Cream Puff Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #11)

Cream Puff Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #11)


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Fan-adored author Joanne Fluke always satisfies the cravings of listeners who like their mysteries served with a sugary sweet confection. Hannah Swensen, like most women in Lake Eden, Minnesota, is not a fan of Ronni Ward—the man-stealing gym bunny. So when Ronni turns up lifeless in a jacuzzi—accompanied by one of Hannah's cream puffs—the long list of suspects begins with Hannah.

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ISBN-13: 9781436192545
Publisher: Recorded Books, LLC
Publication date: 05/28/2009
Series: Hannah Swensen Series , #11
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

JOANNE FLUKE is the New York Times bestselling author of the Hannah Swensen mysteries, which include Double Fudge Brownie Murder, Blackberry Pie Murder, Cinnamon Roll Murder, and the book that started it all, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. That first installment in the series premiered as Murder, She Baked:  A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. Like Hannah Swensen, Joanne Fluke was born and raised in a small town in rural Minnesota, but now lives in Southern California. Please visit her online at

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Copyright © 2009 H.L. Swensen, Inc.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-1023-4

Chapter One

There was a loud crash as someone dropped a platter. A split second later, Hannah Swensen reached up to pick a piece of pepperoni out of her curly red hair. She examined it, identified it for what it was, and just barely managed to resist the urge to pop it into her mouth. Although one bite of the traditional pizza topping might not exceed her calorie count for lunch, it could pave the way to a self-indulgent feast from the menu at Bertanelli's Pizza, a popular eatery in Lake Eden, Minnesota.

One glance down at the salad she'd ordered and Hannah almost gave way to temptation. It was a perfectly good salad, crispy lettuce in three varieties, several slices of tomato, strips of yellow and red bell pepper for color, and a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the side. Salads were good. Salads were healthful. Salads were much better than pizza when you had to lose at least ten pounds because everything you owned was too tight around the middle, including your very favorite pair of jeans.

"What's that?" her sister Andrea asked, watching Hannah wrap the meaty missile in a napkin and set it aside.

"Pepperoni. I heard a crash right before it hit. One of Ellie's new waitresses must have dropped a pizza platter."

Without anotherword, both sisters picked up their winter parkas and slid over to the edge of the booth so they could peer out at the other diners. It was Saturday, and Bertanelli's was packed with customers. It was also November in Minnesota, and that meant the coatrack by the door was also packed, and they'd had to stash their bulky outerwear in their booth. Andrea was sharing her side with her husband, Bill Todd, the Winnetka County sheriff. Hannah's lunch date was her sometimes boyfriend, Bill's chief detective, Mike Kingston. This was obviously a working lunch because the men hadn't even noticed the porcine projectile that had landed on Hannah's head. They were too busy discussing a bungled bank robbery that had taken place in a neighboring town that morning.

The interior at Bertanelli's was comfort itself, with carved wooden booths and tables, plastered walls with fake brick peeking through, and Italian scenes painted by the Jordan High senior art class. The candles on the tables were stuck in wine bottles that had been dripped with various candle colors, a tribute to the crafts movement of the fifties. All in all, it was a nice, relaxing place to have lunch, but not today.

"Uh-oh," Andrea said, beginning to frown.

"You said it," Hannah added, spotting Bridget Murphy, who had just righted herself after running smack-dab into the waitress who'd been carrying the pizza that had provided Hannah's unexpected slice of sausage.

Both women watched as Bridget, who was known for her fiery Irish temper, veered off toward the big round booth in the corner where Ronni Ward was holding court. Ronni was flanked by four of Lake Eden's most successful males. Mayor Bascomb and bank president Doug Greerson were seated on her left. Al Percy of Lake Eden Realty, and Bert Kuehn, co-owner of Bertanelli's, were seated on her right.

Everyone had thought that Ronni was gone for good last winter when she got engaged and moved in with her fiancé to help him run his fitness center in Elk River. But Ronni and the man she'd promised to marry had broken it off, and, as Hannah and Andrea's grandmother had been fond of saying, the bad penny had turned up in Lake Eden again. Bill, who was a soft touch for a sob story, had rehired Ronni as the fitness instructor at the sheriff's department, and the word on the Lake Eden gossip hotline was that Ronni was flirting heavily, or perhaps even more, with the deputies at the sheriff's station, regardless of their marital status.

Unable to live on the small salary the sheriff's department paid her, Ronni had found a part-time job at Heavenly Bodies, the new fitness spa at the Tri-County Mall. Her track record there appeared to be more of the same. She'd sold more memberships than anyone else on the staff, but the members she'd signed were almost all male. Several local wives weren't happy about their husbands' resolve to get into shape by joining one of Ronni's exercise classes or hiring her as their personal fitness coach after hours.

