Coyote Cafe

Coyote Cafe

by Mark Miller, Miller


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Coyote Cafe by Mark Miller, Miller

Now in paperback!When Mark Miller opened the doors of Santa Fe'¬?s Coyote Cafe in 1987, the face of American cuisine changed forever. Blending centuries-old culinary traditions with modern techniques, Miller pioneered the emerging Southwestern cuisine, earning accolades and thrilling diners at the Coyote with his robust, inspired cooking. Originally published in 1989, COYOTE CAFE was Miller'¬?s first cookbook, and it has since sold over 200,000 copies, making it one of the best-selling full-color cookbooks ever. Nearly 15 years later, with Southwestern influences entrenched in kitchens across the country, we'¬?re excited to make this landmark book available to a new generation of cooks in a paperback edition. Featuring over 150 recipes, COYOTE CAFE presents the bold, sumptuous creations that have become Southwestern classics. Mexican, Hispanic, and Native American influences inflect such imaginative dishes as Wild Morel Tamales, Lobster Enchiladas, and Yucatan Lamb. When you try the vibrant cuisine of COYOTE CAFE, you'¬?re experiencing one of America'¬?s most dynamic regional cuisines.‚Ä¢ Over 200,000 copies sold in hardcover.‚Ä¢ Includes an extensive section on choosing and preparing over 35 fresh and dried varieties of chiles, as well as an in-depth glossary of ingredients.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781580084666
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication date: 07/28/2002
Series: Star Chefs Series
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 7.68(w) x 11.28(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

MARK MILLER is the acclaimed chef-founder of Coyote Caf?© in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the author of nine books with nearly 1 million copies in print, including THE GREAT CHILE BOOK, THE GREAT SALSA BOOK, and COYOTE CAF?â. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Tips for Making Great Cocktails2
Bloody Maria3
Brazilian Daiquiri3
Sunburnt Senorita3
Coyote Cocktail4
Coyote Margarita4
Chimayo Cocktail4
Pisco Sour5
Planter's Punch5
Senor Playboy8
Champagne Padre8
Pico De Gallo Salsa13
Roasted Tomato and Mint Salsa13
Tomatillo Salsa13
Roasted Corn Salsa14
Roasted Serrano Salsa14
Poblano Pesto15
Black Bean Salsa16
Black Bean Corn Salsa16
Chile Mignonnette16
Chimayo Chile Salsa17
Nopales Salsa17
Pineapple Salsa18
Melon Salsa18
Squash Salsa19
Gazpacho Salsa19
Mango Salsa20
Green Chile Chutney20
Hot Corn Relish20
Sauces & Soups23
Red Chile Sauce25
Mark's Red Chile Sauce25
Green Chile Sauce26
Tomatillo Chipotle Sauce26
Smoked Tomato and Jalapeno Sauce27
Tamarind Chipotle Sauce27
Manchamantel Sauce28
Ranchero Sauce28
Mole Rojo29
Mole Verde30
Pipian Rojo30
Pipian Verde31
Peanut Chipotle Sauce31
Black Bean Soup32
Yellow Squash Soup34
Southwest Painted Soup34
Green Gazpacho Soup35
Yucatan Lime Soup36
Roasted Corn Soup36
Green Chile & Oyster Chowder37
Albondigas de Camarones38
Clam Soup with Sausage39
Appetizers & Salads41
Black Pepper Yucatan Oysters43
Oyster Empanadas43
Salpicon of Texas Blue Crab44
Crab Cushions44
Swordfish en Escabeche45
Scallop Ceviche46
Manila Clams46
Southwest Spicy Steak Tartare47
Carpaccio of Venison47
Barbecued Duck Cakes48
Wild Chanterelle Sopes49
Carnitas Raviolis51
Queso Fundido52
Squash Blossoms52
Merida-style Octopus Salad53
Pickled Shrimp and Corn Salad54
Sonora Salad54
Lobster and Corn Salad55
Mark's Caesar Salad55
General Instructions59
Tamale de Elote61
Chicken Tamale61
Yucatan Chicken Tamale62
Black Bean Tamale62
Mincemeat Tamale63
Carnitas Tamale63
Confit of Duck Tamale64
Blue Corn Tamale65
Blue Corn Shrimp Tamale65
Lobster and Salmon Tamale68
White Truffle Tamale68
Wild Morel Tamale69
Goat Cheese and Mint Tamale70
Currant and Canela Tamale70
Sweet Blackberry Blue Corn Tamale71
Seafood & Fish73
Red Chile Pesto Clams75
Red Chile Risotto Clams76
Curried Oysters77
Chipotle Mussels78
Lobster Enchiladas79
Lobster and Scallops80
Texas Blue Crab Cakes80
Spicy Soft-shell Crab82
Scallop Hash82
Shrimp Brochette83
Paillard of Salmon83
Salmon Fillet84
Brook Trout84
Blue Corn Trout85
Grilled Tuna86
Tuna Tartare Rellenos86
Cumin Swordfish87
Santa Fe Seafood Stew88
Caribbean Seafood Stew89
Game & Fowl91
Tips on Cooking Game and Fowl93
Venison Chile94
Grilled Venison94
Grilled Texas Axis Venison95
Roasted Venison96
Pan-fried Quail96
Red Chile Quail97
Pan-roasted Quail99
Hibiscus Quail100
Cumin Squab100
Braised Duck101
Sauteed Duck102
Duck Carnitas Rellenos102
Chicken Roulade104
Grilled Breast of Chicken104
Yucatan Stuffed Wild Turkey105
Smoked Rabbit Enchiladas106
Horno-style Goat Leg107
Cowboy Steak112
Fillet of Beef112
Beef Fillet113
Seared Tenderloin113
Oaxacan Rellenos114
Yucatan Lamb115
Rack of Lamb116
Pecan Crust Rack of Lamb116
Papantla Pork117
Brazilian Pork117
Tenderloin of Pork120
Pork Tacos120
Pork Loin121
Tamarind Barbecued Ribs122
Desserts & Breads125
Chile Corn Bread127
Cinnamon Buckwheat Bread128
Orange Cumin Bread129
Ibarra Chocolate Cake130
Anise Pound Cake130
Almond Polenta Pound Cake131
Christine's Venison Mincemeat132
White Chocolate Buttermilk Tart133
Rhubarb Anise Crisp133
Coyote Churros134
Kathy Wolf's Chocolate Kumquat Helado135
Vanilla Helado135
Cajeta Caramel136
Cajeta Caramel Sundae136
Cajeta Tart138
Cinnamon Shortcake139
Blackberry Cinnamon Shortcakes139
Mango Raspberry Brulee140
Pie Pastry141
Tart Shell141
Coyote's Bag of Tricks143
Red Chile Rice146
Spicy Green Rice146
Sweet Cinnamon Rice147
Pecan and Wild Boar Bacon Waffles147
Green Chile Corn Muffins148
Huevos Rancheros148
Green Chile Stew149
Chipotle Shrimp149
Grilled Cheese Sandwich151
Oyster Po'Boy151
Yucatan White Sausage152
Chiles Rellenos153
Blue Corn Black Bean Rellenos154
Refried Black Beans155
Special Techniques, Equipment, and Terms177
Wine, Beer, and Spirits181

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