Creating Your Career Portfolio: At-A-Glance Guide for Dietitians / Edition 1

Creating Your Career Portfolio: At-A-Glance Guide for Dietitians / Edition 1

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ISBN-13: 9780131332805
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 09/30/2004
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents



About the Authors.


1. The Portfolio Process.

About Portfolios.

Competition is Everywhere.

Why Do I Need a Portfolio?

What Is a Portfolio?

What Supplies Do I Need to Get Started?

Planning for Your Portfolio.

Putting the Portfolio Together.

Using Your Portfolio.

Common Stumbling Blocks to Developing a Career Portfolio.

If You Need a Portfolio Now…

Read On.

Taking Action!



2. Planning Your Portfolio.

Designing Your Career.

Work Philosophy and Goals.

Building Your Portfolio Plan.

Taking Action!



3. The Résumé: An Overview of Your Portfolio.

What Goes into Your Résumé?

Résumé Basics.

Organizing Your Résumé.

The Scannable Résumé.

Sending Out Your Résumé.

New Trends in Résumés.

Writing a Brief Biography.

Your Résumé Sets the State.

Related Websites.

Taking Action!



4. Proving Your Skills.

Look at the Big Picture.

Work Samples.

Your Commitment to Personal Growth.

Letters of Recommendation.

Works in Progress.

Skill Sets.

Certifications, Diplomas, Registration Status, Degrees, or Awards.

Community Service.

Dietetic Internship Plan.

Academic Plan of Study.

Faculty and Employer Biographies.




5. The Assembly.

Assembling the Portfolio.

Step 1…Things to Gather.

Step 2…Sorting and Organizing Work Samples.

Step 3…Putting It Together.

Step 4…Developing Support Materials.

Step 5…Check It Out.

Assembling an On-the-Job Portfolio.

Congratulations–You Have a Career Portfolio!

Taking Action!



6. The Electronic Portfolio.

Technology “Levels the Playing Field.”

Why Would I Want an Electronic Portfolio?

Wait! I’m not a “Techno-Wizard”–How Can I Do This?

Getting It All Together.

Designing the Electronic Career Portfolio.

Making the Most of Your Electronic Portfolio.

Taking Action!



7. The Portfolio in Action.

Now That I Have It, How Do I Use It?

Interview Techniques.

After It’s Over…

Getting the Internship Experience.

Using the Portfolio for Reviews and Promotions.

The Portfolio in Action.

Taking Action!



8. A Matter of Style.


Visual Media–Working with Pictures and Video.

Production Tools–Copiers, Scanners, and Printers.

Paper and Printing.

Send Us Your Success Story.

Taking Action!



9. Resource Guide.

1. Supply List.

2. Emergency Portfolio Instructions.

3. Action Verbs.

4. Department of Labor SCANs.

5. Transferable Skill List.

6. Common Job Titles and Skills for Dietitians.

7. Dietetic Work Samples.

8. Common Dietetic Professional Abbreviations.

9. Sample Dietetic Internship Application.

10. List of Templates on the Disk.




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