"Here comes Cyril," Hannah said as Bridget's husband attempted and failed to intercept his wife before she reached Ronni's table.

The two sisters watched for a moment. At first only words were exchanged, but with each salvo, Bridget's frown grew fiercer and Ronni's scowl etched deeper.

"What's happening?" Bill asked, tapping his wife on the shoulder.

"Ronni Ward's arguing with Bridget Murphy, but Cyril's there and he's trying to break it up."

Almost simultaneously, Bill and Mike reached for another piece of pizza. Hannah thought she knew what was running through their minds. Bertanelli's had the best pizza in Minnesota. If Bill and Mike had to leave to break up a catfight between Ronni Ward and Bridget Murphy, they wanted to finish their lunch first.

"Bridget doesn't look happy," Andrea went on with her running commentary.

Hannah watched Bridget's husband put himself in what might be harm's way to block Bridget's access to Ronni.

The women's voices became louder, and Bill reached for a final piece of pizza. "What's happening now?"

"I think it's almost over," Andrea told him. "Cyril's got Bridget in one of those holds you see on the wrestling channel, and he's hauling her away. I wonder what set her off?"

Ronni did, Hannah thought, but she didn't say it. She's enough to set any woman off. "I wonder if Ellie knows where Bert is," Hannah speculated.

"She knows. She's over there at the kitchen door, just staring at Bert. If looks could kill, Bert would be a statistic. One of these days Ronni is going to get hers, and it won't be pretty."

"Right," Hannah said, and then she leaned across the table and lowered her voice. "I just hope I'm there to see it."

"Me too! Maybe someone ought to call Stephanie Bascomb, and Sally Percy, and Amalia Greerson, and invite them to come out here for lunch."

"You wouldn't!" Hannah said, giving her sister a long hard look.

"Probably not, but it's fun to think about what would happen if somebody ... uh-oh! Bridget got loose!"

Both sisters watched anxiously as Bridget raced back toward Ronni's table. Cyril looked dazed, and Hannah had a sneaking suspicion that Bridget had bitten him on the shoulder since he was rubbing it through his shirt. It took him a moment to recover, and that gave Bridget time to reach her goal. Once she arrived, red-faced and panting, she hurtled herself at Ronni and grabbed her by the hair.

"Have you no shame?" Bridget's voice took on the thick Irish brogue of her ancestors. "He's got a wife and baby, and another one on the way. You leave my boy alone or you'll answer to me!"

"You tell her, Bridget!" someone shouted, and it sounded like Ellie to Hannah.

"Knock it off, will you? We're trying to enjoy our lunch here!" a diner shouted, and Hannah recognized the voice. It was her downstairs neighbor, Phil Plotnik, and he was sitting with a whole table of DelRay workers.

"Be quiet! Both of you!" a woman called out from a booth across the room. "And if you can't, do us a favor and take it outside!"

Several other shouts for Ronni and Bridget to cease and desist came from various sections of the dining room. Almost everyone wanted the altercation to end, but it was pretty clear that there was even more trouble brewing when a half-dozen Jordan High students at a table in the center began to clap and whistle.

"Food fight!" one of the boys yelled, and all six of them started to hurl garlic bread and meatballs.

Pandemonium ensued in very short order. Waitresses squealed and ran for the safety of the kitchen, several metal pizza pans hit the floor with a clatter, and a plastic Coke glass sailed across the room, barely missing the tall, straw-cradled bottle of Chianti that Ellie had placed next to the cash register.

"Time to go to work," Bill said, sliding over in tandem with Mike. "Let us out, will you? We've got to break this up before those Jordan High students do some damage."

"And before Bridget and Ronni really hurt each other," Mike added, and then he turned to Bill. "It's your call. You outrank me."

Bill didn't hesitate. "I'll take the Jordan High kids. You take the women."

"I knew you'd say that," Mike said with a grin. "Okay ... let's roll."

Once they'd let Bill and Mike out of the booth, Hannah and Andrea sat back down to watch the men in action. For several moments it was a free-for-all as Cyril tried to pull Bridget away. Invectives from the women and the patrons alike rebounded. At the same time, Italian sausage, breadsticks, antipasto, and spaghetti vied for air supremacy. Andrea and Hannah leaned out to catch the action, ducking back when any edible ammunition came within their range. It took several minutes, and Andrea wound up with a splatter of marinara sauce on her arm, but it was clear the tide had turned and the long arm of the law was winning.

