities305
Engaging Other Healers in the Community Covenant308
Reaching Out to the Surrounding Community310
Reaching Out to Other Communities311
ACT Community Outcomes Toolkit313
Covenant and the Pressing Needs of the Future315
12.Healing Health Care: Crafting Covenants for Today317
Coming Full Circle317
Only One Step Along the Way321
Principle Number 1Covenants Flow from the Senior Party and Are Preceded by Gifts322
Principle Number 2Covenants Do Not End323
Principle Number 3Covenants Change Over Time324
Coming into Covenants of Obligation325
Who Should Create New Covenants of Obligation?330
What Will a Covenant of Obligation Look Like?332
Covenants in Action334
Evolution of Covenants Over Time338
No Easy Answers339
Epilogue: Questions About Covenants in Health Care Today343

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