Cracking the Harmony Code: Nature's Surprising Secrets for Getting Along While Getting Your Way

Cracking the Harmony Code: Nature's Surprising Secrets for Getting Along While Getting Your Way

by Camilla Gray-Nelson


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In Cracking the Harmony Code, award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, Camilla Gray-Nelson, reveals Mother Nature's secret code for achieving personal and professional goals. Using "influence through instinct," she guides you up Nature's Harmony Pyramid to its pinnacle of success, peace and happiness.

"Camilla Gray-Nelson charts a pathway for business professionals to foster unity at work, using her innovative Harmony Pyramid as the framework. Accessing Mother Nature as her guide, her book offers insights to effective leadership that typical leadership books overlook. Including stories of her own business and personal experiences, Camilla creates a practical and actionable guide to return to what we all want - harmony and connection at work, at home and in our relationships."




Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781736268100
Publisher: Camilla Gray
Publication date: 03/31/2021
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur with a company consistently listed in the Top 15 Women-Owned Businesses in Northern California, Camilla Gray-Nelson has a leg-up on her competition.
Raised and living on a farm, Camilla credits her business success today to the lessons she learned from Mother Nature in her childhood! Combining a keen knowledge of animal behavior and her awareness of the human animal's inner instincts, she reveals Mother Nature's paradigm to all women who seek their own success at work, parenting and love. She shares the animal secret of Influence through Instinct, to more cleverly succeed in getting what we want in our professional as well as personal lives, while at the same time, maintaining precious Peace and Harmony. . . two seemingly "endangered species" in today's chaotic world!

Table of Contents

Preface 1

Introduction 5

A Note from Camilla 15


Pyramids, Secrets, and Archetypes

Chapter One

The Harmony Pyramid 19

(Nature's ultimate secret to getting what you want without conflict)

Chapter Two

The Seven Secrets of Success 29

(That animals know and you should, too!)

Chapter Three

The Four Animal Archetypes and Action Styles 55

Bessy-Boss: The Quietly Fearless Leader

Ritzi-Rude: The Emotional Over-Reactor

Scaredy-Cat: The Unsure Avoider

Nellie-Nice: The Trustworthy Queen of Influence

Chapter Four

Bessy-Down and Nellie-Up: Two Strategies to Make Others Sit Up and Beg 65

Chapter Five

Are You Bessy or Nellie? It Depends! 73


Using the Harmony Code to Win at Work, Parenting, and Love

Chapter Six

How to Survive the "Office Pack" 83

(Your staff, your boss, and your coworkers)

Chapter Seven

Seven Effective "Mama-Dog" Methods to Manage Your Kids 133

Chapter Eight

Five Relationship-Savers for You and the Big Dog in the Bedroom 155

Conclusion 171

References 173

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