"Wow!" Hannah gasped as Mike dashed nimbly over fallen platters, food, and drink glasses to lift Ronni out of the booth. He grabbed her by the waist like a father dealing with a recalcitrant child, and carried her out the door.

"Wow is right." Andrea motioned toward the table of students. Bill had just arrived at the table and as they watched, he disarmed them neatly by grabbing the edge of their red-and-white checkered tablecloth and removing their weaponry in one massive jerk.

"Good thing he doesn't know how to do Herb's trick with the tablecloth," Hannah said, chuckling as she remembered her mother's shock when Herb Beeseman, Hannah's partner's new husband and an amateur magician, had grabbed the edge of the tablecloth at the last dinner party they'd attended and whisked it away, leaving everything on the table intact.

Their lunch dates were nothing if not efficient, and in remarkably short order peace was restored. A squad of Bertanelli's waitstaff hurried out to make the mess disappear, and within a matter of a minute or two, patrons were once more able to enjoy their lunch and hear Tuscan melodies over the sound system.

"That was fast!" Hannah commented. "Bill calmed those students down in nothing flat. Your guy's good at this."

"So's yours," Andrea responded, snagging one of the remaining pieces of pizza.

"He's not mine. I'm not even sure he's partially mine, not when Ronni's living in the apartment right across the hall from him."

Andrea picked up a slice of mushroom that had fallen to the platter and popped it into her mouth. "I don't think Ronni will be around for much longer, at least not at the sheriff's department. Bill called her in last week and told her that if he heard one more word of gossip about her and any of the married deputies, he'd fire her."

"Can't be too soon to suit me," Hannah muttered, frowning deeply.

Andrea reached out to pat her sister's hand, a more personal touch than what was the norm for the Swensen clan. Whether it was due to the Scandinavian influence or some other innate cold-climate reticence, warm hugs and embraces were more generally attributed to Mediterranean climates and did not come easily to Minnesotans. "Let me pay, and let's get out of here. And then we'll ..." Andrea stopped, drew in her breath sharply, and then continued, "I can't believe I forgot!"

"Forgot what?"

"The dresses Mother ordered came in at Claire's dress shop. We have to go try them on now. She called me this morning."


"No, Mother. She wants us to go for a fitting this afternoon in case there are minor alterations."

"You're talking about the Regency dresses for the launch party?" Hannah guessed. Their mother had written a Regency Romance novel, and the launch party was set for the weekend before Thanksgiving. Delores had asked that her daughters wear Regency-style ball gowns to serve the refreshments, and they'd all agreed.

"That's right," Andrea confirmed it.

"Okay. We're on the same page. But how did Claire know what size to order for me?"

"Mother told her to order the same size as the dress she bought you for Christmas last year."

"Last year?" Hannah groaned loudly. "I gained some weight since last year. I can't get into the dress Mother gave me anymore. It's way too tight across the ... well, you know."


"Yes, and other places, too."

Andrea looked thoughtful as she signed the check and added a tip. She led the way to the door and as she pushed it open, she said, "We'll have Claire let it out as much as she can and go from there."

Not even the soothing décor of Claire's nicest dressing room could turn Hannah's ordeal at Beau Monde Fashions into a pleasure. Wallpaper the color of green tea with a lovely rose border could not erase the fact that her dress wouldn't button.

"I've been meaning to tell you," Claire said, her voice floating in through the louvers of the dressing room door. "Bob and I are really grateful to you as an enabler."

"Huh?" Hannah was thoroughly puzzled.

"The way you helped us tell the congregation that we wanted to get married."

"Thanks." Hannah remembered the morning in church when she'd made the announcement that Reverend Robert Knudson and Claire were planning to be married. She'd certainly overstepped the bounds of friendship by forcing the issue in such a public way, but everything had turned out all right. She was just patting herself on the back, mentally, for a job well done, when she realized that Claire had used the word enabler. "You're seeing a marriage counselor?" she guessed.

"A pre-marriage counselor, someone from the synod. It's recommended when a minister gets married. Anyway ... I don't have any family and ... will you be our maid of honor for the wedding?"

Hannah took a moment to think that over. The old saying, Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride, didn't apply in her case since she'd walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid five times in the past. "I'd love to, Claire. Thanks for asking me. But you'd better order a larger size dress."

"There's a problem?" Claire glanced in as Hannah opened the door, and not even the soft pink bulb in the overhead lamp could hide her dismay. "Oh, dear!!"

