Creativity Unlimited: Thinking Inside the Box for Business Innovation

Creativity Unlimited: Thinking Inside the Box for Business Innovation

by Micael Dahlen


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Flying in the face of current thinking, this book suggests that we do not need to ‘think outside the box’ in our quest for creativity, rather we should rethink the way we look ‘inside the box’.  This idea will resonate only too well with those who have endeavoured to be creative by thinking outside that box, only to have their attempts scuppered by the constraints of bureaucracy and organizational politics.  Instead of fighting a losing battle, the author suggests that creativity should be worked at within the constraints of the organizational box, but that space needs to be grown and allowed to be shaken up.  Only by experimenting, mutating and finding new directions can you uncover business paths that lead to success.  The reader is encouraged not to free themselves from all their knowledge and experiences (the thinking outside the box method) but to use their knowledge and experience in new ways.

The book is structured around three key steps:

  • Expanding the box: so that the pieces of the puzzle in it can move around more freely
  • Filling the box: with even more knowledge, and how to get these new pieces of the puzzle to connect with the existing ones
  • Shaking the box: so that the pieces fall into new places and form new patterns.

The book shows that anybody can be creative.

The creative methods suggested in the book will be linked to real business examples from which techniques have been developed to help their implementation. Numerous exercises and ‘eye-openers’ form part of the practical implementation of Micael Dahlén’s ideas. The book is framed by models and concepts of how creativity works (the creative process, the creative person and the creative result) and what its effects are.

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ISBN-13: 9780470770849
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/03/2008
Edition description: New
Pages: 376
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About the Author

Micael Dahlén is a Professor of Business Administration and Marketing Strategy at the Stockholm School of Economics. His award-winning research within marketing, creativity and consumer behaviour has been published in four books and numerous journal articles. His work is used in various educations in Europe, Asia and the United States, and he lectures and workshops frequently in the industry.

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Table of Contents


1 Why this book?

PART I: It’s About Success.

2 Why creativity?

3 Are you creative?

4 Why is creativity so important?

5 Isn’t creativity dangerous?

PART II: Think Inside the Box.

6 What is creativity?

7 The creative result.

8 The creative process.

9 The creative person .

10 Thinking inside the box.

PART III: Expanding the Box.

11 The four walls of the box.

12 The first wall: conventions and rules.

13 The second wall: common sense.

14 The third wall: physiology.

15 The fourth wall: consciousness.

PART IV: Filling the Box.

16 There’s no such thing as ‘useless’ knowledge.

17 The brain is lazy.

18 The power in brands.

19 Associations.

20 The context rules.

PART V: Shaking the Box.

21 Preparations for the final step.

22 Shaking the box side to side.

23 Shaking the box up and down.

PART VI: Congratulations: You’ve Become Smarter.

24 Are you a creative business innovator?

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