Create Your Vision Board: The 2-Hour Guide to Attracting the Life You Want

Create Your Vision Board: The 2-Hour Guide to Attracting the Life You Want

by Marcia Layton Turner


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Picture your ideal future—your best life. Picture what you look like, where you live, how you spend your days, who you’re with, and how you feel. You can make that life a reality with the power of a vision board, and this book will teach you how.

No, it’s not magic. Vision boards are proven tools for getting clear about the lifestyle you want and then focusing your energy on opportunities to get closer to that goal.

In less than two hours, using the step-by-step instructions included in these pages, you can create a vision board representing your ideal life, including goals for your career, personal finances, relationships, health, spirituality, and the impact you’ll have on the world. You can then use your vision board as a tool to pursue and achieve the life you dream of.

In Create Your Vision Board, you’ll learn about:
  • Setting goals—and how to achieve them.
  • The power of visualization and instructions for how to utilize it.
  • How to break big goals down into manageable action steps.
  • The supplies you’ll need to create your board, whether physical or digital.
  • The most effective ways to use your board to bring your dream life into focus.

With the tips and tools in this book, you can build the confidence and focus to power through the obstacles that are holding you back and finally make your dreams a reality.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781682618196
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication date: 12/11/2018
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Marcia Layton Turner is an award-winning, bestselling author and former vision board skeptic—until she made one herself. Now she uses vision boards to get clear about decisions and make progress toward her dreams. She has authored or ghostwritten nearly 45 non-fiction books, written for Woman’s Day, Entrepreneur, Every Day with Rachael Ray, US News & World Report, and, where she is a contributor.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Part 1 Why Everyone Needs a Vision Board xi

1 The Study of Vision Boards 1

2 Why Vision Boards Work 13

3 The Secret of The Secret 21

Part 2 Creating Your Own Vision Board 29

4 What Do You Want? 31

5 Supplies You'll Need 48

6 What Your Board Should Look Like 66

7 The Catch-All Board 84

Part 3 Visions with a Purpose 99

8 Your Best First Impression 101

9 Designing Your Dream Career 116

10 Owning Your Own Company 132

11 Money, Money, Money 146

12 The Lifestyle You've Only Dreamed Of 162

13 Family and Friends 178

14 Romantic Relationship 192

15 A Healthier Lifestyle 206

16 Your Spiritual Self 218

Part 4 How to Use a Vision Board 233

17 Avoiding Common Pitfalls 235

18 Updating Your Vision Board 248

19 Making an Always-Accessible Board 259

Appendix 275

Acknowledgments 281

Photo Credits 283

About the Author 287

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