"What's wrong?" Andrea asked, coming up behind Claire. Hannah glanced at her sister. Of course Andrea's dress fit perfectly. She hadn't gained an ounce since high school.

"Hannah's dress is too tight," Claire murmured, stating the obvious.

"And how!" Andrea shook her head. "Is there anything you can do?"

Claire gave a little shrug. "I can let it out, but not that much. They clipped the seams."

Even though she wasn't a seamstress, Hannah knew that meant she was in trouble. "Can you order a larger size?"

"There's no time. It takes at least two months for a special order, and your mother's party is only two weeks away." Claire thought for a moment and then she turned to Hannah with a hopeful look. "You said you were serving the refreshments. What kind of apron will you be wearing?"

"See-through lace. Mother ordered them from a catalogue."

"Then we've had it. Unless ..."

"Unless what?" Hannah asked, hoping that Claire had come up with a miracle.

"Unless I put in inserts."

"Can you do that?" Hannah asked her.

Claire picked up the hem of Hannah's dress and looked at it. "There's not much material, and it's a large print. I'm not sure I can match it."

"What does that mean?" Andrea asked, every bit as clueless as Hannah was.

"It means that I'm a good tailor, but it's still going to look like we had to enlarge it because it was too small."

"Okay," Andrea said, turning to Hannah. "Hurry up and change back into your regular clothes. I've got a plan."

Hannah wasted no time in peeling herself out of the dress and handing it out the door to Claire. In less time than it would take her to beat a meringue by hand, not that she ever would, she emerged from the pretty little dressing room, zipping up her parka.

"I'll call you later, Claire," Andrea said, hustling Hannah out the door.

"What plan?" Hannah asked, turning up her collar as she headed across the parking lot for the back door of her bakery and coffee shop, The Cookie Jar.

"You're already on a diet. You told me that, and it's all to the good. That means we've got two whole weeks to firm you up."


Excerpted from CREAM PUFF MURDER by JOANNE FLUKE Copyright © 2009 by H.L. Swensen, Inc.. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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A Message from the Author

I can't believe it! Can you picture Hannah Swensen sticking to a low-cal diet? Jogging in place to the driving beat of exercise music? Swimming thirty laps in an Olympic-sized pool, and then pedaling furiously on a stationary bike? No way, no how! The slightly-more-than-a-little overweight owner of The Cookie Jar has always insisted that the phrase "exercise routine" is not in her vocabulary. But that's exactly what happens in Cream Puff Murder. The gal who believes that butter is better is enrolled in three exercise classes at Heavenly Bodies, Lake Eden's newest fitness club and spa.

What has happened to change Hannah's outlook so drastically? It could be the dresses Delores ordered for her three daughters. Andrea's and Michelle's fit perfectly, but Hannah's dress is much too tight. Hannah has promised she'll wear the dress to serve refreshments at her mother's book launch party, and there's not enough time to order a larger size. Diet and exercise are Hannah's only options and she joins Andrea at the spa to sweat away those unwanted inches.

Heavenly Bodies lives up to its name when Hannah finds the body of one of the female instructors floating face down in the Jacuzzi. And this time Mike Kingston, head of the Winnetka County Sheriff's detective squad and one of Hannah's boyfriends, doesn't tell Hannah to leave the investigating to him. Mike's a suspect and so are several other members of his squad including Michelle's boyfriend, Lonnie. The lengthy suspect list even includes Andrea's husband, Sheriff Bill Todd!

Solving a murder by committee is impossible, but every one of the suspected, suspended detectives wants to micromanage Hannah's investigation. She's running herself ragged trying to please them all when her other love interest, Norman Rhodes, convinces Hannah to ignore all the well-meaning advice and go with her own instincts.

Despite a heavy influx of orders for special holiday cookies at The Cookie Jar, Hannah's cat, Moishe, who's emptying his new self-feeder at an alarming rate and appears to be eating enough for a dozen felines, and the sudden interest that "the mothers" (Hannah's and Norman's) have taken in a local Karaoke contest, Hannah manages to keep a cool head… until she has a run-in with the killer. Will Hannah manage to escape in time? Or will she become the killer's second victim and the next "Heavenly Body" to be found at the spa?

Of course there are recipes -- over twenty for you to try. They were all taste-tested by my family, friends, and neighbors. The consensus is that Hannah's Very Best Cream Puffs are incredibly yummy, the Brownies Plus are to die for, and you can't have just one Triplet Chiplet Cookie.

