Cracked Dreams

Cracked Dreams

by Michael Daniel Baptiste
3.5 2

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Cracked Dreams by Michael Daniel Baptiste

A gripping adrenaline rush of a story about growing up on the street, Michael David Baptiste's first novel unfolds like an epic saga of crime and punishment.
Presided over by a main character named Michael Banner, known on the streets as Spits, Cracked Dreams takes readers onto the down and dirty streets of the Bronx and into the lives of a drug gang called the Time Bombs. The Time Bombs fear that their territory is being threatened by a rival gang trying to muscle into their trade, so they devise a plan to eliminate the competition. Soon they're consumed by the desire to make their mark beyond the borders of their hometown. Their cash-fueled dreams carry them far from their poberty-plagued roots, where their lives escalate into horrifying violence. Cracked Dreams introduces an unorgettable cast of snitches, gangstas, dealers, thugs, pimps, prostitutes, hustlers, and ex-cons who learn the hard way that when the street calls, you'd better answer. Shadowing their every move are the FBI agents sworn to put an end to the gang's reign of terror thats transforming average street corners into bloody battlegrounds.
Careening from the drug-fueled avenues of the Bronx to Florida and California, Cracked Dreams tells a haunting tale of sin and redemption. Filled with graphic imagery and tragic overtones, this is an electrifying debut by a supremely gifted up-an-comer.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781476706726
Publisher: Strebor Books
Publication date: 11/20/2012
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Michael Daniel Baptiste was born in the Bronx, where he still lives. A music producer and freehand artist, Cracked Dreams is his first novel.

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Cracked Dreams 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Time Bombs are an infamous crew who were once petty drug dealers but now have become a multi-million dollar operation, dominating two coasts. Michael Banner, a.k.a. Spits, is the ring leader, who has a vision of becoming the biggest ¿ drug dealer, that is. His crew consists of his closest friends, a few relatives and others who are down with the Time Bombs. The entire vision came to fruition once they develop a plan of how to raise the capital to begin their operation. Each has his own hustle for coming up with their monies. Ultimately it all goes into the same pot and they begin to experience riches beyond their wildest dreams. They have it all: cars, money, clothes, jewelry, exotic vacations, a private airplane and women. Some envy them but many, namely the FBI, want to see them cease and desist. The FBI has been watching the Time Bombs for years but they have managed to continue to slip through the legal system. Some of the members have been arrested for being guilty by association and some have even gone to trial, yet they haven¿t been convicted of any crimes. Little did the Time Bombs know, big brother FBI is always watching and waiting for the moment to make their move. As the Time Bomb crew is growing in popularity, it is also growing with enemies. I smell a rat. Someone has it in for them and has been giving the FBI all the ammunition they need to finally bring this crew down. Everyone is paranoid because even the closest friend could turn out to be the worst enemy. The story starts with the end and reminisces to the beginning. There was drama galore, all the way to the climatic ending. Baptiste confused me with his storytelling style because he kept switching from first to third person; I don¿t know whether or not it was intentional. When I started reading, I sighed thinking it was another story about drug dealers and their cantankerous lifestyles that was going to take forever to read. I was wrong. For a freshman effort, the story is typical but he manages to deliver it in a readable, yet entertaining fashion. Reviewed by Esther 'Ess' Mays for Loose Leaves Book Review
Guest More than 1 year ago
This novel was more than just an action packed gritty urban story. This book actually had substance & was told with class. I was very impressed by Mr. Baptiste's work & I look forward to his next work