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Bedford/St. Martin's
Cp Blinn Ex Ref 7E Spiral Etsu and Necc and Compclass Ref 7E

Cp Blinn Ex Ref 7E Spiral Etsu and Necc and Compclass Ref 7E

by Bedford


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ISBN-13: 9781457608223
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

Table of Contents

Preface      xi


The Nature of Public Policy 1

What is public policy, who makes it, and why study it?

1. The Contemporary Language of Public Policy: A Starting Point,   

Stella Z. Theodoulou   1

2. Political Science and Public Policy, Paul A. Sabatier 10

3. Distribution, Regulation, Redistribution: The Functions of  

Government, Theodore J. Lowi 15

4. Symbols and Political Quiescence, Murray Edelman 26

5. The Analysis of Public Policy: A Search for Theories and Roles,

Robert H. Salisbury    34

6. With the Consent of All, Robert A. Dahl 38

7. Issue Networks and the Executive Establishment,

Hugh Heclo   46

8. Imperfect Competition, Ralph Miliband   58

9. Group Politics and Representative Democracy, David B. Truman    66

10. The Power Elite, C. Wright Mills   72




Making Public Policy   86

The process, structure, and context of policy making

11. How Public Policy Is Made, Stella Z. Theodoulou    86

12. Issues and Agendas, Roger W. Cobb and Charles D. Elder    96

13. Agenda Setting, John W. Kingdon 105

14. The Science of ‘‘Muddling Through,’’ Charles E. Lindblom 113

15. Nonincremental Policy Making, Paul R. Schulman    128

16. The Implementation Game, Eugene Bardach   137

17. Implementation as Evolution, Giandomenico Majone and

Aaron Wildavsky   140

18. A Conceptual Framework of the Implementation Process,

Paul A. Sabatier and Daniel A. Mazmanian 153

19. The Role of Evaluation in Public Policy, David Nachmias    173

20. Trends inPolicy Analysis, Stuart Nagel    181

21. The Politics of Public Budgets, Irene S. Rubin 185



The Players


Institutional and noninstitutional actors

22. The Players: Institutional and Noninstitutional Actors in

the Policy Process, Matthew A. Cahn 201

23. Congress: Keystone of the Washington Establishment,

Morris Fiorina    212

24. Congress: The Electoral Connection, David Mayhew 220

25. The Presidential Policy Stream, Paul Light   224

26. The Two Presidencies, Aaron Wildavsky    237

27. The Rise of the Bureaucratic State, James Q. Wilson   251

28. Bureaucracy, Max Weber 259

29. Regulation: Politics, Bureaucracy, and Economics,

Kenneth J. Meier 265

30. Appellate Courts as Policy Makers, Lawrence Baum   277

31. Towards an Imperial Judiciary?, Nathan Glazer    288


32. News That Matters, Shanto Iyengar and Donald Kinder   295

33. Processing the News: How People Tame the Information Tide,

Doris Graber    305

34. Parties, the Government, and the Policy Process,

Samuel J. Eldersveld 312

35. The Advocacy Explosion, Jeffrey M. Berry    317

36. The Consultant Corps, Larry J. Sabato   324


The Policy Game    333

Rules, strategies, culture, and resources

37. Playing the Policy Game, Matthew A. Cahn    333

38. An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, Charles Beard 342

39. The Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison,

and John Jay   350

40. Political Repression in the United States, Michael Rogin 358

41. Democracy and Capitalism, Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis    368

42. Capitalism and Freedom, Milton Friedman   372

43. Presidential Power, Richard Neustadt 376

44. Constructing the Political Spectacle, Murray Edelman    381

45. A Preface to Economic Democracy, Robert A. Dahl 389

46. Who Rules America Now?, G. William Domhoff 393


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