I hope you enjoy reading Cream Puff Murder as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm including the recipe for Triplet Chiplet Cookies so you'll have something to munch while you read it. And while you do that, I'll be busy writing Hannah's next adventure, Plum Pudding Murder. Released in October of 2009, it will include recipes for the Swensen family's entire Christmas dinner, one dead elf, and the only Christmas guest who could possibly leave Hannah speechless.

Thanks so much for your wonderful e-mails and snail mails. And always remember to "Eat Dessert First!"

--Jo Fluke

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F., rack in the middle position.

2 cups melted butter (4 sticks, one pound)
3 cups white (granulated) sugar
1½ cups brown sugar
4 teaspoons vanilla
2 teaspoons baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
4 beaten eggs (just whip them up in a glass with a fork)
5 cups flour (not sifted -- pack it down in the cup when you measure it)
1 cup white chocolate chips (6-ounce package)
1 cup milk chocolate chips (6-ounce package)
1 cup semi-sweet (the regular kind) chocolate chips (6-ounce package)
2 cups chopped salted cashews

Hannah's 1st Note: If you can't find white chocolate chips, you can substitute butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, or any other chips you like.

Melt the butter by heating it in a microwave-safe bowl on HIGH for 3 minutes, or in a pan on the stove.

Hannah's 2nd Note: This dough gets really stiff -- you might be better off using an electric mixer if you have one.

Mix the white sugar and the brown sugar with the butter. Add the vanilla, baking soda, and salt. Mix well.

Feel the bowl. If it's not so hot it'll cook the eggs, add them now and mix well.

Add 2 cups of the flour and stir well. Then add the chips, and the chopped nuts. Mix it thoroughly.

Add the 3 remaining cups of flour and stir them in well.

Drop by rounded teaspoons onto greased (or sprayed with Pam or other nonstick cooking spray) cookie sheets, 12 cookies to a standard sized sheet. If the dough is too sticky to handle, chill it for an hour and try again.

Bake the cookies at 350 degrees F. for 10 to 12 minutes or until nicely browned. (Mine took 11 minutes.)

Let the cookies cool for two minutes and then remove them from the baking sheets. Transfer them to a wire rack to finish cooling.

Yield: Approximately 10 to 12 dozen crunchy, nutty, chocolaty cookies that everyone will love.

This recipe can be cut in half, if you wish.

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Cream Puff Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #11) 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 236 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Lake Eden, Minnesota, Hannah Swensen and Lisa Herman Beeseman co-own the Cookie Jar bakery. Business is booming as the winter cold sends people in for hot coffee and a tasty dessert. However the store is not Hannah¿s top priority at the moment because she has to lose weight in two weeks to fit in her Regency costume she will wear at her mom¿s book launch party. A desperate Hannah enrolls in Heavenly Bodies fitness center.

When she goes to use the center¿s Jacuzzi she finds the corpse of instructor Ronnie Ward floating inside. Ronnie also served as the fitness instructor to the sheriff¿s department. Most men adored her but women despised her because her morals were less than that of an ally cat as she went after any male, married or not.. Hannah¿s sometimes boyfriend Police Detective Mike Kingston, her sister¿s husband Sheriff Bill, and her other sister¿s police officer spouse ask her to investigate since she has solved several homicides and each excuse themselves having a history of sorts with the deceased. The three cops offer advice to Hannah, but she makes her inquiries her way; as she gets closer to the truth the killer gets closer to killing her.

Putting aside the plausibility of Hannah finding the corpse and of the professionals asking a civilian even with the heroine¿s résumé to sleuth, rather than a nearby law enforcement friend, CREAM PUFF MURDERS is a delicious amateur sleuth mystery. Besides the mouth watering dozen dessert recipes, the whodunit is cleverly constructed around severable viable suspects including Mike yet none fully stand out in a crowd of haters. Clues abound that eliminate some of the potential culprits as Joanne Fluke provides a marvelous wintry Minnesota mystery.

