Create Web Animations with Microsoft Liquid Motion In a Weekend

Create Web Animations with Microsoft Liquid Motion In a Weekend

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Create Web Animations with Microsoft Liquid Motion In a Weekend by Steven E. Callihan

In just one weekend, you will gain the basic knowledge and practical skills to create interactive 3-D Web animations using MicrosoftÆs Liquid Motion. The graduated, fast-track approach makes Web animation accessible to the average user without requiring previous programming knowledge or experience. The informal style of the book allows you to progress at your own pace and experiment along the way. The five main sessions are composed of several tutorial exercises that take you from basic to more sophisticated animations, and show you how to publish them effectively on the Web. The companion CD-ROM includes all sample graphics and files from the book, a Web art library and collection of True Type fonts, a selection of templates that utilize Liquid Motion animations, an assortment of software tools for creating HTML files, and much more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780761518228
Publisher: Premier Press
Publication date: 12/09/1998
Series: Computer Books Series
Edition description: BK&CD ROM
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 7.29(w) x 9.04(h) x 0.89(d)

Table of Contents

Friday Evening
Getting Started
What Is Web Animation?
What Is Liquid Motion?
Why Create Dynamic and Interactive Web Content?
Liquid Motion and HTML
What You Can Do with Liquid Motion Web Animations
Running Liquid Motion
Previewing the Easy-Authoring Templates
Previewing More Liquid Motion Animations
Wrapping Up
Saturday Morning
Working with the Easy-Authoring Templates
The Liquid Motion Model
Editing the Bluebar Banner
Take a Break?
Editing the Letters Banner
Editing the Waves Banner
Wrapping Up
Saturday Afternoon
Creating Your First Web Animations
Starting a New Animation
Working with the Colored Oval Shape
Adding Color-Animated Twirlers
Growing the "Welcome" Text
Inserting an Image
Shrinking the "To" Text
Inserting the "My Home Page" Text
More Fun with Your Animation
Take a Break?
Creating Your Second Web Animation
Adding an Eight-Pointed Star
Adding an Embossed Button Image
Wrapping Up
Saturday Evening Bonus Session
Creating More Web Animations
Creating an Animated Color Bar
Adding a Sparkles Effect
Previewing Your Animation
More Fun with the ColorBar Animation
The HonkingCar Animation
Previewing Your Animation in Your Browser
More Fun with the HonkingCar Animation
Take a Break?
Creating a Scrolling Marquee
Creating the First Marquee Message
Creating the Second Marquee Message
Setting the Animation to Repeat
Adding More Text Messages
More Options with the ScrollingMarquee Animation
Using the ScrollingMarquee Animation in Other Web Pages
Wrapping Up
Sunday Morning
Creating Interactive Web Animations
Creating a "Click Me!" Animation
Creating a Flipping Navigation Bar
Take a Break?
Creating a Sidebar Menu Using Roll-Over Buttons
Creating the RunningMan Animation
Wrapping Up
Sunday Afternoon
Creating 3-D and Other Internet Explorer Animations
Only in Internet Explorer 4.0+
Creating a Swimming 3-D Fish Animation
Take a Break?
Using Filters
Using Transitions
Take a Break?
Using 3-D Objects
Wrapping Up
Sunday Evening Bonus Session
Using Liquid Motion Animations in Web Pages
Editing Liquid Motion HTML Files
Previewing HTML Files in Your Web Browser
Centering Liquid Motion Animations
Using Background Colors and Images
Using Liquid Motion Animations in Tables
Take a Break?
Using Liquid Motion Animations in Frames
Take a Break?
Creating Browser-Specific Animations
Creating Automatic Forwarding Links with the META Tag
Using Script Triggers
Tips for Publishing Multiple Animations
Wrapping Up
Appendix A
Installing Liquid Motion
Minimum Requirements
Which Browser Should You Use?
Installing Liquid Motion from the Web
If You Have Problems
Reading the Liquid Motion Newsgroups
Setting Internet Explorer 4.0+ as Your Default Browser
Appendix B
Using Liquid Motion with FrontPage 98
Checking for the Liquid Motion Component in FrontPage 98
Publishing Animations to a FrontPage Web
Moving Animations in a FrontPage Web
Getting FrontPage 98 Help
Appendix C
Placing Your Animation Files Up on a Web Server
Finding a Web Host
Connecting to a Web Server
Setting Up WS_FTP LE
Appendix D
What's on the CD-ROM
Running the CD-ROM
Using Prima Tech's User Interface
Installing the Example Files
Using the Software on the CD-ROM

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