Creating Balance in Children's Lives: A Natural Approach to Learning and Behavior

Creating Balance in Children's Lives: A Natural Approach to Learning and Behavior

by Lorraine Moore
Creating Balance in Children's Lives: A Natural Approach to Learning and Behavior

Creating Balance in Children's Lives: A Natural Approach to Learning and Behavior

by Lorraine Moore

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Through the 1990s and into the present, concerns have increased regarding children's learning, behavior and health. In this book, educators, parents, and childcare providers will find options for addressing these concerns. The strategies presented will help balance and optimize children's physical, mental, emotional, and social development. Look inside to learn more about; the many aspects of balance; how the body, mind, and heart work together; how emotions affect learning and behavior; the importance of nutrition; meeting children's basic needs; how to recognize symptoms and sources of imbalance; options for preventing and correcting imbalances. Children are the world's most precious resources. A cooperative effort on the part of adults in behalf of all children is urgently needed to set the course for our future. This book can be a guide for this important process.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631440151
Publisher: Carrel Books
Publication date: 02/10/2015
Format: eBook
Pages: 160
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Lorraine Moore is the author of Inclusion: Strategies for Working with Young Children and Inclusion: A Practical Guide for Parents.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Balance for Children in a Changing World 1

What Is Balance? 1

Changes in Society 2

Changes in Children 3

Key Points of Chapter 1 4

Chapter 2 Progress in Understanding Learning and Behavior 7

Nature/Nurture Equation 7

Brain/Heart/Body Interdependence 9

Emotions, Learning, and Behavior 10

How the Brain Learns 10

Nutrition, Learning, and Behavior 12

New Insights for Children with Learning and Attention Difficulties 13

Key Points of Chapter 2 15

Chapter 3 Understanding the Dynamic Trio: Brain, Heart, Body 17

Our Amazing Brain 17

The Powerful Heart 26

The Human Body 28

Key Points of Chapter 3 29

Chapter 4 The Energy of Emotions 31

The Internal Processing of Emotions 33

The Chemicals of Emotions 37

The Effect of Emotions on Health, Behavior, and Learning 39

Emotions as Intelligence 43

Positive versus Negative Emotions 45

The Importance of Emotional Development 45

Key Points of Chapter 4 46

Chapter 5 Nourishing the Dynamic Trio 49

Basic Needs of the Dynamic Trio 49

Key Points of Chapter 5 66

Chapter 6 The Wheel of Balance: A Model 69

Balance as Wholeness 69

Identifying Children's Needs 73

Balance as the Flow of Energy 74

Considering the Individual 78

Key Points of Chapter 6 79

Chapter 7 Symptoms and Sources of Imbalance 81

Physical Symptoms and Sources 82

Mental Symptoms and Sources Associated with Learning 85

Emotional/Social Symptoms and Sources 87

Guidelines for Rebalancing 89

Key Points of Chapter 7 90

Chapter 8 The Wisdom of Children 93

From "the Mouths of Babes" 93

How Adults Can Help 96

Key Points of Chapter 8 96

Chapter 9 Options for Preventing and Correcting Imbalances 99

Needs and Conditions 99

Options for Enhancing or Creating Balance 101

Options Presented in Other Chapters 120

Some Final Thoughts 122

Key Points of Chapter 9 122

Options at a Glance 125

Glossary 129

Resources 133

Books 133

Web Sites 138

Conferences on Spirituality, Education, and Children 139

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