Harriet Klausner
beanernab More than 1 year ago
I have read every book in the series. At first i though it was very clever the way the author mixed mystery/love/recipes. But after all these books it is ALL the same. She finds all the bodies, solves all the mysteries and can't decide on her man!! Please put Hannah out of her misery and start a new series. I have come to far to quit!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The basic mystery story was good reading but the romance in the book is much like the last TWO books, boring!
DeeGee5683 More than 1 year ago
Yes its DEFINITELY time for Hannah to chose a man. I enjoy the series but I am growing tired of the unrealistc love triangle.
CatLadyMA More than 1 year ago
I always liked the author but this is the first book in this series that I can't seem to get into. I'm about half way through - usually I would have finished this book days ago - but I'm not getting excited, so far I could care less who turns out to be the murderer. Rather disappointed as I had been looking forward to her next book.
mysterybuffMS More than 1 year ago
This is the 4th book in the series that I have read and I enjoyed it just like the others. Hannah Swensen is wary when her mother wants her to lose weight for her book releasing party. So Andrea and Hannah make a pact to lose weight together and start working out every morning at Heavenly bodies. But one day their fitness instructor is unable to teach because he was in a car accident, so the resident woman fitness instructor fills in and pretty much insults all of the women in the class. Not surprisingly, she later ends up dead in the gym sauna. So, like always, Hannah starts her sleuthing and ends up face to face with the killer. This book is a very enjoyable read and fans of the series and newcomers will equally enjoy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If Lake Eden really existed I would never, ever patronize Hannah's cookie shop. Everyone who ends up dead has one of her cookies, pastries, or whatever next to their body. If only that was the biggest problem with this series. The Hannah, Mike, Norman triangle is as stale as an old cookie. The local police department is completely inept. Why can't they solve a murder without Hannah's help/interference? This series has gone on too long. It needs a serious overhaul or it needs to end. Still lots of good cookie recipes, though.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So I've read 11 of these now. Originally found them cute and a pleasant read, but with each addition to the series I found them more and more predictable. This one in the series was mostly about everything else going on in Hannah's life than very much "investigating". The whole Norman/Mike thing has been dragged out WAY too long. Aside from the weak plot the author's writing style has really started to grate on my nerves. She can't just say "a delicate pink blush crept up into Andrea's face" she has to say "a color of pink about the shade of the pillow shams on Hannah's bed started at Andrea's neck and kept going" (not a direct quote but pretty close). If you don't know what I mean and read this book anyway get back to me after you've read the last chapter. Ugh! Recipes or no - I'm totally done with this series.
Dawn--MysLovCorner More than 1 year ago
When Hannah goes for the fitting of the Regency dress her mother picked out for her book party, she is appalled to find out it doesn't fit and can't be let out enough. She has two weeks to lose the weight, and her sister, Andrea, offers to help. She has keys to Heavenly Bodies health club since she is a member and is allowed to work out after hours. They join one of Ronni Ward's exercise classes, even though Ronni is not one of Hannah's favorite people. Ronni is constantly flirting, and thus most women do not like her. One morning when Hannah and Andrea are working out, they decide to get into the Jacuzzi. When they arrive, they find Ronni dead in it. Bill, Mike, and Lonnie are all suspended due to personal involvement with the deceased. So since they can't work the case, they each ask Hannah (through someone else) to find the killer. Hannah is quite surprised and not too thrilled when they each have their own opinions about how she should be conducting her investigation. She enlists the help of her sisters Andrea and Michelle, her mother, Norman-who wants to be more than a friend, Norman's mother, Lisa-Hannah's business partner, and Lisa's husband to help with this investigation. With the plethora of suspects, can they figure out who killed Ronni? I love this series, but I hope that Hannah soon makes a decision between Mike and Norman. I was pulling for Mike originally, but I'm starting to really pull for Norman. I like that through the series, Hannah and Andrea have gotten much closer. I think even their mother has mellowed out some. I like this small town in Minnesota. The author has done a great job of creating small-town America. There are always plenty of characters for her to pull from. I highly recommend this book and the whole series. Hope the next one comes out soon!
BlueDog807 More than 1 year ago
I enjoy these easy reads from Joanne Fluke and her baker/detective Hannah! The quirky murder mysterys, the love "triangle" and of course the recipies from Hannah's bakery make this a winner! And, just a hint, TRY the recipies. I have made many from the various books in this series and they are always GREAT!
msyfan More than 1 year ago
I so enjoy the characters, romance, and mystery of each of her stories.
