Cracking the Parenting Code: 6 Clues to Solving the Mystery of Meeting Your Child's Needs

Cracking the Parenting Code: 6 Clues to Solving the Mystery of Meeting Your Child's Needs

by Laura Lee Heinsohn


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Cracking the Parenting Code: 6 Clues to Solving the Mystery of Meeting Your Child's Needs by Laura Lee Heinsohn

Why do some children grow up and then abandon their parents’ Christian values and convictions? How can parents prevent this?

Laura Lee Heinsohn’s search led to startling conclusions. Through interviews with more than 1,000 individuals about their childhood and parenting experiences, she discovered common themes—nearly every person who abandoned their parents’ Christian values and convictions said: “I needed something from my parents that they couldn’t or didn’t give me.”

In Cracking the Parenting Code, Heinsohn identifies six critical needs of children and six corresponding clues to meeting those needs.

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ISBN-13: 9781596692077
Publisher: New Hope Publishers
Publication date: 12/15/2008
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

A self-proclaimed “wild child,” Laura Lee Heinsohn’s childhood included an abusive father and permissive mother, teenage pregnancy, and a near-death automobile accident. Just one of these life-altering situations might be enough to drive someone away from Christ, but they eventually drove Laura to the redeeming power of God. In her darkest place, God picked her up, dusted her off, and transformed her from a wild child to His peace-filled child.

As the founder of The Bee-Bop Kids, an international children’s performing arts evangelistic team, Laura has had the opportunity to share the love of Christ while traveling around the world. Active in ministry for more than 20 years, She is also the founder of the Family Bureau of Investigation™ Relationship Workshops, and a one-on-one parenting coach.

Married to her best friend Randy, they have two children, seven grandchildren, and have parented eight Brazilian exchange students. Laura and her family call Oregon home.

Table of Contents

Foreword Paula Lupo 11

Introduction: Hope for Families 15

Part 1 The Mystery

Chapter 1 I Spy: The Accidental Making of a Private Parenting Investigator 27

Chapter 2 Priority 1: Searching for Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth! 39

Chapter 3 Beneath the Surface: Digging into the Past Reveals Keys for the Future 55

Chapter 4 Mission Possible: How to Follow the Leads, Find the Missing Links, and Connect with Our Children 65

Part 2 Solving the Mystery-The Six Clever Clues

Chapter 5 Get a Clue #1: To Trust or Not to Trust, That Is the Question Uncovering your child's need to trust and to feel safe and secure 87

Chapter 6 Get a Clue #2: You Have the Right to Remain Silent Uncovering your child's need to be heard 105

Chapter 7 Get a Clue #3: Investigating Value Uncovering your child's need to be valued and to understand true value 119

Chapter 8 Get a Clue #4: This Is Your Mission If You Choose to Accept It Uncovering your child's need to have purpose not pampering 137

Chapter 9 Get a Clue #5: I Need Backup Understanding your child's need for support 149

Chapter 10 Get a Clue #6: Mama, Don't...I Mean Do...Fence Me In Uncovering your child's need for specific boundaries-not too lenient, not too strict 157

Chapter 11 Case Closed: Mission Accomplished, or Is It? 173

Part 3 Leader's Guide

Cracking the Parenting Code: Guide for Leading a 13-Week Small Group 187

Acknowledgments 195

Author's Recommended Resources 201

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Cracking the Parenting Code: 6 Clues to Solving the Mystery of Meeting Your Child's Needs 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
CRACKING THE PARENTING CODE is a guidebook to assist parents in ensuring that they are providing their children, whether young or old, everything they need to be successful and healthy as they go through life. Written by someone who has had years of experience as a parent as well as a leader in parenting workshops, Ms. Heinsohn never preaches, and shares personal experiences for growth and reflection by the reader. When her own daughter announced she wanted to cut contact with Ms. Heinsohn and her husband, it led her on a journey of discovery. Ms. Heinsohn in turn conducted many interviews and found, much to her surprise, that keys to good parenting were far from what she expected to hear. She has taken her research, and shared with parents the principles to achieve connection and skills to ensuring their children reach their full potential. What Ms. Heinsohn shares are the six clues that work no matter the issue. Each child has the following needs: to trust and feel safe; to be heard; to be valued; to have purpose; support; and specific boundaries. If parent and child can work to accomplish all six of these goals, both will feel rewarded in the end. Using quotes from both acclaimed therapists and the Bible, the author shares the hope that all parents can achieve a purposeful bond with their children and always maintain that connection. Definitely written for the parent striving to be the best they can be, older teens can gain insight into the struggles that parents deal with every day. Teens will realize that parents DON'T always have the right answer, and need guidance just as much as they do.
TheRightWord More than 1 year ago
Digging Deeper Many of us wish we could figure out what makes our kids tick. Why they react the way they do. Why they say the things they do. But, what many of us fail to realize-or, more likely, fail to remember-is that our children, their actions, their behavior and their words are all a product of us. Just like we, our actions, words, and behavior are a product of the relationship we had with our parents/guardians. Laura Lee Heinsohn founder of the Family Bureau of Investigation Relationship Workshop has written the ultimate parenting guide, Cracking the Parenting Code: 6 Clues to Solving the Mystery of Meeting Your Child's Needs. With practical questions, applications and challenges (with a few well-chosen portions of Scripture to add a biblical perspective), Laura will help you delve into your past and your relationships with your parents or guardians and so you the behavior you learned that you have passed along to your children. And, most importantly, Laura points out how your children react to your behavior, and helps you find a way to change those learned behaviors. At no time does Laura profess to have all the answers. In fact, the book came out of her experience with her own children. But, Laura very successfully lays the groundwork for introspection and learning, and reconnecting or maintaining the connection with your children. I learned so much from this book, that I plan on using the included 13-week small group guide, trying to arrange an FBI Workshop for our church, and have purchased a copy for our church library. This is the one book you don't want to be without. The solution to connecting and/or reconnecting with your children lies with you in six simple and revealing clues. So, get digging!