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Coyotes (Wild Dogs Series)

Coyotes (Wild Dogs Series)

by Victor Gentle, Janet Perry

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
From dogs as silent and slippery as ghosts to leaders of the pack, this book leads the reader on an adventure while learning about coyotes. As part of the series entitled "Wild Dogs," this is one of six books to reverberate with information regarding a wild member of the hound clan. Short, simple sentences make for an easy read and a full-page colorful photo accompanies each text page. Nine action-packed pages of text expand the reader's understanding of the coyote. The only drawback to the text comes from the authors' statement that "Farmers and ranchers who respect coyotes keep dogs to guard their animals," which is immediately followed by a sentence stating "At night, these farmers put their lambs, calves, and foals inside a barn or pen." Given the idea that this is an impossibility in an agricultural community with hundreds of animals in a flock or herd, the statement, when given as fact, leads a reader astray. In addition, the statement incorrectly implies that farmers and ranchers who do not lock up their animals do not respect coyotes. Other chapters ring true and are rounded out with several pages of added resources. 2002, Gareth Steven Publishing,
— Nancy Garhan Attebury

Product Details

Gareth Stevens Publishing
Publication date:
Wild Dogs Series
Product dimensions:
7.78(w) x 7.38(h) x 0.29(d)
Age Range:
7 - 10 Years

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