doxtator on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When a fitness instructor at Hannah's gym is murdered, and practically all the investigators fall under suspicion, it is up to Hannah and her friends and family to figure out who did it. The murder doesn't actually happen until quite far into the story, and not all of the previous story is set-up for the murder itself. A lot of it is just time spent in Hannah's busy life as she bounces around making cookies, trying to lose weight to fit into a dress, decide between two beaus, and solve problems for those around her. There's a cute little mini-mystery about her cat and what happens to all his food, too. The recipes sound delicious, although most of them are just variations on a basic cookie recipe (butter, white sugar, flour, leavening agent). Even though the mystery doesn't progress very fast and the investigation of it goes forward in uneven leaps, the in-between content is enjoyable and the farther along it goes, the more one tends to like all the surrounding characters. I listened to this as a recorded book and found the narrator to be very skilled. She makes excellent cat sounds, and in the few places where the book allows for her to do some sound effects with the dialogue instead of just reading the words, it's very enjoyable. I wish that they had given her more leeway to be able to do what the dialogue says rather than just say it. (Coughing, sneezing, etc.) She also does a good job providing different voices for the different characters, although since there are so many female characters (which is very nice) sometimes they do start to sound a little alike and there might be times where you get confused who is talking. That never lasts very long, though. A few lines later it becomes clear. The men's voices are done very well. The narrator gives the men's voice a roughing up and burring so that you know it is a male character for sure, even if you wouldn't necessarily think it was a man's voice. As an aside, I don't know who the man is that gives the introduction and summary at the end, but he also does the bit at the beginning and end of the discs ("Cream Puff Murder Disc 1") and he's a riot as he is so forceful and serious with his minimal lines. It was the tiniest thing, but so very amusing.
stratagirl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Much like The Cat Who... series, this one also seems to be going downhill. The last few books just have not been as interesting as I was anticipating, and the main character's inability/unwillingness to choose between her two boyfriends is now only tedious.
pacey1927 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
After reading the previous Hannah Swensen book I decided I was done. I was sick of the Norman/Mike/Hannah triangle that never made any progress from book to book. The mysteries were substandard but the characters were still reasonably enjoyable, but the triangle was beyond old fashioned and unbelievable. Somehow I still managed to pick this one up because it was 40% off. I felt like some fluffy reading and started in. This one involves the murder of man-manipulator Roni, who has been a side character for ages. The murder was even easier to solve than usual and was a sidebar to the bigger story of Hannah losing weight and attempting to figure out where her cat Moishe was taking his food. Thats ok because I had a reasonably good time with those other stories. I was most pleased to see that there may be some progression in the triangle and I can definitely see Hannah leaning more towards one of the men than the other now. Still we could easily be back at square one by the next book...Fluke's done it to us before. The only thing about this book that could win any awards maybe the receipes, but I am no baker so I will never know for sure. I can say I enjoyed "Cream Puff Murder" more than I expected and if I find a deal on the next paperback in the series, I may buy in one more time.
cameling on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading Cream Puff Murder by Joanne Fluke. What a hoot. Hannah Swensen, our intrepid baker sleuth, is on a stringent diet because she needs to fit into a custom dress for her mother's book launch. To help speed up her weight loss, her sister signs her up for some exercise programs at Heavenly Bodies.Of course, nothing in Hannah's life ever runs smoothly, so during one of her visits to the gym, she decides to relax in the jacuzzi, but her plans take a swift detour ... there's a dead woman floating in the jacuzzi.This time, though, rather than frown at Hannah's attempts to help with the investigation, the sheriff's office actually asks her for help because all the senior police officers were personally involved with the victim, and are therefore taken off the case. The catch is that since they were personally involved with the victim and therefore potential suspects, they are not allowed to talk to Hannah about the case or even be seen to be speaking with her. How they proceed to provide her with well-meaning investigative tips provides some funny moments.And since this is a Hannah Swensen mystery, one has to expect the usual discussion and description of various cookies and desserts. Makes for mouth-watering reading in between trying to figure out the murderer and the motive.Fun.
NellieMc on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I loved the earlier Hannah Swansen mysteries, but the last four (Plum Pudding, Devil's Food Cake, , Cream Puff, Apple Turnover) have become problematic. Way too many recipes, way too little mystery. And, frankly, the love interests are getting very rote and her attempt to make them more complex has just made Mike more callous and put Norman in an absurd situation that has no credibility. And her other characters are losing their edge.
JennaSmith on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Hannah has two weeks to lose enough weight to fit into the dress that her mother bought her to wear for a book launch party. That means a strict diet and joining Heavenly Bodies, the new gym out at the mall. Hannah has to interacting with Ronni Ward, the man-eating bombshell hated by every female in town. When Ronni turns up dead in the gym, its Hannah on the case. But wait! Mike and other police officers can¿t investigate? That means the men turn to Hannah with their ¿ideas¿ of how she should solve it. The list of suspects is long, almost every man and women in Lake Eden are on it. Can Hannah solve the crime before working out at the gym kills her?I love the Hannah books, but this one dose have a few problems with it. 1. They bring in an officer from out of town to investigate but not much is done with her. I would have liked to see Hannah go toe to toe with her on solving this. 2. The Mike vs. Norman triangle certainly doesn't seem to be going anywhere, although this book makes it very clear who she should chose. Hannah seems like everything is fine at the end of the book, when she should have done something about the info Mike spills! 3. As ever female hates Ronni, there should be some investigation on them but it never really happens.4. Way, way to many recipes. But don¿t get me wrong I do like this book, there are some very funny scenes that happen. And the bit about the cat is super funny! A light and fun read.
