Creative Evolution: Humanity's Natural Creative Impulse

Creative Evolution: Humanity's Natural Creative Impulse


Henri Bergson's most vital work, in which he outlines his belief in evolutionary orthogenesis, is presented here complete with the original notes.

As a philosopher, Bergson was intrigued by the prospect of purpose in evolution - that distinct species and organisms internally aspire to some end goal as they evolve. To this end he applied a rigorous teleology - an attempt to describe inherent purpose - toward what was, in the early 20th century, the relatively new field of evolutionary science.

The result of Bergson's contemplation was Creative Evolution, a treatise which attempts to convince the reader that all life is working towards an end goal. This contrasts the hypothesis of the naturalist Charles Darwin, whose concept of natural selection as the determining force behind the evolution of species was prevalent and built upon by scientists via research.

Bergson's thesis, although shared by other intellectuals of the time such as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, was generally rejected by the scientific establishment. The notion that organisms possessed an innate, determinant mechanism for evolving had little scientific basis; the advance of microbiology and evolutionary science since the early 20th century has unearthed no evidence supporting orthogenesis.

Despite being discredited by scientists, Creative Evolution remains one of Henri Bergson's most famous works. It held enormous popularity among the public in the early decades of the 20th century, and inspired several modernist authors and intellectuals such as Marcel Proust. Although he argued against the prevailing orthodoxy, Bergson helped to bring evolution to wider attention, encouraging debate on its precise nature.

Given the sensitivity of the subject, the translator Arthur Mitchell was especially attentive toward replicating the precise arguments Bergson presented. This edition presents Mitchell's excellent translation in full, that the reader may comprehend the complex arguments and posits of the author.

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