Cows Blow Grass: Advanced Flight Instruction Supplement

Cows Blow Grass: Advanced Flight Instruction Supplement

by Artie Lazzarini


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The backbone of this story is a collection of features and articles written by Art Lazzarini solely with the intent to pass on thoughts worked out over a thirty-year flight instruction career. A small cast of characters weaves these advanced flight-training topics to life. Meet Jesse, a young drifter who finds a physical and emotional toehold in a little town in Idaho. Without meaning to get involved, beyond a temporary job cleaning a hangar, Jesse discovers a passion for flying. In the midst of this excitement our hero discovers a purpose. Three strangers who gradually become close friends reflect his natural trust back to him.

Most of us stumble through our everyday routine only dreaming of an occasional discovery that leaves our souls sparkling. Yes, we're talking about a little mirror into the meaning of life, here. Share the enthusiasm in the discovery of an extraordinary adventure, in an ordinary life, like the discovery of a ruby in an ant pile or a winning lottery ticket in an old pair of pants.

Imbedded in Jesse's adventures are a number of interesting and informative topics that concern pilots, especially pilots who fly little airplanes into backcountry airstrips. Navigation and landing decisions, slips, tail wheel basics, risk management, survival, radio work, emergencies, hand propping, as well as tales of wildlife, fishing and hiking are woven into the story. Admittedly, these are well-worn pilot topics, but you might never have seen them discussed in such humorous, insightful, and irreverent manner.

Those of you with a logbook will be drawn back to vivid and usually pleasant memories of those first days of your flight instruction. Many who pick up this book will have no interest in flying, except the convenient and inescapable fact that their significant other is immersed in learning to fly. The story might answer a few of your questions too.

Cows Blow Grass is a thoughtful and often humorous commentary about flying and living. The style of instruction it offers could be described as a few pebbles of intelligent talk about pilot situations clearly visible in a riverbed of fiction. This book is meant to be a gift from pilots to themselves. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a student pilot just beginning flight training or you just brushed up against a pilot once in a crowd, this mix of story and instruction will reveal some of the mystery flight.

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Publication date: 09/28/2007
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