Craving All His Love

Craving All His Love

by Tyrecka Liggons


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Chapter One

Ramsey Scott

I was thankful to be home from work, but seeing as how I was a mother of two... seven-year-old twins, a girl and a boy, to be exact. My job wasn't quite done, yet. I still had to make Luchi and Luna something to eat before it was time for us to call it a night. I had worked a twelve-hour shift at Thornton's. I was thankful when seven o'clock hit. Thanks to my sister and granny, I had a great support system for the twins. Their father hasn't been much of any help since I got pregnant at seventeen.
I wasn't pressuring my kids' father Lance to help too much with them, because anytime he came around, he was a huge pain in my ass. The only good thing that came out of me and Lance's relationship were Luchi and Luna. I was a single mother, struggling, but by the grace of God, I always found a way to get by. I lived in a three-bedroom house, thanks to being on section 8, I got a decent amount in food stamps, although I worked like a slave at Thornton's, and I've had the same Blue Toyota Camry since I was seventeen, but it was getting me and my babies where we needed to go, so I couldn't complain.
"Are you tired, mama?" Luna asked, climbing in my bed. My eyes were getting heavy, but I needed to make sure my babies were straight before I could close them.
"Yes, my Luna, my feet are killing me, but it's all worth it knowing, I can buy you everything you need." I tickled Luna's belly.
"Mama, while you're in here playing with Luna, I'm in the other room hungry." Luchi said, walking into my room. It was clear to me he had an attitude.
"Luchi, your hot dogs are on the stove now." I explained to my child, as if he was my parent and not the other way around.
"Hot dogs? You're not going to fry me some chicken?"
"No, Luchi, I've been standing on my feet all day. I'm tired. I'm off tomorrow. I promise to make you a nice meal. Tonight, it's chili dogs on the menu."
"Man, okay." Luchi climbed into my bed with an attitude.
"Mama, can we watch Home?" Luna asked, curling up under me, resting her head on my breasts.
"Naw, man, I'm tired of watching that movie. That's all you want to watch." Luchi yawned, curling under me as well.
"Sorry, Luna, I agree with your brother. Let's give Home a rest tonight."
"Okay." Luna pouted.
Kissing her forehead, I took in my kids' features, and my babies looked nothing like me. Everything about them screamed Lance. My skin was the color of a Hershey bar, but the twins inherited their daddy's light-skinned complexion. Luna had long curly hair that I often styled in a bun on the top of her head. My baby had the most beautiful smile that could melt even the coldest heart.
My Luchi was the most handsome little boy I had ever laid eyes on. I knew he would break many of hearts one day. Although I struggled day-to-day, I made sure my kids never went without, and I made sure their wardrobe was the latest. At six, Luchi already thought he was a trendsetter. I kept his curly fro tapered on the side. My handsome baby rocked a big diamond in his ear. Luchi's vision wasn't quite a hundred percent, so he wore glasses. At first, he hated the thought of wearing glasses until I bought him a pair of Ray Bans. I didn't have much in this world, but my twins were everything to me.
Watching the twins sleep peacefully under me, my eyes slowly closed. Sliding myself and the twins under my cover, I tried to get as comfortable as possible in my bed, the best way I could with my two little tiny monsters glued to me. The whole way home, I was praying the twins wouldn't give me a hard time when it came to getting ready for bed. Normally, it would take forever to get Luchi to fall asleep, but I guess God heard my prayers. Kissing both my babies goodnight, I joined them in dreamland.

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