Coveting Love

Coveting Love

by Victoria Schwimley


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When Jessica first meets Brandon, she knows immediately he's the man she's been waiting for. When a business adventure with Phillip Steward, a ruthless man, links the two of them, their love grows quickly into something serious. When Jessica meets Brandon's brother Jeffrey, she's caught in the middle of a vicious battle between them, with each brother warning her away from the other. Fleeing the country to escape the jealous brothers, she runs straight into a trap that will lead her on a road of destruction and betrayal.

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ISBN-13: 9781466240520
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/04/2011
Pages: 470
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.05(d)

About the Author

Victoria was born in Jamestown, New York, and now resides in Sacramento, California with her husband, children, and grandchildren. She grew up reading, waiting anxiously for the next good book to be placed in her hands. It was only natural she would turn to writing as a hobby and later a career. She has been writing since childhood, always looking for the next story to tell. Writing is as natural a part of life for her as breathing. She loves getting to know her characters and bringing them to life. She is in as much anticipation about the ending of a story as she hopes her readers are.

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Coveting Love 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
RhapsodicReader More than 1 year ago
Abandoned by her father, and raised by her mother, Sarah, that provided her with all of the opportunities that she never had; Jessica Crawford is a successful fashion photographer that doe not have time to find love; she enjoys spending time with friends and visiting her mother, and has a hard time understanding why her mother keeps trying to play matchmaker. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. After being advised by her boss that she is taking on a known womanizer and president of Chic Fashion, Phillip Stewart, Jessica is looking forward to enjoying a quiet weekend in the country with her mother. After her friend and co-worker, Amy, revealed to Jessica that she was pregnant with a married man's child, Jessica insists that Amy accompanies her on the trip to visit her mother; not knowing that her mother is trying to set her up with a successful businessman, Randy. During dinner, it becomes apparent to Jessica and Sarah that Randy and Amy have a rapport. Much to Jessica's chagrin, she sees that Sarah and Grant have made a connection as well. After dinner, Jessica suggests that she, Randy, and Amy visit a local bar to give Grant and Sarah some privacy. Once Randy and Sarah hit the dance floor, Jessica indulges in a few moments of self-pity until a handsome and rugged man approaches her. He introduces himself as Brandon Phillips; as the two become acquainted, she shares the details of her current project with him and moans over the fact that she has yet to find a location versatile enough for the spread. Brandon gallantly offers to let her shoot the spread at his beautiful ranch. Jessica cannot believe it; in one instant she has not only landed herself a handsome man, but she has also found the perfect location for her photo shoot! As Jessica makes preparations for the shoot, the relationship between her and Brandon intensifies; however, when she visits his ranch for the photo shoot, she is surprised to discover that Brandon has kept some secrets from her; including the fact that he had been married before, and that his relationship with one of his brothers, Jeffrey, is strained. During her stay at the ranch, Brandon begins to act increasingly jealous and possessive of her and he refuses to reveal why his relationship with Jeffrey is strained. The fact that Brandon is so insistent that she stay away from Jeffrey while refusing to tell her why piques Jessica's curiosity about Jeffrey, and she finds herself becoming attracted to Brandon's forbidden and mysterious brother. After the photo shoot, Jessica is confused; she thinks she loves Brandon, but is attracted to Jeffrey. She also has another admirer to deal with; the creepy and womanizing Phillip Stewart. Jessica soon discovers that she is being pursued by three men, and finds herself in a precarious position: if she spurns one brother to be with the other, it could mean an all out war in the family; however, spurning Phillip's advances could mean that losing Phillip as a client. What is a woman to do? Coveting Love by Victoria Schwimley is a thrilling and exciting read. While there are some love scenes in the book, it seems that Schwimley focused her efforts on building suspense about what Jessica would do next rather than building sexual tension. Coveting Love is an enjoyable read with a solid plot and enough suspense to keep readers reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nice effort, but not right up to the par with the sequel "It’s a strange feeling knowing you’re being watched. Jessica was becoming quite familiar with the feeling, and she didn’t like it. The part that really puzzled her about Jeffrey’s pursuit was that he always presented himself when he knew she was not available." This is one of the high points of the novel. I would say that the first half was rather a tad boring; the first half could have been trimmed or even better, the author could have started her novel from the point where Jeffrey enters the scene (and might have used flashbacks to convey the first half of the ebook), as that is when things really start heating up and the novel takes the form of a thriller. Jessica, the heroine of the novel, has everything going for her; be it success in her career or the loving caresses of her mother, she's got it all. The only thing she has never gotten is the love of a father, as her father had abandoned her and her mother long ago (a lurid past that Jessica would have to confront again in the novel's sequel). The result is that Jessica takes a rather dim view of men in general, a view that won't get changed until she meets the dashing and caring Brandon. As if one lover was not enough for Jessica, even Brandon's brother too falls for her! Needless to say, this sudden turn of events ends up confusing Jessica. This is a pretty good effort from the author, but it lacks some of the subtle and darker aspects which make up the story of the sequel (this is one of the rare cases when you love a book's sequel more than its prequel). Even the overlong and mushy dialogs left me unimpressed: She slumped against him. "It is I who should be sorry, I have no idea what just came over me. I’m feeling too sensitive today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s supposed to be the happiest day of my life, and I’m ruining it." "You’re not ruining it. You have a lot on your mind and some big changes are in store for us, but mostly for you. You’re the one who’s had to give up your whole life to become my wife. Do you want me to tell Mrs. Cummerson you’re not interested in the job?" Thankfully the novel takes a more interesting and mature turn toward the second half and the ending is handled well. Welcome to a world where women are so stupid as to not even use contraceptives and men like Jeffrey don't have much to do other than stalking such stupid women! At the end of it I felt sorry for Brandon rather than Jessica (in spite of what happened to her baby). As for Jeffrey, it was as though he was made in the very image of her father; he is the typical 'bad guy' who makes a story interesting the moment he enters into it and when he meets his tragic end you feel a strange kind of longing for him even though you shouldn't! I would suggest readers to skim the first part and wait until the appearance of Jeffrey on the scene; you are going to enjoy the ride from that point on. Highly recommended for those who want to read about a love triangle with a roller coaster ride and also for those who want to read romantic books with tame sex scenes.