cyderry on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Let's face it, who doesn't love a lady who is always trying to help others and bakes tremendous cookies at the same time. Hannah Swensen can take anything in the cabinet and make a treat out of it. In the Cream Puff Murder, Hannah is fighting her own person hell - she needs to lose weight so that she can fit into the special dress that her mother, Dolores, ordered for her to wear at the Book Launch Party that is planned for Delores' book.With her sister, Andrea's help, Hannah sets to exercising at the new spa Heavenly Bodies. There she runs into an old rival- Ronnie Ward. Later when she discovers Ronnie's body in the Jacuzzi, Hannah works to clear Mike (one of her beaus), Lonnie (her sister Michelle's beau), and Bill (Andrea's husband). While working on solving this mystery, Hannah had s mystery at home - Moishe, her cat, has some strange eating habits and Hannah needs to figure out how she manages to empty her kitty feeder and still stay thin. The mysteries are entertaining and fun loving. Definitely a great cozy!
aardvark2 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Mindless silliness for those interested in some relaxing quick and easy reading. Hannah, owner of a small town cookie shop, along with her sisters, mother, and assorted others, look into the death of Ronni Ward, town tart. Hannah's boyfriend and her sisters' husband and boyfriend, all cops in the town, are suspected of canoodling with Ronni and are therefore barred from investigating. In addition to the murder mystery, Fluke's series continues the adventures of Hannah's cat Moishe, and her dithering between boyfriends Mike (the cop) and Norman (the dentist). I have a quibble with the increasing number of recipes Fluke has been inserting in each succeeding book--it seems that they are becoming cookbooks as much as mystery novels.
Romonko on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I love the Hannah Swenson series, and this book is one of the best. Yes, it is a cozy series, but what's wrong with that? I love the folksiness of Hannah and her family and friends. I love the great recipes in each book, and I always enjoy the mystery. They are usually smart and not as easy to figure out as some can be in this genre. In this book Hannah is trying to lose weight, and the book is set around that, her diet and her workouts at the gym in the mall. When one of the gym instructors is found dead in the jacuzzi, Hannah tries to narrow down the list of suspects in order to catch the killer. In this case there are more suspects than usual because Ronni was not a well-liked person by any means. She was far too familiar with all the men, both married and unmarried in the town of Lake Eden. I absolutely love these delightful characters and cannot wait for another new Hannah Swenson book to lose myself in.
khiemstra631 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
These Hannah Swensen mysteries are just plain fun, and I'm sure that's just what the author intends them to be. Anyone looking for something more serious should look elsewhere. Those who want to thoroughly enjoy themselves for a few hours, stick around. If you like to bake, you're in for an even greater treat. If you don't, flip past the recipes and move along to the next chapter. There's something for almost everyone here. Read, don't complain!
tututhefirst on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is a typical amateur sleuth runs circles around the pros cozy. Our heroine Hannah runs a cookie shop (as in she bakes cookies). She spends her life trying to decide between two men who are courting her, running around solving a crime with her two sisters, while her Mother, a budding author and Estelle Gettie (or Granda M. from Janet Evonivitch's story) knockoff, tries to get her married off.I did enjoy the mystery of where Hannah's cat is hiding all the food she puts out for him everyday. That was more entertaining than the so-called mystery. On a saving note, the recipes are good....3 stars. If you like cozies, you'll love this one, although you may be getting tired of this series if you've read others.
ethel55 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The mystery takes forever to get off the ground while we listen to moaning from Hannah about that last ten pounds she needs to lose for her mother's book release party. How her body image can be so skewed when Mike and Norman (the town's seemingly only bachelors) both seem to continue to think she's the hottest thing since sliced bread.
bearette24 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I thought this was the best book in the series. It was an easy, quick read with lots of humor. I like how the Mike/Norman competition seems to be moving toward a finish. And one of the cookie recipes - featuring three types of chocolate chips and cashews - looked pretty good.
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
Hannah needs to lose weight, so she has joined Heavenly Bodies, the new gym at the mall. But one morning, she finds universally hated fitness instructor Ronnie Ward floating face down in the spa. It really is cruel to talk about losing weight in the middle of all the delicious recipes in the book. Not the strongest plot in the series, but fans will love spending time with their favorite characters.