Creating Readers with Poetry

Creating Readers with Poetry

by Nile Stanley


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ISBN-13: 9780929895703
Publisher: Capstone Press
Publication date: 01/28/2013
Series: Maupin House
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.31(d)
Age Range: 5 - 10 Years

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Poetry Helps Teach Reading1
Why Poetry Isn't Used as it Could Be1
The Inherent Power of Poetry2
Guiding Principles of Using Poetry to Teach Reading7
Chapter 2Including Poetry in Today's Reading Classroom9
Poetry and the "Big Five" of Reading9
Poetry and Grade-Level Reading Standards10
Resources You Will Need15
Choosing Poems to Help with Reading15
What Should Children Learn through Poetry?16
Fitting Poetry into the Language-Arts Block18
Grouping Strategies19
Assessing Student Progress20
Chapter 3Experience, Reflect, Apply (ERA): Mini-Lesson Framework23
Experiencing the Poetry24
Reflecting on the Poetry25
Applying the Poetry25
More about the ERA Cycle26
ERA Mini-lesson Examples27
Chapter 4Teaching Word-Attack Skills with Poetry33
The Importance of Multiple Cueing34
Teaching Strategies35
Other Strategies to Teach Word Attack Skills37
Chapter 5Teaching Phonics with Poetry45
Learn Sound-Symbol Relationships (Kindergarten-Third Grade)52
Chapter 6Reading Out Loud to Improve Fluency59
Oral Reading59
Engaging Students in Fluent and Expressive Poetry Reading60
Modeling Fluency with Cues60
Oral-Reading Rubric62
Strategies for Oral Presentations63
Song Lyrics (Third-Sixth Grade)71
Making Music while Reading, Rapping, and Writing Poetry74
Chapter 7Teaching Vocabulary and Comprehension with Poetry77
The Rich Get Richer77
Aesthetic versus Intellectual78
How Poetry Teaches Comprehension80
Connecting Kids to Poetry80
Lesson Frameworks81
The 5 W's: Self-Questioning Strategy88
Learning Log88
Explicitly Teach Word Study88
Writing Found Poetry89
Chapter 8The Value of Performance to Reading93
Guidelines to Get You Started93
Getting Started with Performance Poetry95
Expressing Emotions through Performance98
Performance Tips98
Student-Scripted Poems: Taking a Poem from Page to Stage101
Pre-Scripted Poems102
Performance-Poetry Assessment: Screen Test112
Screen Test: Performance-Poetry Rubric114
Preparing and Evaluating the Audience and Performers115
Audience Rubric116
Chapter 9Why Poetry Works for Struggling Readers119
The Connections between Reading, Self-Esteem, and Community120
Rhyme with Reason: Make Reading the Goal of Literacy Instruction!122
Poetry Clubs and Struggling Students123
Connect with the Great Poets125
Publish Poetry Online125
Using Technology to Learn with Poetry127
Connect with Kindred Spirits through Poetry Circles127
Bibliography of Sources Cited130
NCTE/IRA Standards for English-Language Arts132
Recommended Poets136
Online Resources137
Dolch Sight-Word List by Grade Level138
Dolch Sight-Word Quick Test140
Categorized Dolch Sight-Word List141
High-Frequency Phonograms141
Audio CD Track List144

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