Created for Understanding: The Longing to be Understood and Understanding God and Others

Created for Understanding: The Longing to be Understood and Understanding God and Others

by Jr. Robert B. Shaw


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One of the more frustrating experiences we can have is the feeling of being misunderstood. All relationships require levels of understanding for them to be fulfilling and satisfying. All relationships require communication. We all communicate. However, we are not all understood – at least not as often as we would like. Fast moving life-styles, constant exposure to media, changes occurring at break-neck speeds all seem to leave the ability to watch, look, and listen to each other more challenging than ever before. We are overly distracted, self-oriented, cynical, and desensitized. We have learned to tune each other out. Having a great deal of knowledge does not always translate into the ability to truly understand. If we would spend the time and slow down the process, we would have a better chance of developing understanding and wisdom.

We are ensnared in our ability to understand by a web of the modern fast moving lifestyle. As a result, our unconscious response to relationship building is, “Who has time for that?” As a seasoned minister and counselor, who is rooted in a deep spiritual foundation, Dr. Shaw offers this book as a beacon of hope for behavioral change. I invite you to delve deeper into this timely, provocative treatise to find out why we all aim to be, and need to be, understood.

—Bishop Adrian Starks, World Victory International Christian Center, Greensboro, NC

Dr. Shaw has authored a significant contribution to the field of interpersonal relationships. Masterfully weaving profound Biblical truths together with deep psychological insights, he creates a beautiful mosaic of relational learning, healing and growth. This outstanding book leads the reader into a powerful process of personal discipleship and practical development in their relationship with God, themselves and others.

—Jared Pingleton, Psy.D., Vice President of Professional Development, American Association of Christian Counselors, Forest, Virginia

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